If I asked people what their BIGGEST problem was right now.


I am real confident that over 80% of those people would use the word STRESS in their answer.


Would you agree?


Is STRESS a big problem in your life?


I’ll ask that a different way. Would you like to know how to REDUCE stress in your life?


If so, carry on.


Also, I’ll talk to you about how STRESS is playing havoc on your Fat Loss attempts, it quite literally is like a computer virus ruining your operating system.


Each time you click to open up a program on your desktop, your computer fires out that annoying ‘bing’.


Or everything is running on a ‘go slow’. You know what I mean, that little annoying buffering icon on your screen.


Just like a computer, as human beings, we cannot cope with too much information being processed at any given time.


You know what you want, you do everything to try and achieve it yet nothing seems to be moving in the right direction.


Have you ever felt like that?


You must have, remember that time you jumped on the scales and nothing had changed… AGAIN!


Annoying, right?


Stress is something that we have on tap these days, whether it be running late for work, having an argument with someone or anything that causes you that small amount of anguish.


The thing is, stress is just a signal that the body produces in order to make it REACT or DO something, normally to stay SAFE.


The problem is that we use this response far too much these days, this response should really only be used when we are literally in life threatening situations.


Let’s back track a few million years…


Like being chased by a sabre-toothed tiger or fighting off an attacker, but now we use it all of the time for situations that aren’t life threatening.


The brain doesn’t know the difference between the threat of an attacker or that argument at work with Mary in the office.


Whether you’re about to be eaten alive or have a ‘fall out’ with a work colleague, you still get that same response or reaction, which often doesn’t serve you too well in a stressed out situation.


So what does this have to do with nutrition and fat loss?




Everything affects everything, remember that from the previous blog?


Well, let me tell you more.


Whenever you are hungry, it’s often a signal from the brain that our cells are in “need of nutrients” to optimally function.


So we eat.


And if you’re in a good relaxed state of mind, there is a great chance you’ll eat something that is serving your current plan. (For the sake of this blog we’ll call this your ‘rest and digest’ nervous system.)


This is your HAPPY place. You’re in control.




If you’re in a stressed out, tired, overwhelmed and pissed off state, the chances of you staying on your plan have been divided quite considerably. (For the sake of this blog, we’ll call this your ‘fight or flight’ nervous system.)


Even if you’re fairly strong in the mind, eating your healthy food while in your ‘fight or flight’ nervous system can have NEGATIVE effects on your waistline.


Regardless of the type of food you put into your mouths, the main concern now is actually extracting the real nutrition and efficiently digesting that food in order to nourish your cells.


The problem lies when you’re stressed!


Some of the responses that happen while in ‘fight or flight’ halt the absorption of the food we’re consuming; this can lead to you wasting your hard earned money on good quality food.


Your digestive function shuts down, it’s simply not needed in a stressful situation, after all, you’d never decide to eat a meal while running away from the sabre-tooth tiger, right?


You’d end up BEING the meal.


Remember, the brain doesn’t know the difference. It’s ALL stress at the end of the day. It’s just doing it’s job to keep you alive.


So, it’s fairly common for you to experience digestive problems such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and bloatedness.


You know what I mean here…


Have you EVER eaten a meal and immediately you’ve felt discomfort?


Maybe you’ve gone back to work and the waistline feels a little tighter?


These are all symptoms that you’re not digesting your food so well based on the nervous system you’re in.


So when it comes to Fat Loss, your current stress levels and how you RESPOND or REACT is having a big influence on your results.


Those calories IN vs calories OUT don’t even matter at this stage.


If you don’t digest and absorb your nutrients very well, you WILL eat more.


You’ll experience food cravings.


That well intentional plan you have will really become a challenge.


So, can you see how stress plays a major role on your waistline now?


It’s STEALING your energy.


But hey, don’t worry.


I get it.


We’ve all been there, my clients have been there AND I’ve been there too.


We are living in a world where the throttle is running on high, everything is going on and whizzing past you at the speed of light.


If you’re anything like the people that I’ve worked with over the past few years then you’ll be living a busy life, and you’re probably on the go a lot.


Does that sound like you?


If it does then there is a really simple solution when it comes to getting that waistline you want, even if you’re living a busy lifestyle.


The solution to stress and overwhelm…


…is NEVER to do more.


When you’re stressed, tired, overwhelmed and just out-right pissed off with life, what people often do is to do more or go harder.


You need to resist the urge to do more, have more or go that little bit harder.


This is only going to make things worse for you.


People are often too busy and concerned with keeping their plates spinning.


The stress of spinning too many plates is never alleviated by finding even more to spin.


If this is the case, then you need to SLOW down.


Just slow down or EVEN stop.


Sometimes stopping to have a look around you is the best way to help you move forward.


Put down the plates you can, leave the ones that you have dropped…


What’s done is done, enjoy the sound they make as they break.


THAT is life.


It’s only DRAMA, stop focusing on that and concentrate on the DATA.


There is a difference between the two…


The drama is that the plates have broken and that everything is going wrong and you don’t know what to do. Life is out of control.


The data is that the plates have broken. This is simply new information to take the next step.


Let me explain more…


What does this INFORMATION coming into the brain mean and what do I need to do next in order to help me move forward.


That’s REGAINING control.


There WILL be broken plates from time to time.


There WILL eat foods that you regret from time to time.


There WILL make decisions that you regret from time to time.


It’s going to happen.


Accept it or live a life of constant struggle, pain, disappointment and frustration.


But, there is an EASIER way.




If you’re able to just slow your life down, it’s funny how simple your life can become.


There is a phrase that has stuck with me now ever since I came across it.


Smooth is SLOW but slow is FAST.


I related to this phrase when I understood the link between stress and the damage it was doing on my own gut health and waistline.


Creating the necessary awareness to change the environment of my stress levels played a massive role in how I lost 18 pounds off my waist by doing no extra exercise.


  • It transformed my sleep.


  • I found my get up and go in the mornings.


  • It helped improve my overall productivity.


  • It changed my health and those people too who I have been working with lately.


If you’re serious about understanding how stress is having a negative impact on your waistline and energy, then use these 3 SIMPLE & POWERFUL tips.


1. Learn The Art of Diaphragmatic Breathing

You’re probably thinking what’s that?


Without going to deep into it, I teach this is my Unleash Your Mojo Module of The Healthformation, this is my Stress & Sleep Module. In this, we help you discover why so many people who attend Pilates & Yoga classes are getting great results with their flexibility and reduced stress levels.


For those who think that maybe a little airy-fairy, it can always increase your strength and go as far as improving your running times outside.


2. The Three Joys

This is an audit I was taught by one of my mentors. It is basically a way to disarm that bomb that may go off in your mind if you eat something that you may regret.


It’s a great way of learning how to slow down, think and give yourself a chance to make THAT decision you actually wanted to make. This was a game-changer for me and I’d love the opportunity to share it with you.


3. Slow Down Your Eating

Something that you can do right now, is to start being more mindful around your meal times. Most people eat too quickly and are ‘woffing’ their food down before they have chance to think.


I could explain why this is the case, why you’re doing it (it’s not what you think) and how you can override it…


But for now, try this.


Next time you go to swallow your food, STOP and chew it 10 more times before you finally let it drop into your stomach.


This may not sound like much, but trust me, by slowing down your eating, you give yourself a better chance to instantly improve those issues you may be experiencing in your stomach.


Remember – Everything affects everything!


Your fat loss results and ultimately your waistline depend on the functional level of your gut and how you eat your food.


Apply this 3 simple and powerful tips and you’ll soon start to UPGRADE YOUR LIFE.


Speak soon,




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