Here is a Running Analysis I did on Chris earlier this week. As Chris has switched focus now to triathlon competitions and running being his hate then it is time to change this.

So we have a before and after analysis here. The 1st picture identifies many issues, if you want to be an injury statistic then this is a fine example….

1. Massive over stride, the biggest issue for any runner.

2. This results in a heavy heel strike, imagine every time you hit the floor and you tap the break, well we don’t want this!!

3. Too much upperbody rotation = wasted energy!!

4. Too much hip flexion, this results in poor abdominal activation. The abs are your friend during running….think of shock absorption.

The good news for Chris is we can fix this and as you can see we dramatically improved Chris’s running technique, job done!!

Now show me a line of 10 treadmills and I can guarantee at least 9 of them will provide me with a poor running technique….

Healthy Running

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