Surround Yourself With Those On The Same Mission As You

In my experience most people find it REALLY hard work to manage training, exercising and making changes alone.

I know how it is: you’ve been to that gym or fitness class, you’ve bought healthy foods, but your motivation seems to let you down when it comes to the crunch.

You may be finding yourself doing the following…

  • Reaching for the family size bag of biscuits?
  • Skipping a gym session and before you know it you’ve not been for 3 weeks.
  • Pouring a glass of wine in the evening which ends up as three or four.
  • Vegging out in front of the TV with chocolates and then OOPS… there are none left.
  • Cutting off chunks of cheese every time you open the fridge.


All of these mindless, bad eating habits are what sneak in when you’re not focused and you’re not accountable.

Don’t worry… You’re not alone… or at least you don’t need to be.

What you need is to surround yourself with people JUST LIKE YOU.

Here you can create the content that will be used within the module.

Inner Circle is a place where you can share all of your successes, struggles, thoughts, questions and really just share your journey with other people on the same mission.

You see I am a big believer in TEAMWORK. When you surround yourself with other people on the same mission as you then the job becomes a lot easier.

It’s been proven that this group really does work.

But don’t just take my word for it.

I ask for feedback from my members, and this is a small sample of what they say..

What do you get out of the Inner Circle?

“Support – not only from the professional but also from people who are going through what I am, day to day (the ups & downs, the good & the bad) and a good laugh at times which is very important!

It’s great to be part of a virtual team and know that others are going on a similar journey so they understand the challenges we all face, albeit that our goals may well be different and the things we do to reach them are obviously individual. Whether you’re having a good day or a not so good one, a quick post will result in messages of encouragement and support.”

– Samantha Thornicroft 

How does the Inner Circle help you?

“We share ideas in the Inner Circle – maybe recipes, tips about training or diet and, if we are unsure about something, someone else is sure to know the answer. Additionally, Phil is always posting tips and ideas and sharing information with his team.

Listening to people achieve goals, climb mountains and succeed, supporting each other when I hit hurdles helps me better myself as a person and to push myself along the path to the goal of healthiness I want to get to. It’s also helped me expand my social circle and be more involved in the local area. I also get a bit of a buzz helping others, whether it be encouraging someone within the circle online, pulling them out of a mud pit or generally just being there.”

– Tricia Armitage

What is the best part of being a member of the Inner Circle?

“I really like the supportive nature of the group and I like following other people’s journeys. The main this is that you’re not on your own with your individual challenges. Not only do you have Phil on your side, but you get a whole new team to encourage and support you.

The sharing of real life stories that I can relate to, the “You can do it” attitude that members demonstrate, and the “pick me up” advice that is offered within the circle gives me the lift when I feel I am falling back down and helps me cross bridges that I may struggle with.”

– Arvi Samra

What does the Inner Circle do for your goals?

“I don’t feel like I’m on my own. It makes me fell connected to like-minded people who really are on the same mission as me. It can be really easy to cheat and not eat right, but when you log on and see all your ‘team mates’ doing well and making the right choices you soon snap out of it!

The inner circle makes me accountable and although I have to put the content in there to be held accountable I want to, because others do, and that’s a powerful tool right there.

Without the inner circle I wouldn’t have been so motivated to succeed at the 12 Week Plan and I wouldn’t still be eating more healthily and working out three days per week. The inner circle is my own little fitness family and in a human, non-meathead way. This isn’t a fit fam… it’s a real fam!”

– Todd

With a big enough WHY and with the right SUPPORT and GUIDANCE then YOU can achieve anything you want to

With a big enough WHY and with the right SUPPORT and GUIDANCE then YOU can achieve anything you want to.

So if you’re looking for a place where you’ll receive MOTIVATION 24/7 and ACCOUNTABILITY to make sure you get those results that you will be paying for, then hop on over and join the gang.

You’ll be welcomed and have big support from people helping you break down those barriers but more importantly from people on the same mission as you!

In this Private Members area you will also receive EXTRA tools that will help make your fitness journey EASIER and HASSLE free.

You will also have access to video footage from me you will not be able to find elsewhere.

Contact me now and we’ll see where you are , what we can do, and how we can do it.

Everyone is different and I work personally with everyone to achieve their goals. Click the box to send me a message and we’ll go from there.