Is Personal Training for you??


Have you ever thought to yourself that you are too old to make that change?


Maybe someone else has told you that, and you believed them.




What if I told you that it is possible?


After all, I have proved this with many people. Take Simon for example and his Personal Training journey.


At 49, he was struggling with his health, he was overweight, tired and quite simply fed up with who he had become.


Life was a struggle.


Not just for him, but his family too.


You see, because he wasn’t as energized and happy about himself, he was unable to show up as a good husband and father to his kids.


But it wasn’t his fault.


He was a busy man running a successful business, he was flying in this area, but unfortunately, he had taken his eye off the ball.


He had forgotten what was more important to him.




So it may not have been his fault, but it certainly was his responsibility to do something about it.


The trouble was, he was in this situation because he didn’t know what or how to improve his health and fitness.


So he seeked some help.


Now he may not have realised this at the time, but this was the beginning of a true inspirational story.


And I’m going to share it with you, in 3 separate parts.


Who Simon was BEFORE, DURING and WHO HE IS now. So sit back, because this may just be what you need right now to help you make a decision you’ll never regret.


BEFORE Personal Training

Simon first approached me 7 years ago, he was 49 at the time.


It was fair to say he was unfit, not that healthy, lacked confidence about his body and was a little lost with what to do next.


If wasn’t even sure if he could change, most people have this fear that maybe it’s too late for them.


So they don’t bother, which is a shame.


But not Simon, he at least realised he had a chance, he just needed some help.


As you can imagine, this was a MASSIVE step.


I have 100% full compassion and empathy was anyone taking that leap of faith to meet me for a consultation.


It’s an event for people, some even bottle out at this stage.


But as I said to Simon at the time, “don’t worry, it’s just a chat”. If for any reason you don’t think this is for you, that’s fine.


The reason I offer myself for free in this hour is to help take any expectation and fear away from what is already a potentially daunting process for someone.


During the chat, I could see where Simon’s problems were, to be honest, they were no different to anyone else’s, so I made it clear where he was and how he felt was fairly common.


This instantly made Simon feel at ease.


I got to find out about Simon’s past, his current level and where he thought he wanted to be, we laughed, joked and quite simply had an informal chat.


Simon left feeling positive and more confident than he had for a good few years.


He called me back the following day to say he wanted to start with me. The exciting thing that happened next is something I still tell people about today.


DURING Personal Training

So we got started.


As I mentioned above, taking that initial step to just have a chat is like an event. It throws up all kinds of negative emotions and fears.


So the next step often only gets worse, your first Personal Training session.

I can only imagine what goes through people’s head, after all, I’ve experienced other Personal Trainers doing silly things with their new clients.


The idea is to take away someone’s doubt, fear and worry about exercise.


Exercise should be enjoyed.


Which is why I said to Simon, don’t worry, I do things a little differently around here.


My philosophy is based around what I refer to as ‘closing the gap’.


Basically, that means we first find out what you can and can’t do, we discover where you’re right now, then with the outcome or goal in mind, we quite simply take small steps.


Because I’ve witnessed people being told to take big strides, often this leads to people doing things they’re not comfortable with which unfortunately often leads them to giving up and quitting.


Which is a shame, because it doesn’t have to be that way.


Now, things were a struggle for Simon at the beginning, after all, this was something different.


But we worked together.


And after a few weeks, we soon found a way that worked for Simon, and that’s where the excitement began.


After a few months, Simon was really getting into his stride.




Quite simply because he was enjoying the process.


Another thing was because Simon was able to be consistent with his approach, he is a busy man.


But because he was working with me and had his sessions booked into the diary, he never let other stuff get in the way.


This simple accountability method is partly why people get great success working with a Coach.


Anyway, the best bit is yet to come, Simon is now a true inspiration, he even inspires me now, and I know he is helping my current clients too with who he has become.


AFTER Personal Training

Simon is 56 now, he’s been working with me now for 7 years.


Time flies…


I could go on all day at this point but I’ll keep it short.


At 56, Simon actually looks younger than when his was 49.


Which is great.


And proof in the pudding that a healthier lifestyle does more for people than just feeling healthier and fitter.


You look younger, your skin improves.


You sleep better and wake up with energy.


Your clothes fit better and you get more compliments.


Your confidence goes through the roof.


You can do and experience more with your friends and family,


I could go on.


But that’s not really what I want to tell you about. Simon still works with me; he really enjoys having that person to fall back on if he’s struggling.


What people will be interested to hear about though is that Simon now also exercises on his own.


He NEVER would have done that before, but his new confidence levels have allowed him to do that.


But that’s not everything.


Simon has successfully completed many events including the Two Castles 10k, Wolf Run and various Cycling Events, The Myton Hospice Challenge and 100 miles in Cornwall.


But that doesn’t mean that has to be you.


This was just a natural progression for Simon.


At 49 he would have laughed off that he would have completed these events.


The thing is, we just never know where we might land, but the main task is to just get started.

And step by step, close that gap.


That’s the beauty about what may happen when you improve your health and get fitter, it opens up all kinds of opportunities.


But let’s not forget the number one thing, it allows you to live a longer and fuller life.


Age is no barrier, unless you allow life to cage you up.


We always have a choice, and with the correct action and execution, things WILL get better for you AND those important around you.


If you’d like that opportunity to just have an initial CHAT about Personal Training with me, then get in touch today by clicking the link below.


Remember, it’s just a chat.