How do you feel about your BODY IMAGE right now?


Be honest.


This could sting a little but do you EVEN like yourself?


I know this is a rather personal question to ask but if you’re looking to improve the way you physically look right now, it’s really important you’re in alignment with how you REALLY feel about yourself too from the inside out.


How’s your emotional health looking right now?


Is it your WEAPON or a TOOL?


Are you using your BODY to work for you or AGAINST you?


You see, it can do both.


Just like the drug morphine.


To someone who is in pain, in a hospital bed during their last days on this earth, it can be a god-send.


But to that person who is an addict, it will help them spiral out of control and destroy their life.


Your body is either your closest friend or your worst own enemy.


The way you feel about your body will often lead to the way you treat your body. If you’re feeling low on energy, feeling down and negative is a sure fire way to open up the flood gates into a life of ‘self-sabotage’ or mindless emotional eating.


If you have body image issues right now, you can be sure to experience episodes of playing the comparison game.


Which is a recipe for disaster.


Comparison is the thief of joy.



Just like morphine, social-media these days is probably the number one culprit to peoples poor levels of body image and how well they feel in their own skin.


You see Facebook & Instagram are great ways to communicate with friends, share stories and pictures with those who know you. It’s also a really simple way to connect with those you don’t know yet.


It’s a FANTASTIC tool.


But on the overhand…


It can be a weapon of mass destruction in the wrong mindset.


When you’re feeling low, you’re tired or it’s been a bad day, loading up your social media accounts could be that thief of joy when it comes to your own happiness.


Let me explain a little more…


  • Your friend Mary is on holiday in her new bikini.
  • Debbie is raving about her 3-pound weight loss this week.
  • Sarah has just received a job promotion and is celebrating.


Basically, it feels like everyone is living on Planet Positive and you feel miles away from that destination right now, stuck in your pokey office looking at the computer screen.


Life doesn’t feel all that exciting right now.


The trouble with social media these days is it’s not very transparent, it’s almost like a highlight reel.


A movie trailer.


You know what I mean, right?


Everyone else seems to be doing really, really well, and you’re, erm, how shall I put it?




The issue here lies with the fact you typically only get to see the best bits and not everything else in between.


So with this, you compare the highlights of their life to yours, which possibly has that too, but with your current dip in form and mindset, those highlights have been swamped and covered up with everything else.


Like work, arguments with your boss, you’ve fallen out with your partner.


The chicken salad you’ve eaten 5 days on the trot seems to have become less appealing, even though you know it’s doing you some good.


You even have to turn down a night out with mates because that ever growing pile of ironing is getting higher and you keep putting it off.


And to top it all off, you jump on the scales only to find out you’ve put on 2 pounds, even though you’ve done REALLY well with your eating this week.


So you feel fat, depressed and start questioning if it’s all really worth it.


Does that sound familiar?


I mean, have you ever thought about throwing in the towel because this whole trying to lose weight malarkey isn’t all it’s cracked up to be?


Have you?


Whatever the case maybe, life often feels pretty dark in these situations with all those negative emotions of shame, blame and guilt fully present.


Eating away at you and grinding you down.


All this adds to the stress bucket and before you know it, you’re diving into that lovely cold tub of chocolate brownie ice-cream.


Does this sound familiar?


If so, don’t worry.


You’re not alone.


Over the past few years of working with many women (and men), when it comes to their own BODY IMAGE and ultimately results, I’ve picked up a few familiar patterns which I am now able to help them with.


So I understand how you may be feeling right now.


But what I’ve found is that when people experience a mindset and focus shift, it can dramatically change how they view the world through their lense and the results that they experience.


It’s like when people approach me and say they want to lose 2 stone, and they’re insistent that they’ll be happy when they achieve that.


They will be more comfortable in their own skin and their body image will improve.


I very rarely experience anyone achieving this happiness and mindset with themselves if they lost a ton of weight.


You’d think they would, I know.


But let me explain.


What I find typically happens is that when people chase a certain weight loss target, all their attention is solely focused on that figure and nothing else matters.


They’ll do what is necessary to achieve that.


So yeah, they may have to stop going out with their friends for a few months, no more take-aways or bottles of wine. They’ll need to start preparing their foods more often for work.


The chocolate has to go too.


They may even have to renew their membership at the gym.


You know what I mean, all of the things that people enjoy doing. So what does this do?


Immediately turns this weight loss plan into something that you loathe. It’s like trying to make a pizza by taking away the tomato and cheese.


It just won’t work, certainly not in the long-term.


People believe they have to do one of two things…


Learn to live with a body they don’t enjoy or hate the way they feel to get the body they want.


You cannot LIVE in a body that you LOVE by doing the things that you LOATHE.



I’ll often tell people that one of the most important parts of any diet and exercise plan is they MUST enjoy it.


If they don’t, they’ll STOP.


When have you ever continued to do something you don’t ENJOY?


Maybe you’ve ‘put up’ with it for a few weeks but it’s certainly not sustainable.


If it’s not SUSTAINable, it’s not RETAINable.


If you want to lose 2 stone and be happy at the end, you MUST enjoy the process.


That includes being comfortable with the steps needed, improving how you FEEL about yourself and dare I say it again, you MUST be enjoying it.


Let me digress a little. Have you ever walked up a mountain?


I certainly have. Imagine weight loss was just like a mountain, you reach the top and you admire the view but then that’s it.


What’s next you ask?


You achieved that euphoric high but then after a while, it’s not really how you thought you’d be feeling. So you soon experience this emptiness.


This is exactly what happens to those people who might actually get to that 2 stone mark. Sure they may feel a little better about their body physically, but it’ll often be short-lived if their body-image deep down hasn’t improved.


Unfortunately, most won’t even get there as the pressure from having to STRUGGLE and SUFFER through an approach they didn’t ENJOY eventually get’s the better of them.


But if you do actually manage to get there, firstly, well done but if the journey has been a bad experience, you’ll never want to continue on, right?


And this is where most people are going wrong.


They are trying to achieve long-term success by using short-term methods.



People are believing that their body image will improve with weight loss alone.


These people are often referred to as ‘yo-yo’ dieters. Essentially this is fairly common with the various dieting clubs and MLM programs being distributed across the country.


But there is a better way.


Fat Loss Can Be Made Simpler



If you’re looking to improve your body image AND lose weight. The best way in my opinion is to concentrate on your emotional health first.


The physical side of things will follow suit.


Most people are doing it the other way round which is why they’re coming unstuck.


So, improve your body image and how you FEEL about yourself and you immediately improve the physical side of things.


Because the cold truth is that people don’t wake up in the morning and purposely ‘self-sabotage’ their results, right?


We often choose into foods based on how we FEEL.


If we feel tired, run down and stressed, we often reach out for those foods that often don’t serve us or are not on plan.


The same could be said if you feel negative based on how you think and feel about yourself. If you feel negative about your body image, you immediately turn on the stress signal to your body.


So if you want an easier and quicker way to lose weight or improve your health, first learn how to improve your body image.


It is far easier to live INSIDE of that amazing body of yours when you are allowing it to work for you rather than against you.


If you’re experiencing shame, blame, guilt or comparison, simply just put the BRAKES on for a second, slow down and have a look around.


You have two options at this point, you either curl into a ball and makes things worse OR you decide you can do something about it.


Feed your brain what it NEEDS and your it will give you back what you WANT.


In this situation what you need to do is first ACCEPT you’re where you’re and that you’re there for a very good reason. Now take the next steps to help move you forward, what your brain needs is some acceptance, connection and care.


Start by surrounding yourself and connect to positive things or people in your life.  Support is often an under-valued tool that a human being can use. Removing yourself from the negative self-talk and re-connecting to those positive vibes may be all you need to point you back in the right direction.


This will help remove you away from that anxious state which is where control, restriction and punishment GROW and turn that calming switch on inside of your head.


Remember you have a choice, you can give yourself permission to live the way YOU decide, by choosing one with flexibility, freedom and fun, you’ll start to live a life with a positive body image and you’ll soon upgrade your health.


If you’re serious about improving your body image to help increase your fat loss efforts and reduce that waistline, here are 3 SIMPLE & POWERFUL steps you can take.


1. Environmental Audit

In the Conquer Your Confidence Module of The Healthformation, there are a series of audits you can perform on and around your body. These quick and simple audits are that powerful, you could change the way you think about your body within only a few minutes.


The beauty is they are so simple, if body image is a concern for you right now, your answer could be right under your nose as you read this.


2. Give Yourself Some Care

Honestly, this is so simple you’ll kick yourself. But do something that makes you FEEL good. What is the one thing you could do right now which you know helps make you feel better?


Examples – book a hair or nail appointment, buy yourself a new dress or go and have a nice relaxing massage.


It could be anything, but what normally puts a smile on your face. It’s a tempory fix but people often forget they have the ability to do something for themselves. Give yourself permission to treat yourself.


3. Have A Brain Dump!

Again, another simple exercise you could do. Rather than holding onto all of that shame, blame, guilt and comparison.


Let it out!


Write out your thoughts and feelings on paper, it’s funny how people start to feel a little relief off their shoulders once their emotions, thoughts and feelings are OUT on paper.


Follow these simple and powerful steps and you’ll soon start to UPGRADE YOUR HEALTH.


Speak soon,