Are you happy with your current methods?


I’ll ask that a SIMPLER way…


Are you HAPPY with your results?


If you’re still unsure then answer these simple questions…


Are you happy with what the scales say?


Are you happy with how you look in front of the mirror naked?


Are you full of confidence and nothing can get in your way right now?


Do you sleep 8 hours a day solid?


Do you wake up in the morning and can’t wait to get to work?


Do you worry about your waistline if you eat something ‘off’ plan?




I could go on.


Honestly, if you’re happy with all of the above then maybe this isn’t for you.


You are doing very well.


But if you do have areas you are not too happy with right now, and be HONEST with yourself.


Then carry on reading.


Staying or going?


Right, let’s carry on…


I’ve worked and helped many people over the past few years, some are still with me but most people come and go. They come to me for help, they learn new ways to MASTER their own MINDSET, CONQUER their own ENERGY and ELECTRIFY their own ENERGY.


And then they flee the nest as I often say.


Which is cool.


Part of my job is to take people from where they currently are, listen, understand them and then install a new mindset into them, give them the competency and confidence to achieve with some new methods and together, CREATE long lasting transformation.


For me, The Healthformation is not about short-term quick fixes.


Anything we do together, should be with the intention that they ENJOY them, it FULFILLS them and they can carry on in that manner 12 months from now. That way, when the time is right, going alone is far much easier for them to do.


Because remember, if you enjoy something, you’ll NEVER stop. You won’t need MOTIVATING anymore.


But on the other hand, I do get those who don’t quite have that courage to take the leap of faith.


Which is a shame, because without COMMITMENT people can never START.


So they STUBBORNLY carry on with their old methods or find alternative and often cheaper plans to see them through.


Unfortunately, cheap often comes at a more expensive cost down the line. CHEAP & BEST don’t belong in the same sentence.


Which is why things very rarely work for them.


And because they buy into those methods that are built around quick fixes.


They experience:


  • Pain
  • Struggle
  • Frustration


Which doesn’t sound fun, right?


Unfortunately, too many people these days are trying to achieve long-term results by using short-term methods.


It just doesn’t work.


It doesn’t.


It can’t.


You’d never get into your brand new car, plan a 200-mile journey to go on holiday and only put in 50-miles worth of petrol.


You wouldn’t, right?


The thing is, health, It’s a funny old thing.


People will pay almost no attention to their health until it’s gone, but once it has, they’ll do almost anything and pay any price to get it back.


Don’t believe me?


Ask anyone lying sick in a hospital bed right now.


The trouble is people often associate PLEASURE with those things that harm them whilst associating PAIN with things that bring them much more benefit.


Anyway, before I digress too much…


As I mentioned above, without COMMITMENT you cannot START.


But without CONSISTENCY you cannot FINISH.


The thing is, I have 15 years in this industry, I’ve seen a lot. I’ve achieved a lot.


I’ve failed a lot too.


But I’ve learnt a hell of a lot more than I’ve failed with.


Anything that I’ve been successful with is because I’ve got up one more time than I’ve been knocked down.


Sounds simple, right?


Well, it kind of is, but it isn’t.


I’ve only achieved what I have because of the SUPPORT and GUIDANCE I’ve received and heavily invested into.


So it does frustrate me a little when people seem to de-value their health. Maybe I see the positive in them because I do know what it’s like to be unhealthy, I used to be.


But I know which side of the fence I prefer to sit on now.


There was a time when I believed I could help EVERYONE, I now appreciate I can only help those people who want to be helped.


Which is why I enjoy writing my blogs, if people don’t read them then that’s fine, they must be doing pretty well with their BODY, BEHAVIORS & BUSINESS. If one person does just happen to read one, and apply a tip then I’d like to think I have made a difference in this world.


So, over the past few years, I’ve come across a fair few people and trends in this industry when it comes to wanting to make a change.


I’ve come up with a great way to explain what I often see with people typically, not everyone but it’s fairly common.


I refer to this as The DRIFT Cycle. It comes in 4 stages.


Stage 1:


You are motivated to change, you’re EXCITED. This is it, you’re finally going to lose weight and get that mind and body back of yours.


At the back of your mind, it didn’t work before but this time it will be different, right?


You’ll try HARDER and you’ll put more EFFORT in. You’ll do what ever it takes.



Stage 2:


You start to get fed up of being RESTRICTED with that diet and exercise plan.


You start to miss those gym sessions. It’s already getting boring. The gym is always too busy anyway.


The food cravings are kicking in, you keep turning down nights out and parties because you fear your lack of WILLPOWER to stick to your diet.


This is the first signs of the drift in the horizon.



Stage 3:


Your efforts are really taking a hit now. You won’t QUIT but you certainly won’t admit to ‘giving in’.


The EXCUSES will be at the forefront now and you be JUSTIFYING your actions for everything.


It won’t be your fault though, it’ll be your boss, your mates, your husband, the kids…


Even the adverts on the TV.


You’ll soldier on reluctantly. After all, you promised to do whatever it took, right?


But, your motivation is really starting to DRIFT south and you’re heading towards that pit.


There is only so much WILLPOWER an individual can have.



Stage 4:


That’s it, you’re done.


There is more to life than dieting and doing exercise you don’t even like. Your mates have asked you out for a night on the town at the weekend so that’s more appealing right now.


The diet can wait until Monday.


You can just buy a new black dress, that’ll cover up the wobbly bits you don’t like when you’re around all your slimmer mates.


At this stage, you’ve been well and truly caught into the drift and ended up in the pit.


The pit is a very NEGATIVE place to be, it’s full of pain, frustration, regret, GUILT and unworthiness.




And the vicious cycle continues.


You don’t like yourself right now, those 3 weeks were for nothing, you feel like you’ve undone all of your good work and self-sabotaged your efforts.


You had the night out, but now it’s time to give it ANOTHER go.


Monday comes back around and so you start back at stage 1 with some new found excitement. Maybe you’ve signed up to a new diet plan or found the latest method in a magazine.


Unfortunately, there is often a cost to an approach like this.


It’s all too common.


Does this sound like you?


If so, don’t worry.




This kind of approach often HARMS people. Unfortunately, people often get fixated on these kind of approaches, they are cheap and heavily marketed with false claims in the media.


So I 100% UNDERSTAND why people get caught up in this mindset.


This is ultimately, one of the main reasons as to why I created The Healthformation Programme.




The Healthformation is built around long-lasting transformation. Transforming people through their HEALTH.


Covering the 3 KEY area’s of your life.


  • Your Body
  • Your Behaviors
  • Your Business


When we combine all three of these together you’ll improve…


  • Your Mindset
  • Your Confidence
  • Your Sleep
  • Your Energy
  • Your Productivity
  • Your Relationships


And the BONUS is, you’ll BE RID of that unwanted body fat too.


How does that sound?


Cool, right?


Well, it is.


Seriously, if you’re fed up of being caught up in THE DRIFT and you want to get out of THE PIT, then in my next email, I’m going to offer you a FREE training webinar.


Hey, don’t worry.


Leave the credit card in your wallet, you won’t need it.


Speak soon,