Do you wish you had more time?


Let’s be honest.


You probably do, right?


Well, this is certainly my way of thinking sometimes. I think of myself as someone who is fairly productive these days, I get a fair bit done during my working day but there are still jobs and tasks that I wish there were a little more time for.


You know what I mean, even on those days where you ‘get stuff’ done, you’re feeling pretty good about yourself, yet you still wish for that extra hour or two.


Well, I’ll let you into a little secret of mine.


This used to be my most COMMON excuse I’d say to myself and those around me.


Yes, I’d often convince myself that I didn’t have enough time. It’s ok, it’s not my fault. I’m just busy…


I mean I could always fully justify the amount of time I spent scrolling on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I would also probably waste half an hour a day deleting emails I didn’t even read.


All in all, I wasn’t busy, I was just wasting a lot of time. The reality of it is I was putting off the important jobs.


But I wasn’t the only one. If you’re anything like the people I have worked with over the past few years, then this will be high up on your excuse list too.


When it comes to people looking after their BODY, their HEALTH often seems to come last on the list.


After all, you’ve got the kids to sort out, a husband or partner to maybe please and cater for, make breakfast and prep your lunch, then the dog needs walking.


This is all before you’ve even got into work. If you’re a busy bee like those I’ve worked with and helped, then you’ll have a demanding boss and customers that need your attention.


You know what I mean, those ‘pain in the arse’ types who ALWAYS want stuff done yesterday.


Does this sound like your day?


Unfortunately, something always has to give. When you say YES to one thing, you’re also saying NO to another.


Finding that time to do something for YOU is often a real STRUGGLE and last on the pile.


So you take the easy way out and keep putting it off until tomorrow. But it never gets done.


The trouble is, people live in this EITHER / OR mindset.


I often experience people believing that they can have one or the other…

  • The BUSINESS or the BODY.


It’s like they are only allowed to have one.


I’m not sure why… maybe that’s what they were led to believe as a youngster. I dunno, maybe they were brought up believing that you had to only work hard and look after the family in this world


Both of which are fine. I completely agree. I admire that in fact.


But often what I find is that when people let their HEALTH slip, what they don’t realise is that they start to lose FOCUS on their work, family and friends.


Succeeding at work, with your business or being the best friend or parent to your kids requires ENERGY.


I was like this but it took a while for me to see sense.


Years ago I was only doing odd jobs like delivering sandwiches and takeaways, I didn’t earn much but that didn’t bother me too much. This all coincided with the first step on my health and fitness journey.


It’s all I cared about at the time.


So that’s what I got, a fit and healthy body. Just what everyone dreams of, right?


Well, maybe not.


My mind wasn’t too chuffed about it, deep down inside I wasn’t happy.


I’d forgotten about the other areas of my life, primarily my career, I was going nowhere FAST. I looked good but I wasn’t FULFILLED.


I mean what was the point of having all of this energy from being fit and healthy if I did nothing with it??


So I decided to become a Personal Trainer, this way I could help people learn what I had AND kickstart a new career for myself.


But that wasn’t it.


I still had to learn how to stay fit and healthy while learning how to blend my work life and family in together. Which is why I flopped at the beginning.


My weight started to creep back and my energy took a dive. It was like I was on this constant see-saw, I just couldn’t find the right balance.


I was getting FRUSTRATED real fast. I had no support.


I was OVERWHELMED from constantly chasing information to try and help my situation. This just made things worse!


It was only when I hired my first coach did I start to learn about the other areas of my life that I needed to blend together. My life started to become SIMPLER.


One way you could describe this is the role of a good coach…


is to be able to take a non-judgmental look at someone else’s life with a 30,000ft view from above to help you break things down…


Piece by piece and stick everything back together again in a more effective and efficient way.


It’s like having someone come along, sit on your shoulder and help to remove that CONFUSION and FOG from your mind and help you regain the lost or misplaced CLARITY in your life.


Some of the best learnings that I have been taught when it comes to improving your work and family life is to PROTECT your ENERGY and CONFIDENCE.


Without these two key CURRENCIES then life will always feel like an uphill battle and you’ll always be using TIME as an excuse as to why you cannot do something.


With more ENERGY you’ll get more DONE…


…and with more CONFIDENCE you’ll get it done QUICKER.



The trick is to not be that person who is BUSY, but the one who is PRODUCTIVE and has spare time to CONCENTRATE on the other areas in their life.


People often say they’ll do more if they had more time. The first rule of decision making is that more time does not create better decisions.


In fact, it usually decreases the decision making.


I am at my most creative, productive and happiest when my energy and my mind are in good healthy shape. It doesn’t matter how many hours in a day I have…


…In this frame of mind, I’ll always get more done for ME, my BODY and my BUSINESS. I’ll then have more time for the close LOVED ones around me.


It’s all about conditioning your BEHAVIOURS to make all areas in your life work together.


It’s how you create true FULFILLMENT in your life.


If you’re serious about having more time for you and creating more energy within yourself, so you can be the best version you could be for those close around you, then follow these 3 SIMPLE & POWERFUL tips…


1. Increase Your Energy

In my Nutritional Freedom Formula Module of The Healthformation we discuss how to improve your energy from the foods that you eat. This really is a no brainer for me, take it from my experience. If you want to start having more time in your day, learn how to increase your energy levels.


Food is far more powerful than any medicine this planet has to offer. I know you know that, but are you doing it yet?


You’ll get more done and become more PRODUCTIVE rather than just being BUSY.


2. Learn Productivity Techniques

The reality is that we only have 24 hours a day. That’s unlikely to ever change in this universe. It’s not that we can ever give people more time but rather, how can you UTILISE that time better.


This is fairly blunt and direct but it’s an honest question which deserves a truthful answer…


Where are you currently wasting time?


Answer that and you’ve taken your first step to INCREASING your productivity. Failing that, I have a great 28-day Programme you can utilise which can have a real IMPACT on your productivity and start saving you more time during your day.


3. Conquer Your Confidence

One of the main intentions of my Healthformation Programme is to INCREASE peoples CONFIDENCE. Seriously, people who have a LACK of confidence will often be those who struggle to execute decisions meaning they’ll waste time.


Simply put, learn how to improve your confidence and you start to become an ACTiontaker rather than a PROcrastinator.


When you discover how to turn a BUSY day into a PRODUCTIVE day, you’ll start to UPGRADE YOUR LIFE.


Speak soon,




PS – Contact Phil HERE If You’d Like To Find Out More About Any Of The Above