It’s starting to happen; I can see it.


This THING always happens.


Most people will ignore it, which is fine.


It’s hardly a life or death situation, at the moment.


But it’s certainly contributing to people’s unhappiness and general wellbeing right now.


What am I talking about??


Well, it’s a four-letter word… I call it “THE SLIP”.


It’s that time of the year where people start to lose a little bit of motivation, and they essentially lose FOCUS.


And FOCUS, is the one thing that pulls the strings when it comes to you performing, getting great results and being in control of your life.

Focus, is a little bit like having this energy field that lives around us and WITHIN each and every one of us.


If we choose to use it, that energy serves us well.


If we don’t… well, it kind of works against us.




We’ve just come out of the summer holidays, let’s be honest, it wasn’t the greatest in terms of the weather, was it?


Well, unless you enjoy a wet August.


But, you’re not a duck, are you? 🙂


Now, the weather’s getting even worse right now.


It’s wet, it’s cold, it’s windy and that’s no fun.


Get used to it for a while.


The mornings are darker, the evenings are drawing in and the clocks are going to change soon.


And before you start working out which way, it’s not the way most people enjoy.


All of these things start to contribute to people starting to feel a little bit… and I’ll use the term loosely, showing signs of mild depression.


All the things that kind of kill people’s focus and send them back into their shell.


People often run to the hills in search of their old behavior patterns.


You know what I’m talking about… their COMFORT zones!


Behavior patterns that kind of lead people down the pathway they don’t want to go to and where they may have run away from in the past.


Now, this could mean many things to an individual, but quite often what it does mean is people start to put on weight, they find that bulge around their waist is showing up and making an appearance again.


People start finding all the excuses and ways to validate why they’re too busy for exercise, which also results into poor eating habits again.


Hey, I get it.


Eating food that makes you feel good is what we all do when life starts getting a bit down.


But it doesn’t have to be that way.


It’s not that people stop exercising leading up to winter, it’s the fact they lose FOCUS and direction.


They often think that well, I’m probably going to put on weight anyway, so why should they bother??


It’s a crazy way to think but I can guarantee it happens to people. The slip well and truly gets them all wrapped up ready for the festive season.


And let’s be honest, Christmas isn’t that far away either. I’m going to say it as it is, but it’s about 12 weeks away.


As much as you want to believe that or not, it’s the truth.


That’s just the data I’m going by.


So, people think well, I’ll just start back in the new year, I’ll start back in January.


That’s what people do, right?


Just like the beginning of this year and the year before.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, living a healthy life and living one inside of a leaner and happier body, is fairly simple.


It’s just that people make their life harder.


And that’s a choice.


I like to think ahead, but not too far in the future. I work in 90 day or 12-week blocks.

That brings us up to the start of January.


So, the question is…


“Do you take the blue pill or the red pill?”


Do you make your life a slog during January because you’ve let THE SLIP hit you too early…?


…or do you get a step ahead of the rest.


And get yourself RE-FOCUSED for the rest of the year??


You’ve got a REALLY good opportunity right now to run into December and give yourself full permission to really enjoy Christmas, without too much PAIN, SHAME and GUILT because you’ve overeaten or drank too many bottles of red wine.


We have about 8 weeks now until December.


Why not get yourself in shape, get yourself RE-FOCUSED so you can just pick up where you left off in January, rather than slogging your guts out and crying into your diet bowl of lettuce and cardboard.


Or you don’t have to.


You might like feeling restricted around food while you still have those 8 boxes of chocolates you cannot eat because you’re on an emergency detox.


Which sounds fun, right?




If you do want to get a step ahead, getting clear on two things is the best place to start.


What do YOU want?


I mean, REALLY want!


Are you happy with who you’re right now and how you feel inside of your own skin…


…and are comfortable with the reflection that looks back at you in the mirror?


Are you?


Be honest, you owe that to yourself.


And then…


Why do you want it?


It amazes me how many people don’t actually know why they want, what it is they do want.

Their first answer is NEVER it.


This is a process that if done right, truly makes any strategy to achieving success, so much simpler!!


People often complain to me that they lack motivation, and that if they had more, then they’d probably achieve that weight loss or goal they desired.


The truth is that motivation NEVER works.


Yes, I did just say that!


People who’re searching for motivation are looking in the wrong place.


It’s ALWAYS closer to home.


WHY do you want it!?


But remember, your first pass isn’t the real answer, keep peeling the onion.


Well, if this is something that you WANT right now and you still need a little help, support and guidance to gaining the needed clarity to these two questions.


Just reach out, EMAIL me and I’ll be happy to help. The link is below…


EMAIL me today.


PS. Remember, doing nothing is also making a CHOICE.