So, You Want To Know How to Lose a STONE (14 pounds) in 4 Weeks with Personal Training…

“I want to lose weight, I think I know how to do it, but for some reason, I struggle to make that happen”.

Does that sound like you?

If so, don’t worry, it’s fairly common.

But common doesn’t mean it has to be normal.

Everybody has the potential to be able to lose weight, no matter of their age, size, experience and time available to do it in.

If you’re reading this then you might be thinking to yourself, that up until now, you’ve so far failed at being able to get into shape the way you want to look and feel inside of your body. 

  • You may think you’re not good enough.
  • You’re too old.
  • You don’t know enough.
  • You’ve tried before.
  • You have a slow metabolism.
  • You don’t have the confidence to exercise.
  • You don’t want to go on a diet.

Let me stop you right there and tell you that you’re already good enough.

You just haven’t tapped into your current full potential.

But up until now, you’ve possibly just been using the wrong strategy, not given the process enough chance or quite simply just not had the ideal level of support to help steer you towards your goal.

And I’ll tell you this, the right support and guidance will beat any exercise and nutrition plan any day of the week.

Because the reality is that the mind will always give up before the body physically can.

Which is why a friendly push from someone or like-minded people will help see you through to the end.

When have you ever thought to yourself you can’t do something, only to then go ahead and do it, because you’ve been pushed, guided and had an ear to fall back on if needed?

If that’s the case, look no further.

Things could about to change for you, so I invite you to read on.

Because if you’re thinking any of the above, then you’ll be just like the 100’s of people I’ve so far helped over the past 15 years.

And I love helping people.

Because once upon a time, I needed help.

I still do, which is why I use various coaches regarding certain things in my life.

But many years ago I couldn’t step foot inside of a gym.

Scared to have the finger pointed at me if I did something wrong.

Worried I didn’t look in shape to be hanging around fit and healthier people.

Fed up that I was not good enough and didn’t know where to start.

But that was then, I took action and it changed my life, in more ways than one. Now I help others who used to be like me.

I’d love to help you achieve the same.

So right now I’m going to discuss with you how possible it is to lose up to a stone (14 pounds) in 4 weeks.

Don’t worry, this isn’t one of those ‘it’s too good to be true messages’. This happened a few weeks back with a new client of mine.

(It’s not the first time either).

And the best part about all of this was the fact she wasn’t new to exercise, in fact, she had already used a Personal Trainer before.

She lost weight back then.

But guess what?

She put it all back on again once she stopped.

The thing is she stopped because those methods were not sustainable. 

And my opinion around all of this is if that something is not sustainable, it’s not worth starting at all.

So find another way. A better one that suits you in the long run.

Because you’ll only end up back where you began, often even worse and out of pocket.

Which is again, a fairly common problem these days.

But remember, that doesn’t mean it needs to be normal, right?

And that’s what The Healthformation Method (THM) is all about, helping people live more flexible and fun lives BUT also helping them get into better shape, and more importantly FEELING in great shape.

So how is it possible to lose up to a stone (14 pounds) in 4 weeks?

This is the part you’ve really been waiting, right?

But before I begin, I just want to point out I’m not one of those who thinks that my way is the best and that anything else is rubbish or doesn’t work.

The truth is that most methods work and there are many of them.

But they only work up until that point when they stop working, right?

Because how many times have you seen people joining slimming world, weight watchers or trying out the local boot camps and cross fit only for them to stop?

They get a result at the beginning but then things come to a halt, again we can refer back to the sustainability of these methods.

The thing is, I use many methods, after all, everyone I work with is different and these people all need a slightly different approach.

But one thing doesn’t change with me, and that’s my PRINCIPLES. I have 6 of them and any of my methods will all include them.

Which is why my Personal Training and THM methods prove to be highly successful.

The 6 Principles of The Healthformation are:

  • Healing
  • Energy
  • Activity
  • Language
  • Transformation
  • Hydration & Nutrition

I’ll go a little more into depth on these in the next blog, because…

You want to know how I helped someone lose a stone (14 pounds) in 4 weeks.

I’ll be honest with you, there is no magic wand here.

No secrets.

Just someone who listened and took action, they were consistent.

But that doesn’t mean RESTRICTED, because remember, if it’s not sustainable, it won’t work.

You see the thing is, PERSISTENCY will often get you there…

…but CONSISTENCY will ALWAYS keep you there.

Persistency is always being that person starting a diet every Monday.

Consistency is the person who gets great results, live a life full a flexibility, freedom and fun.

It becomes a lifestyle and they’ll feel like they’re not on a diet, they’re enjoying the way they live.

Life becomes SIMPLE and they make it look EASIER than those going too hard at it. 

So to lose up to a stone in 4 weeks, I suggest you keep it simple at the beginning and let the momentum build.

I’m going to give you 3 Key Steps that we always use here at The Healthformation. 3 is often the magic number and this method proves it. 

It’s not just about the exercise and nutrition here, how you think and feel play a major role too. Simple Mindset work will get you very far in any goal you’re trying to achieve.


Relate & Create Habits – I’ve created an audio for people to learn this simple but very powerful tool.

Simply put, this COULD change every part of your life for the better. 

It teaches people how to create new habits and HOW to understand how to keep them. Because so far, you have habits you’re good at and also not so good at, this audio will teach you that.

It’s interesting how many times people have come up to me and said “so that’s why I struggle with that?” – this makes so much more sense now and gives me direction on how to improve.


I imagine everyone knows that eating an apple is better for you than a mars bar, right?

And that most people know they should eat a little healthier. The trouble is that I find people go too hard at it, again, I can refer back to sustainability.

I’ve created my Nutrition Freedom Formula Program to help people learn a little bit more about food, what is better for them and what’s not so good for them.

But how they can still live the life they want by not cutting out the foods they enjoy the most. 

Telling people they cannot eat cakes and drink wine isn’t the answer. Life is for living, but there is a simpler way.

You’ll be surprised how EASIER it is to eat healthier and still enjoy and look forward to your foods and going out for meals.


Movement is important but it’s not the answer, it works well if the above are in place too. Which is why this is the third part of the Magic 3.

If someone eats fairly healthy, got their mindset in check and moved more, they’d do alright.

But we can make it even better here. 

Strength training is a great way to look lean, toned and essentially be stronger.

There is a MASSIVE misconception that lifting weights (certainly with females) will make them bigger and bulky.

This is completely untrue. 

I train my females just like I’d train my male clients…

They love it.

And they appreciate the results that come with it too.

If you want to know more about Personal Training and how these methods could help you, I invite you to read about my Figure Fix Formula and maybe we’ll have a chat soon.

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