Do you EVER set goals for your WEIGHT LOSS and fail to achieve them?


Be honest.


You know what I mean, it’s Sunday evening and you’ve had a heavy weekend, it was fun BUT you’re starting to feel the bulge around that waistline of yours.


Don’t tell me you haven’t thought about it.


That FEELING is real as it’s been knocking on the door for the past few months.


Each time you look in that mirror you get that reminder that you’ve been eating well, too well some might say and that your health is taking a pounding.


You can cover up as much as you like but the mirror and those buttons around your shirt and jeans never lie.


It’s time to do something about it and Monday is often a good place to start.


So you set a weight loss goal.




It’s all too familiar, right?


You’re setting the goal you set last week, last month and possibly even a year ago.


But for some reason, you seem to always struggle to get out of the starting block.


Or if you’re like the people I have helped over the past few years, then you’ll get past the first few corners only to find yourself going around in circles and finding your way back at the beginning.


I’ve heard on countless occasions about how many people set out to achieve something only to find they end up with nothing other than SHAME, BLAME and GUILT.


They feel like a FAILURE!


That they’re not good enough and they’ll never have the body they desire and deserve.


After all, they come from an overweight family so it’s their genetics.


It’s fairly common.


Have you EVER felt like that?


Sure you have, it STILL happens to me.


It’s frustrating, right?


The thing is to achieve outstanding results, then surely you need to be setting goals.


I mean, if you don’t, then how are you ever expected to know which direction you need to be heading?


Surely it’s a recipe for FAILURE, STRUGGLE and UNHAPPINESS in your life.


Any self-development expert out there in the world today will quite simply say that without goals, you are setting yourself out to fail.


Maybe not in those words entirely but in a roundabout way, they’ll all be telling you to have an idea of where it is you’re trying to get to.


And they’ll be right, to a certain degree.


But here’s the thing.


Goal setting doesn’t work!!


There you go, I’ve just said it.


Bit of a SHOCKER, right?


Honestly, it’s often a load of old crock!!!


I’m so MOTIVATING aren’t I…


But stay with me for a few minutes, this COULD change your life.


Let’s be honest, without a destination, then any road trip is certain to fail.


If you don’t know the way you need to be going then you’ll at least have a pin in the map, or if you’re into your technology, you’ll be entering a post code into your sat nav.


You just need to follow the instructions.


Simple, hey?


Most things are often SIMPLE, but it’s not always that EASY.


Unfortunately, humans are not that great at following instructions.


Hey, it’s not a judgment but purely an observation.


If you’re like me, then you’ll be the first person to try and put that flat pack together, you know what I mean, it’s hardly a fun job to do is it.


You want it done and dusted so you take all the bits out of the box and hammer away thinking it can’t be that difficult.


Well, the truth is it wasn’t as easy as you first thought, so you have to refer back to the instructions because you still have a piece of wood and 3 screws left.


Does that sound familiar?


Seriously, when it comes to goal-setting, I often find people are just plucking an idea out of thin air.


Which is fine.


But this method is way too vague to have any real meaning.


And that’s why people often fail with goal-setting.


The same thing could be said for those so-called experts who just tell you to think about what you want.


THOUGHTS become THINGS as they say.


But is that true?


Well, I’d say it was to a certain agree, so you could say that they are right.


For example, the car that you drive in, the house that you sleep in, the clothes that you’re wearing right now, the smart phone that you use daily or that last promotion you earned at work…


These all started out as a thought in your head.


So these thoughts have become things, right?


But this is where I believe that thought process is FLAWED somewhat.


The experts that are using this mindset of thoughts become things aren’t really using it in this way of thinking, are they?


If it were true, then all of your thoughts would materialise into things.


Wouldn’t they?


But that’s not the case.


What do I mean?


Well, there probably isn’t one person in this world who plays the lottery who doesn’t want to win. Otherwise, they wouldn’t buy a ticket.


So you stay positive that on Saturday night, your life could change if you just just THINK about winning. But after the 100th time, you still don’t win the jackpot.


Another way to look at it is, anybody who looks at their bank statement has possibly thought to themselves that they wish they had more money.


But thinking about it doesn’t make it happen does it?


And the same could be said for those people who look in the mirror, look down at their body and wish to be slimmer or more attractive, right?


But thinking about it doesn’t make those extra 20 pounds fall off, does it?


Thoughts DON’T become things.


But it doesn’t end there, imagine if you were to be taking a walk outside, you know where you’re going but you also know that you need to cross a busy road.


So you cross the busy road thinking to yourself that all you need to think about is not getting run over. If you think hard enough then surely you’ll stay safe.


Now, you don’t need to tell me that this is insane.


There is only one outcome, crossing the road without looking left and right is a sure-fire way to end up in hospital, or worse.


I could go on, but you get the idea, right?


So, if thoughts became things, then surely these would materialise into people’s reality.


The truth is that it’s not really happening, is it?


There is a perfectly good reason as to why it’s not happening…


Thoughts DON’T become things.


Thoughts CAN become things.


Are you confused?


Let me explain, it’s fairly simple.


Just because you think about a thing doesn’t mean that it will become a thing. It is said that people have anything between 50,000 and 70,000 thoughts a day.


Just THINK about that for a second. That’s a lot, right?


That works out between 35 and 48 thoughts per minute.


Crazy hey?


The truth is that most of these thoughts you have daily don’t even appear in your life.


But they COULD.


The key part of turning a thought into a thing is the ACTION that you take. Without action then nothing will happen.


Simple, right?


The best way for me to explain this is to just imagine you’re holding a dinner party, and you’ve invited all of your best friends over.


You love Italian food so you’re going to provide your favorite spaghetti bolognese dish.


So off you go, to the supermarket and you carefully buy all of the ingredients, you get home and lay all of them out onto the counter.


Just because you have all of the ingredients laid out in front of you doesn’t mean that you’ll be eating the spaghetti bolognese.


You need to take some action, right?


There are certain steps you need to take in order for this lovely dish to come alive. You’ve got to open the packets, mix the ingredients and set the right temperatures for the dish to cook thoroughly and not overcook.


After all, you want this to be perfect, don’t you?


It doesn’t matter how much you think of the spaghetti bolognese, how positive you’re, the truth is, if you want to be eating that that favorite Italian dish, you have to DO and take a certain set of steps to help make it happen.


So, you COULD turn your thoughts into things.


Which is why I believe goal-setting doesn’t work for most people and is ultimately why people struggle with their weight loss efforts.


It’s no fun being in that START – STOP merry-go-round is it?


But the good news is that there is a SIMPLER way to go from being just a goal-setter into a goal-getter!!





Don’t worry, I’m not going to be one of those people who just tells you to TAKE action.


That doesn’t work either.


The truth is that becoming someone who achieves goals is SIMPLE, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.


There is work that still needs to be done.


But I often find that people get stuck at the ‘doing the work’ bit because they’re not CLEAR with where they’re, where they’re going and what they need to do.


So before we turn the ignition key and put the foot on the peddle, let’s first get crystal clear on a few things first.


What I often find is that when people set goals they typically set abstract targets, have an idea, something to aim for and off they go.


I can tell you from experience with helping people over the past few years that this is the quickest way to experiencing SHAME, BLAME and GUILT.


And let’s say it how it is… failure.


Seriously, if you’re determined to go from a goal-setter who fails to ACHIEVE to becoming a goal-getter, you’ve got to do this with some thought.


A goal is not something you just pull out of a Christmas cracker and hope for the best. After all, when has anyone ever received something they want after that initial loud bang on Christmas Day??


Anyway, here you go…


There are 5 simple yet highly effective stages I would use to help people get real CLEAR on.


To start with, you’ve got to understand what you want. You need to know exactly what you are setting your goal on.


You can’t be vague here, that’s not enough. You need to be meaningfully specific on exactly what it is you want.


For example, saying you want to lose a few pounds or you want to get fit, just doesn’t cut it. You need to be far more detailed, it’s how the brain makes sense of things.


So if you want to lose a few pounds, how much do you want to lose, when do you want to lose it by and how do you want to feel at the end?


That could be something like, I want to lose 20 pounds in 12 weeks so I can go on holiday and feel amazing around the pool in my swimming suit.


Can you see the difference?


There is a huge difference between saying you want to lose a few pounds and being SPECIFIC with details and attaching some emotion behind it.


Now you have something POWERFUL to help pull you along!


Once you are CLEAR on what it is you want, you then have to understand why it is you want it.


I’ll be honest and this may sting a little, but most people are liars. I’m not making a judgment here but more of an observation.


A lot of people waste time chasing things that they don’t actually want. You see if you’re going in the wrong direction, you’ll never reach the destination you were truly after.


Again, most people are too vague when it comes to telling themselves what it is they want. People need to go a little deeper.


Let’s call it peeling the onion. Each time we remove a layer, we get closer to the middle and closer to why you want that thing you want.


So if you want to lose 20 pounds. Ask yourself WHY. Why do you want to lose 20 pounds?


Once you come to that answer you’ll possibly come out with an answer like, I’m currently feeling fat and I’m overweight right now.


With this answer you can peel away the next layer of the onion and ask yourself, why does that bother me?


If you believe this is the cause of you looking ugly, then say it! Don’t hold back at this stage, you’re on the verge of a breakthrough.


When you can’t answer the questions anymore then you’ll likely be at the base of the onion and this will be your TRUE reason.


This will be your WHY and it will be a POWERFUL one.


A little word of warning here, people often get a little uncomfortable with this process. When you go a little deeper and you explore and investigate what it is that you want, it’ll often feel emotional and a little uneasy.


You cannot experience a breakthrough without first feeling the breakdown.



The thing is, when you can be TRUE to yourself then you will set yourself free from what’s been holding you back.


Getting clear at this stage will give you a far better chance of going from a goal-setter and turning into a goal-getter.


Once you know exactly why it is you want it, you need to understand the price.


Understand this, everything that you want, there will be a price tag.


If you walk into a car dealership and you see the car of your dreams, then there will be a price and you’ve got to pay it.


So if your goal is to lose 20 pounds then understand there is a price to pay. Maybe you need to join a gym or you need new gym clothes.


But I’m not really talking about the financial cost here, there are other prices to pay. Maybe your weight loss goal will involve having to give up your evening get together with your mates temporarily.


Maybe you’ll need to say no to that boozy Friday afternoon session with colleagues after work for a few weeks.


Maybe you’ll need to give up your favorite pizza at the weekends for a certain period of time.


Whatever your goal is, there WILL be a price.


So understand what the price to pay will be in advance, this way you’ll not get tripped up along the way and derail your attempts EVERY time it comes to paying it.


Because if you don’t know the price, it will be a sure-fire way to feeling SHAME, BLAME and GUILT if you slip up.


Once you know the price, you must be WILLING to PAY the price.


Most people will often go through the first few stages and crumble at this stage. They know what they want, they know why they want it and they’re even aware of the price.


But they refuse to pay it.


They’re not ready to make certain sacrifices yet to help them move towards their goal. It’s a simple concept of understanding that you may need to make some initial short-term changes that don’t feel comfortable to help make their long-term pleasure become a reality.


The truth is you don’t have to make any changes; you don’t need to make those initial short-term changes but that long-term pleasure will be nothing more than the pain you currently experience.


It simply comes down to paying the price.


If you’re honest with yourself and you pay the price, then you will get fantastic results. Nothing is ever easy when it comes to change, but if nothing changes then nothing changes.





Once you’re WILLING to pay the price, you simple have to PAY IT.


Yes, it’s time to cough up.


If you go into that car dealership and you say to the salesman, you like that car, you know you want it, why you want it and you know the price.


But you don’t actually hand over that cheque, then the car NEVER becomes yours does it?


It’s exactly the same if you want to lose 20 pounds.


You know you want to lose the weight, why you want to lose it, you know the cost and sacrifice of losing the weight and you’re willing to pay it.


Then you’ve got to pay it.


You’ve got to put your hands in your pockets.


But remember, it’s not always about the finances, you’ve got to make that commitment.


You’ve got to invest in your time and energy, you’ve got to go and put your trainers and kit on and do some exercise.


You’ve got to spend some time learning how to cook healthier and how to prepare foods.


Unfortunately, when it comes to losing 20 pounds then it’s not actually like buying a car. You cannot pay in 12 or 24 months’ time.


You’ve got to start paying the price from that moment when you want it. It can be in small installments but you’ve got to start paying the price.


So you’ve got to get up earlier, get home a little later, spend a bit more time in the kitchen or go to bed earlier.


Whatever the price is, you’ve got to pay it.


So there you go, becoming a goal-getter is fairly simple.


But don’t mistake simple with easy. There is still plenty of hard work to do.


Most of the simple things in life are not actually easy.


Press ups are simple but they are not easy. It’s not a complex movement yet most people cannot do them properly.


Going to work is simple but not necessarily easy. You’ve got to get up, get ready, get in the car, avoid the traffic and then find a decent car parking space, and make sure you’re not late.


Goal-setting is simple, if you take the right approach and play the game. You simply have to know what you want, why you want it, know the price, be willing to pay the price and then pay it.


If you’re serious about making a bigger impact in your life and you want to go from just a goal-setter to a goal-getter, then follow these 3 SIMPLE & POWERFUL tips:


1. Get clear on WHAT you want and WHY you want it.

In the Healthformation we talk about the 3 A’s of The 12 Step C.A.R.E System. Having the relevant AWARENESS, ACTION, and ACCOUNTABILITY around what you want and why you want it will put you two steps ahead of those trying to achieve the same.

Remember, most people will be vague at this point, being more specific with what you want will help set you up for success. There is a HUGE difference between wanting to lose weight and saying to yourself, I want to lose 20 pounds by X so it will help me feel like Y.


2. Understand the cost and be WILLING to pay it.

If you want to lose weight or improve your health, there WILL be a cost. Most people here will assume I am talking about money, as much as that could be true, it’s not the ONLY cost.

Hidden costs will be things like time, effort and certain sacrifices you may need to make at the beginning to help give you long-term pleasure.


3. Action and Accountability

The truth is that once you’re clear with what it is you want and why you want it, and you are willing to pay the price, taking ACTION is often simple.

You’ll be motivated and excited.

But even those who get to this stage will still face challenges and obstacles at some point along the way.

It’s at these moments in your life when you really want to have honed in on your why, but EVERYONE and certainly at the beginning, having some SUPPORT, GUIDANCE and ACCOUNTABILITY will help make sure you stay strong when you set off towards your new goal.


By following these steps, you’ll soon get out of the trap believing that thoughts become things and being the typical goal-setter to becoming a goal-getter who believes thoughts COULD become things by taking clear and conscious action.


Which will put you well on to your way to UPGRADING YOUR HEALTH.


Speak soon,




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