“I think I need a Personal Trainer in Leamington but I’m not sure where to find the right one.”


I’ll be honest, the Health & Fitness Industry is fast becoming a saturated market.

More people are unhealthier than ever, unfitter than ever, fatter than ever and unhappier than ever.


Which doesn’t make sense because there are more Personal Trainers than there have ever been.


Seriously, they are EVERYWHERE!


You may not know this but you could take someone random off the street these days and they could be a fully fledged Personal Trainer within 6 weeks (according to a piece of paper).


Which is a BIG problem.


The industry is dangling carrots in front of people luring them into turning their passion of exercise into a career. People are getting into the industry for the wrong reasons, they are sold the dream of earning loads of money doing something they enjoy.


Unfortunately, the dropout rate after 3 months is VERY high. The trouble is that these course providers are not teaching young trainers how to chew THAT carrot.


They are taking people with a passion and not allowing them to find their purpose as a trainer.


So what we end up with is a bunch of enthusiastic people who enjoy training but don’t know how to teach and coach ‘joe public’ off the street.


The result is that these people paying their hard-earned cash to make a change in their life with a Personal Trainer are ending up nowhere and possibly feeling worse off.


What this means is that people don’t know where to turn anymore. Most people don’t know the difference between a bunch of Personal Trainers, you can have that guy who has been in the industry over 10 years stood next to ‘Billy Big Balls’ who has just come out of PT school ready to take your money off you and frustrate you with nothing to show.


But it doesn’t need to be this way.


If you’re ready to make that change then I applaud you, having the awareness that you need some help is the first step to succeeding. Without it, you CANNOT change.


The reality is you could be just one phone call away from making the best move of your life. It is certainly POSSIBLE to pick the right Personal Trainer; the truth is that they’re all different.


I certainly am, in fact, I don’t even call myself a Personal Trainer anymore. It’s certainly part of what I can do, but it’s not the only thing. I’m a coach with various different skills.


  • I’m not one of those kick-ass trainers who will shout at you until you feel sick.


  • I’m not one of those trainers who will make you feel like you’ll never be good enough. The truth is you already ARE enough, but you can improve on that, with some help.


  • I’m not one of those trainers who will make you eat dry turkey and broccoli until it comes out of your ears.


  • I’m not one of those trainers who will take away your favorite food. In actual fact, I’m the opposite, I’ll let you eat the food you want to eat.


If you’re looking for a Personal Trainer, then it’s kind of a BIG DEAL. It’s really important to take your time to pick one that best suits your needs. After all, you’re going to be spending some money and investing in your own time to do some work and create a better life for you and those close to you.


So for me, I’d only work with someone who is open-minded, ready to change and understands that it’s not just about the exercise…


Lifestyle change and management is a big part of my approach.


If you’re stressed, overwhelmed and have poor lifestyle habits, expecting to just workout a bit isn’t going to cut it, you need something a little different.


On the flip-side, you’d want someone that gave you CONFIDENCE and CLARITY that they were the person who could help you breakthrough where you currently are, and help guide you to where you want to be.


So, I’m giving you 10 Tips on HOW to find the right trainer for you…


Before I begin, I’d just like to point out that what I’m about to say is of my opinion only. I’m not your typical Personal Trainer with an EGO, quite honestly I left that behind years ago. The following is quite simply my views on the key points that people should look out for IF they are searching for a Personal Trainer.


My way is not the only way, it’s just the way that has worked for me and the 100’s of people I’ve helped over the past few years.


So here you go:


1. Your Personal Trainer Listens to You


I get a fair bit of feedback from clients about my ability to listen, I’m fairly trained up on this although I’ve always been interested in others, I’m fairly laid back when needed and it’s just something I am good at.


Call me the guy with 3 ears!!


You can probably remember that time where you’ve had something on your mind bubbling away and stressing you out, it’s better OUT than IN as they say.


When you’re able to discuss your problems with someone you can trust, it’s funny how you just start to feel better. It’s like an emotional weight has been lifted off your shoulders.


This is important, I say to people that if they want their health and fitness attempts to feel easier, focusing on the other stuff going on around in their world needs to feel less difficult too. So I listen and we make breakthroughs together.


2. Your Personal Trainer Understands You


I believe the NUMBER 1 skill to learn as a trainer is to have the ability and understand that not many people enjoy exercise and eating healthier. I mean, they want to, but they struggle to do it.


Let’s put that a different way, people who ‘often’ seek the help from a Personal Trainer are typically overweight, their activity levels are low and generally speaking, not happy about themselves.


In this state then who is going to be MOTIVATED to move more and eat foods they clearly don’t want to at that moment in time.


So expecting someone to just adhere to your methods overnight is a recipe for disaster!


Show a little COMPASSION for where that person is right now, have an understanding of where they need to get to but only concentrate on them moving towards that goal ONE step at a time.


And for me, I 100% understand, that was me once upon a time. I still remember the day I joined my first gym, I never went for 6 months through pure FEAR. So I completely get how people feel from day one, the trick is to help build up their confidence slowly at their OWN pace.


3. Your Personal Trainer Helps Guide You


When was the last time you did something that someone else told you to do? Well, you might of, but you were UNWILLING and the next time you needed to do it, you only followed it though if someone asked you, right?


This is where most trainers fail. They wonder why they cannot get clients to adhere to their methods. The methods that HAVE worked for them. The truth is this happens because we’ve been conditioned to only consistently do tasks if WE choose to do them ourselves.


Too many trainers DICTATE. It’s their way or the highway!! When you learn how to GUIDE people instead of forcing them, people start to get results faster, simpler, more enjoyable and they learn how to make them stick.


They transform!


The best answers and methods are those that come from the learner WITHIN, only they need to be guided into a place of finding that awareness THEMSELVES.


This is a real SKILL, which most don’t have. It’s taken me a good few years of study and practice to acquire this JEDI like ability.


4. Your Personal Trainer Practices What They Preach


I’ve lost count by the amount of times I witnessed a Personal Trainer telling off a client because they couldn’t stick to their diet at the weekend. They’ve lectured them about how weak-willed they’re and how they don’t want it bad enough. This often leaves the client feeling pretty useless and low.


To make it worse, these trainers are then ‘woffing‘ down crisps and chocolates behind closed doors in the staff room. Which is not a problem as this is not a crime, the trouble is that they are doing it and leaving an impression with their clients that they are crystal clean.


Which is crazy!!


There is nothing worse than a Personal Trainer not having the ability, to be honest and transparent.


I’m very open with my clients, If I slip up and choose into foods that don’t serve me, I tell them. They often appreciate this.


People want to feel like they are working with a human being.


So make sure you choose a trainer who practices what they preach or as I like to put it, they preach what they practice.


This can go as far as exercise to nutrition and lifestyle behaviors. I’d never get someone doing something I’ve never tried or experienced myself.


5. Your Personal Trainer Has Struggled Themselves


There is no right or wrong here, this is just purely my own belief. Some trainers do have those ‘god’ like genetics, yes they work hard on their physique but even when they tuck into that junk food, they are still LEAN all year round.


We all know someone like this, right? This is of course fine.


My only concern is that they’ve never really had weight loss issues before, they don’t quite understand the pain and frustration of waking up in the morning and feeling rubbish about themselves in the mirror.


Something I’m pretty proud of is my work-ethic, I’ve had to work pretty damn hard to achieve what I have. I come from an overweight family, IBS and gut issues are high up on the list from members of my family, I used to be overweight with ZERO confidence.


But that didn’t have to be my reality.


I’ve studied hard around various parts of the human body, gut health is a real skill of mine now, as is basic brain science. Two of the key elements as to why I’ve had amazing results with myself and now others.


I put this partly down to why I do get great results with many different types of people. I’ve been there, I’ve seen it, I’ve felt it AND I’ve battled through it to come out on the other side of the rainbow.


I’m now sharing this phenomenon with others too.


6. Your Personal Trainer Gives You More Than That ‘60 Minute’ Session


This can be a rather grey area. You see if you sign up for Personal Training, that kind of is all you get, maybe you’ll get some nutrition help thrown in on top.


But you might not.


You see for me it’s different, this is partly the reason as to why I don’t call myself a Personal Trainer, it’s not what I do. Yes, I do offer this as part of my services, but I go a lot deeper.


I could write a whole blog on why exercise and nutrition, isn’t your answer. You’ve only got to look inside of the gyms to find this out. Many people are exercising and trying to eat well, but not many people are getting great results.




Because they have no support outside of those 1-2 hours they spend with a trainer each week. There are 168 hours in the week.


Is your trainer giving you help with how to combat life for those other 166 hours a week?


I bet they are not.


Which is why I do things differently. I can help people with exercise, but I make sure they have a platform in place to help with the other areas of their life. The areas that are and will influence and dictate how your results from exercise and nutrition happen.


7. Your Personal Trainer Has Many Strategies to Help You


Something that makes me cringe is when I hear trainers talking about nutrition advice with their clients.


48-year-old Mary is listening to her bodybuilding PT; he is giving her a diet that can only be described as something that won him the Mr. Universe crown.


10 egg whites with steamed broccoli… Repeat!




No wonder people get frustrated with their lack of results. People need to understand that there is more than one way to skin a cat.


When it comes to training and nutrition, I am a huge believer that the best diet and training plan is the one that people ENJOY. You can work the rest out along the way… Together.


That’s where a GREAT coach will come in handy. For those moments when you need to make those tiny adjustments that will bring you BIG pay offs.


You cannot BUY experience.


8. Your Personal Trainer Doesn’t Overwhelm You


We live in the information world now. There are more books on diets and self-development than ever, more advice than ever on You Tube, access to more workout routines than ever.


But this isn’t the answer. In fact, it is becoming a problem. A big one too.


People are more stressed than ever. The more information you receive now is potentially leading you to more overwhelm.


And overwhelm leads to procrastination. Which will result in you doing nothing, EVEN though you know what to do.


It’s a big problem. Which is why I make sure people take a piece of information and IMPLEMENT it. Together we build a jig-saw of how you want your life to look like. It may take you longer than you first thought, but you’ll actually get results far quicker than you would’ve before.


9. Your Personal Trainer Makes Sure You Have Fun


Those that work with me will know that if you don’t have a sense of humor, you might as well look elsewhere for a trainer.


One of the reasons as to why I love my job and clients is because WE know how to have FUN. Life is too serious sometimes and there is already too much NEGATIVITY in the world so far.


We are only around for a small time here on earth, so let’s enjoy it.


Which is why I influence people to make sure they enjoy their exercise, nutrition, and lifestyles. If you do, half the battle is already won.


If you’re not enjoying something, CHANGE it.


We can’t always DO what it is we LOVE, but we can learn to LOVE what it is we’re doing.


10. Your Personal Trainer Has Proven Results


This goes without saying, right?


You can talk the talk and pull the wool over people’s eyes but SUCCESS leaves clues.


If you’re unsure about a trainer, look for the results of those he’s worked with. Not THEIR results on their ‘selfie’ Instagram account, but those people who were just like you before they started their journey.


Just be careful, not all before and after pictures are genuine.


If you’re a Personal Trainer who just happens to be reading this, if you don’t have results with other people, you DON’T have a business, FACT!


Unfortunately, most trainers struggle with this which is why they’re cheap. They think if they charge less then they’ll attract more clients.


This is the reason as to why I charge more than most trainers in my area, I only want to attract people who are serious about getting great results.


And for those who can’t afford my 1-2-1 approach, don’t worry. I created an online program for you which maybe more affordable for your needs. Everyone wins, you just get to choose the level of result you want.


11. Now, Make Your Own Mind Up


Yeah, yeah I know, I said it would only be 10 tips. The truth is I’m a sucker for over-delivering value to people and I’m not ready to stop just yet.


At the end of the day, you’ve got to make a choice about which direction you’re going to take. Only you can do that. If I can give you one last tip then it’s this…


Just do what feels right for you.


I’ve given you my 10 tips to try and help you, as I mentioned before, my way isn’t the ONLY way, it’s just A way, it’s MY way. It’s the way that I’ve learned from the various mentors and coaches I’ve invested over £20k in over the past few years.


If you want to get the best out of yourself…


…You’ve got to take that leap of faith and invest in yourself.


12. Bonus Tip

Sorry, I can’t help myself but I did mention about over-delivering, right?

I could go on all day!!

Seriously though, this is fairly important. If your Personal Trainer is constantly trying to force supplements down your neck then give them a wide birth!

I’m not against people peddling supplements, potions, and pills onto their clients but I’m certainly not FOR it either. I do sell a small amount of supplements to people but very rarely is this within the first 6 months of working together.

It’s not for profit either, just HAPPIER clients. The trouble with most trainers these days is that they’re struggling to make a business so the idea of making a few extra quid out of their clients sounds appealing, but is it right??

I’d never sell anyone supplements if they haven’t learned and created the basic behaviors and habits of how they can lose weight effectively through good old tasty nutrition and some fun exercise.

Because quite simply, if they cannot do this, NO supplement in the world is going to help. The only thing it MIGHT do is burn a hole in your wallet.

People were losing weight, having great energy levels and living happier lives long before pills, potions and supplements were created to man (or woman!!).

Want your Fat Loss to be SIMPLER?

Choose into the EASIER ways of doing things…


EMAIL Phil TODAY if you’re INTERESTED in finding more about Leamington Personal Training…