Someone asked me this question the other day.


It’s probably one of the most popular questions I often get, whether that’s passing someone in the street who I know to a stranger sending me an email.


It was this…


“Phil, how do I get a slimmer waistline?”


I get this question all of the time, you must know what I mean, right?


You’ve possibly thought about it yourself…


How do I lose more body fat around my waist?


How do I get my abs ready for the summer?


How do I feel less bloated?


I could go on but the fundamental principle all comes down to how can people lose more body fat easier and essentially with less effort.


That’s what we all want, right?


It’s certainly something I’ve always wanted and spent my last 10 years trying to find various ways to help all kinds of people.


Because we are ALL different.


What works for one person may not work for another. If it were that easy, you’d only need to go and buy a book from your local store.


Sadly, it’s not that easy.


But it can be made SIMPLER for people if they take the right approach for them.


You see the thing is there is nothing worse than someone having the great intention to make a positive change in themselves, putting in the effort to not getting anywhere!!


This often leads to motivation disappearing and that individual coming to the conclusion it doesn’t work for them and that they should settle for second best living in a body they are not happy with.


But it doesn’t need to be that way.


Now I’ve worked with many people over the past few years, one of the highlights always comes from those people who have tried many methods, yet mine is always something they’ve never come across before.


Makes sense, because I created it myself.


(Which isn’t entirely true, let me explain…)


I’ve invested heavily on my personal development over the past few years, so what I’ve done is taken out the best bits and put it into a system that is easy for other people to use and get great results with.


At a fraction of the cost.


It’s ultimately what The Healthformation is about.


  • It’s not about exercise.


  • It’s not about nutrition.


  • It’s not about mindset.


It’s an integrated approach focusing on everything.


Because I’ll be honest, those people ‘clanging and banging’ in the gym every day, aren’t getting the results they desire.


Those who just rely on diets and magic potions aren’t getting the results they desire.


When you combine these two elements with some mindset shifts, you start to realise how SIMPLE weight loss and having a body you desire CAN be.


Anyway, before I get too deep into what The Healthformation Programme is, let’s get back to the topic at hand.


Losing weight around your waist…


Now, funnily enough, I don’t actually train my midsection, abs, whatever you want to call it. I find it’s often wasted energy.


People often don’t believe me when I say that, but it’s the truth.


The thing is I’ve got a better way of helping people burn stubborn body fat around their stomach, their waist and it’s quite simply using my own system that I’ve kind of created myself, which ultimately worked on me and now works on the people that I work with, the people that I train or coach online.


In my opinion, the people who spend a lot of time doing crunches, sit-ups or any other work on their abs are normally, normally are wasting their time. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t because there are and CAN be some benefits, if it’s right for you.


But people who are typically trying to burn body fat around their waistline are doing sit-ups, crunches and they’re not getting anywhere. They’re getting bad backs, bad necks, using their hips too much and they’re not actually burning any body fat.


What’s the point of that?


People are already struggling with time to get their weekly exercise in, right?


Let’s make it EASIER for people I say, and more fun!


Because something I stand by is this, if we can work together and find a way that you can both ENJOY your nutrition and exercise.


You won’t want to stop, because we keep on doing the things that we enjoy, right?


That MOTIVATION that you’ve possibly been missing in your life will never be questioned again.


This is the secret to those people that go onto achieving great results with me, they simply find a way that works for them so they can continue to make it part of their lifestyle and doesn’t become a chore.

Below are a handful of previous and still current clients who have experienced my Healthformation methods.

If this is something that interests you then get in touch with me, I’d love to have a chat to tell you more about how I could help you SUCCEED like these people above have.