He Lost 3 Stones in Weight During The 6 Week Body Plan

3 stone is the equivalent of 42 pounds…

(or did he????)

This was the reported success story from a Personal Trainer and his client I read about the other week.

I’m not being funny.

But that’s insane.

Now I’m not about to knock this other Personal Trainer, if this is true then well done. I’m all for personal development and people taking inspired action to create a better life for themselves…

…But after 15 years in the industry, I know that this just isn’t possible.

Or at the very least, a safe approach.

So I’m smelling a bit of BS.

Just to put this into some understandable context, 42 pounds of weight is the equiviant of the amount of calories in 290 Big Macs.

Work that out, that’s a lot of calories to burn in a 6 week period. And I know for a fact this person didn’t go form being sedentary to all of a sudden getting into exercise.

He already went to the gym and he’s a postman, so he was very, very active.

I’m sorry, you don’t just lose this amount of weight in a 6 week period from nutrition alone.

Which is a shame this has had to happen.

There are easier ways of how a Personal Trainer can market themselves, being honest is a great way.

And I don’t think the general public are that naive to believe this can really happen, unfortunately there are a lot of people taking this approach now on social media, fake before and after pictures are fairly common.

The frustrating thing is that no one really wins in this situation…

The Personal Trainer then has that pressure to deliver similar results consistently otherwise they end up with bad reports.

And more importantly, the client loses too much weight too soon, which even if it were true, it’s not sustainable.

We see this all of the time, maybe it’s happened to you?

People losing weight on approaches and plans that are restrictive, dull and just no fun, only to then see that person fall back to old habits and put all of their lost weight back.

And normally more.

Because these quick fix approaches do a lot of damage to peoples metabolism.

It’s a catch 22 situation…

People going on a diet to lose weight which in fact, is actually setting them up to put on more weight and much easier next time.

It’s fairly common that as people age, they find it easier to put on unwanted body fat, this is one of the culprits for that.

But don’t worry…

I understand why people go for these approaches, they want results, right?

We all do.

It’s not their fault, people can only go on the authority of some who they think knows more than them.

If a Personal Trainer tells you to do a thing, stop eating a certain food, then you will probably think that they have your best interest at heart.

Unfortunately, not always.


This is partly the reason as to why I created THM…

The Healthformation Methodology.

From an exercise and nutrition perspective, it’s an approach that helps people understand WHAT and WHY they’re doing the things that they do.

Without this you won’t know what works for you and what doesn’t work.

It’s all about the long-game.

If it’s not sustainable then it won’t last… FACT!!

It maybe a slower approach and that often can put people off, but here is the thing, it’s far more quicker than those people who start, stop, start, stop and actually get nowhere.

Slow is STEADY but steady is FAST.

When it comes to your own health and fitness, it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon. The secret to losing weight, feeling great and keeping it that way, is learning and implementation.


That’s what The Healthformation is all about.

But take my word for it…

Talk is cheap, right?

The following is from a guy I have been working with this year, Bobby.


Bobby has lost about 2 stone now, it’s probably more because he has added muscle tissue, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s more like 2 and half, maybe more.

He also gets involved in local running events too and is beating his PB’s each time he races now.

Which is inspirational considering where he came from.

It’s easy for any young lad to pile on the pounds at University, but it’s a lot harder to get it off once those bad habits have crept in.

The thing with bobby is that he admits he probably could’ve lost the weight sooner, but he does like his food. 

Which is fine, as we agreed, this is a long-term plan, any success is to last forever.

As long as you are improving and moving forward, it’s working.

I advise people to take an approach where they can still enjoy their food. If they don’t, they’ll stop.

Which is why these 6 week ‘quick-fixes’ don’t work.

If you’re counting the days down to when it finishes, you’ll never keep the weight off.

It’s a lifestyle thing.

Bobby still eats curries and enjoys alcohol, because you CAN still lose weight and feel great by doing these things.

RESTRICTION causes people to QUIT!

So it doesn’t work, right?

The Healthformation is a far more effective and fun way to living a life you love and living in a body you’re proud of.

If you want to know more about how these methods could help you, I invite you to read about my Figure Fix Formula and maybe we’ll have a chat soon.

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PS – The Figure Fix Formula can apply to MEN too, it’s part of The Healthformation Methodology.