Have you ever been affected by cancer?


Hurts doesn’t it? 


You know what I mean. When someone close to you gets struck down with the deadly disease. Cancer literally takes not prisoners!!


You feel helpless. All you can do is watch them slip away from your life, slowly.


They’ll never be forgotten and that painful loss will never really go away, people you love leave a mark on your heart forever.


I get it.


We’ve all had someone close to us taken away by cancer.


Unfortunately, it will probably happen again at some point in the future.


But that doesn’t mean we have to just sit back, wait and do nothing about it. We CAN do something right now.


And that’s what I did with a couple of my clients (Arvi & Andy) on July 1st over in the Brecon Beacons, Wales.


The 3 of us tackled the tough Fan Dance trek, Pen Y Fan in Wales. Which is the highest climb in South Wales. You can read about it here:




The famous Fan Dance March has historically been an integral and legendary part of the British SAS selection process. It was first introduced as an essential test in the decade following the World War 2.


Basically, you have to cover the big Pen Y Fan Mountain twice, go up and down Jacobs Ladder and cover miles of the old Roman Roads.


Apart from the physical demands on the legs, it’s a real mental challenge. The mind often gives up before the body.


This mindset phenomena is experienced everywhere; the amount of times I have witnessed people trying to give up because they think they cannot do something.


It’s true and certainly a concern.


It’s one of the reasons I enjoy Personal Training. Helping people tackle and conquer limiting beliefs that have held them back for so long. You see for me, it’s not just about the exercise…

…or the nutrition.


I focus on the other areas that people take for granted.


To achieve a life with fulfillment, people need to stop focusing on the BIG stuff, it’s not the ‘big stuff’ that gives people that fulfillment, but rather the smaller pleasures along the way.


You might want to read that last part again, it could change your life if you buy into it.


An amazing looking house, you know, your dream home, we all have one, right?


It’s never JUST a house, is it?


It’s made with smaller bricks. Without these bricks, it is pretty useless. It’s the bricks that are strategically put together with care that give the house its strength.


So when it comes to weight loss (or anything in life), I can pretty much guarantee that, sure you might experience it, but it’s often short-lived.


How many times have you heard about someone who has lost weight, only to put it back on??


Maybe that’s you…


The thing is, people need to stop focusing on weight loss, if you chase it then you’ll never catch it. The likelihood is you’ll become a slave to the scales.


You’d be living a life of expectation and too often or not, frustration and disappointment.


Which you don’t want and neither do I, which is why I do things a little different.


By working on the various areas of your health, there are 6 in my view, then that weight loss that you stopped chasing, just happens, only you did it in a way you never imagined possible.


But it is, I’ve helped make it happen to 100’s of people, all possibly like you.


It’s called The Healthformation.


I create long-lasting transformation through health.


It’s why I’m a little different to most Personal Trainers, if you’d like to find out why, I’m happy to have a chat with you.




Back to the mindset.


If you don’t BELIEVE you can SUCCEED, you won’t. So part of my role is to help people bring up their beliefs and tackle the stories that go on in their head.


A lot could be said for people’s mindset, when this area is improved then the results that people achieve with me are fantastic.


Which is always a pleasure to watch.


Anyway, I digress, AGAIN!


I’d say I’m sorry, but I’m not… People’s health is a passion of mine.


So, back to why we wanted to do this event for charity.


It’s that horrible C word…




It happens.


The nasty disease says NO to people living a fulfilled life for longer.


But we don’t have to let it defeat us, we can say YES to helping a cause that is doing their best to fulfil the lives of those who suffer.


We decided to raise money for the local charity Myton Hospice, Warwick. It’s certainly a charity close to our hearts.


Our aim was to raise enough to help fund a patients last few days in care. Which is what we achieved.


Including gift aid, myself Arvi and Andy raised around £1,800. That will help fund a patient for just over 3 days.


You can still donate to the cause if you would like to help below.

Yes, Click this linkI to sponsor Phil, Arvi & Andy


You can watch the highlights of our day in this 2 minute video.


PS – If you’d like to start tackling those ‘mindset’ issues, email me today and we can have a quick chat.