Do you ever get those days where life just goes to plan?


Nothing goes wrong.


No one can get in your way.


It’s like you’re in CONTROL.


Feels good, right?


I’m talking about those days where everything just ‘ticks’ from that moment you wake up to the time when you curl back into that lovely warm bed at night.


Everything just went to plan.


It’s almost what you might call the perfect day and you think to yourself, I wish my life could be full of days like this.


Life would feel much more FULFILLED and FUN.


Do you EVER get those days?


Probably not I imagine.


They are often few and far between.


The reality is that most people are experiencing the polar opposite. Their ‘unideal’ day.


Which to put it simple, is nothing too short of unsatisfying, right?


If you’re anything like the people I have helped over the past few years you’ll probably be finding it starts from that moment the alarm goes off in the morning.


You know what I mean…


Your ear drums burst as it sounds louder than ever and you feel like you have only just gone to bed.


Your heart is racing from the sheer shock of the alarm call, and here it is…


I certainly remember these feelings from when my sleeping issues were a big problem for me. I’d be looking at the ceiling during the night wondering when I’d get to sleep, and then when I did, it wasn’t long before that dreaded alarm was howling down my ear holes.


Luckily I learned how to address this.


Anyway, I digress.


Groundhog day begins again…


You drag yourself out of bed and kick the corner post with your big toe. Ouch! After looking at yourself in the mirror while you clean your teeth, you can’t help notice how much more tired you’ve been looking lately.


Things seem to be getting on top of you.


After realising you are going to be late, you decide to skip breakfast as you need to get the kids ready for school.


So you opt for the coffee instead.


You drop the kids off at school and you hit the mid-morning traffic. You’re going to miss that 9.30am meeting. Your boss is going to lose his mind.


You were late last time, it’s becoming a regular thing!


It gets to lunch time and you realise you don’t have anything to eat. You were in such a rush this morning it slipped your mind.


And you’re starving.


Ah well, you’ll have to put up with what the canteen has to offer. Which is likely to be pie and chips, not ideal but the hunger gremlins in your stomach are screaming at you.


As the afternoon passes by and you feel like your eyes are withering, you think, where did the day go?


It’s time to go home, you really wanted to hit the gym tonight but your energy has disappeared and taken a vacation. Only it forgot to take you with it.


The gym can wait. Maybe tomorrow?


Before you know it, you’ve just woken up with the telly on and it’s 11.30pm. That bottle of wine must have wiped you out.


And back to bed you go.


Do you EVER get days like that?


You know what I mean, those days where you always seem to be one step behind and you can never catch up. Nothing seems to go your way and at the close of play, you feel like you didn’t achieve anything.


Life is passing by and you feel like you’ve lost control.


Maybe that happens quite often for you?


If it does, then you’ll not be alone, it’s fairly common.


Which isn’t ideal is it?


The thing is, do you even know what your ideal day looks like?


Do you?


Most people don’t.


Which is why they are living their lives as I’ve mentioned above leaving them feeling a little out of control.


But, there is a really SIMPLE reason as you may be feeling this way. You’re not measuring how you want your day to map out like.




If you haven’t hung your target, you’ll never be able to hit it.



Think about that for a second, if you haven’t got anything to aim at then how will you know when you do hit it?


If on the off chance you do have something that resembles an ideal day, you’ll probably not repeat it too soon, it was nothing other than a fluke.


Honestly, the moment you start to take your day as serious as your bank statement, will be the day you start moving closer to how you want to be living.


If you don’t have an ideal day in your mind, you’ll never ever be able to create it.


You maybe wondering, what is an ideal day?


Firstly, it’s not a PERFECT day, it’s not realistic to be able to live out a perfect day for over 80% of your year.


Essentially an ideal day comes from how you want your ideal year.


How do you want to live your life?


Your ideal year is then made up of ideal months and weeks. This is then broken down into your ideal day.


Then you simply live it over and over and over again. I say simple but you’ll have to work for it, just like you’d have to work for your bank statement to grow.


With practice and repetition, you’ll soon start to first create your ideal day, then your week, months and in time, your ideal year.


But it starts off by living that ideal day you WANT to live.


An ideal day is something you wouldn’t get bored of. It’s fun, it inspires you, you feel motivated to be living.


It’s a day where you wouldn’t need to lie, cheat, steal or hurt anyone else to achieve what it is you want.


A day that would make you FEEL great.


It’s not a day where you seek the thrill of skipping a days work or spending your time chilling out by the pool.


Rather than think about those moments you have on your holidays, treat this like a year long holiday, what would you need to be doing to enjoy yourself but on the other hand, still be bringing in the finances and living your life to help fuel your vehicle to go to the places you want to see, the things you want to expereince and do.


It’s a simple concept but one that very few will do or are even aware of. I certainly wasn’t a few years ago.


But it certainly made an impact on my day and certainly UPGRADED MY HEALTH.


Not many people will realise this, but if you can get closer to your ideal day, it WILL have a bigger impact on other areas of your life, like your weight loss attempts.


Fat Loss Can Be Made Simpler



When I realised and experienced this for myself, I made sure it was an area that I would keep in my life and those that I worked with.


An ideal day for me would be something like this…


I’d wake up naturally feeling refreshed after undisturbed sleep for 8 hours.


I’m a big fan of morning exercise so I’d get my morning routine in and then enjoy a really freshly cooked breakfast.


I’d spend a couple of hours working on my business doing some of the more enjoyable tasks like writing blog posts for my groups or website. Posting up some videos on a topic and answering some questions for my clients.


Then I’d enjoy a lovely lunch before I spent 2-3 hours working with some of my 1-2-1 clients.


My evenings would be a nice time to relax where again, I’d be eating a really nutritious meal, maybe I’ll be eating out with my family.


As you can see, my ideal day focuses around me and my business, I enjoy working so it’s a big part of my life, I enjoy it. Living on a tropical island with money coming out of my ears isn’t my idea of fun, don’t get me wrong, I bet that’s a wonderful life for some.


But I’d get bored.


And that would have an impact on my life, I enjoy being challenged as it helps my personal growth which in turn, influences my health and waistline.


Helping people INSPIRES me so it’s part of my ideal day. I enjoy it and would struggle to be bored from this lifestyle.


I’m not there yet but I’m also not a million miles away either. Every year I get a little closer to my ideal year. The thing is, how I define my ‘ideal’ may change, but this is my target for the time being.


So, start having a think about your ideal day.


  • Where would you be?


  • What will you be doing?


  • Who will you be with?


  • What will you be eating?


  • How will you contribute in life?


Just start by thinking on this, getting out for a walk often a great idea in these circumstances.


Then start to write it out on paper. It’s funny how things start to become clear when you get things out on paper.


Our thoughts and feelings often get a little confused and muddled up when they are keep tight in that hard skull of ours.


Then start to formulate a plan. What’s the one thing you can start doing to help you move closer to one area of your ideal day?


Just take small steps with this.


The benefits of this, is that once you have clarity of what you actually want your day to look like. You have something to aim for.


If we don’t MEASURE our progress, then we’ll always be guessing.


It’s just like a weight loss goal, those people who use the scales to assess how they’re doing. They are quite simply measuring their progress to see WHERE they are and WHAT they may need to adjust.


If you’re serious about IMPROVING your life and learning how to create your ideal day, follow these 3 SIMPLE & POWERFUL steps:


1. Define

In the Know Yourself, Grow Yourself Module of The Healthformation, I go through the full process of how you can create your ideal day.

But you can first start of my defining how you want it to look like. As I mentioned above, you can start by sing these example questions:

  • Where would you be?
  • What will you be doing?
  • Who will you be with?
  • What will you be eating?
  • How will you be contributing to life?

These are just examples and you don’t need to limit it to just these, but it’s a great place to start.


2. Refine

Something I have found with working with various people over the past few years is that people struggle to know what it is they want, this is fairly common and understandable, our minds are very powerful but they do easily get a little overwhelmed and confused.

If you’re struggling to work out how you want your ideal to look like, simply start asking yourself what it is you don’t want.

When you can remove this from the pile it will be a lot easier to define what you do want.


3. Align

Once you are clear on how you want your day to look like. Simply start to make a plan. Start simple, don’t try and change a whole day in one go.

Pick one area and just focus on that until it becomes a habit and you enjoy it.

Even on those days where you may struggle a little.

If you follow these 3 simple and powerful steps, then you’ll soon start to UPGRADE YOUR HEALTH.


Speak soon,



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