Welcome to My Kickstart Programme

Are you:

  • Fed up of your clothes not fitting?
  • Feeling bloated?
  • Lacking energy?
  • Stressed?
  • Lacking time?
  • Fed up?
  • In need of some guidance?
  • Needing a simple step-by-step guide?
  • Looking for motivation?

Then you’re in luck! This simple guide will help you springboard your health back into action.

The truth is: truly outstanding visible results that last take a few weeks or months to achieve depending on where you are at right now…

… but you can lose inches and feel so much better in just 14 days!

By clearing out your body and moving your hormones back into balance you can feel better and more in control of your boy.

(Hormones control how we feel and are key to great body composition.)

This Kickstart Pprogramme will place you in a much better environment for faster and longer lasting results for the coming weeks and months ahead.
I guarantee you’ll love the results. All I ask from you is your own commitment for 14 days.

In this programme you’ll see that each action step is REALLY simple, time efficient, uncomplicated. Each step will usually just takes the place of something you are already doing; something which is destructive and moving you away from how you want to look and feel.

People who have used this programme are often amazed how positive their results have been in just 2 weeks.

But just so we are clear – this programme is not:

  • A detox.
  • A programme that pushed pills and potions.
  • One of those plans that leaves you tired and hungry – it will actually become the opposite!

So what is it?

  • It’s a programme that helps teach you new healthy habits.
  • Habits you will enjoy.
  • Habits that you will learn to own.
  • Habits that will give you that energy back and get you excited about your longer term goals.
  • A programme that focuses on your mindset – this will give you the skills to combat those darker moments in the future.

But don’t take my word for it – read what people have said about this programme:

“I’m so glad I stumbled across Phil Sims page and saw his post.

Like many, I did overindulge during the Christmas period and if I’m honest got into a really bad habit of eating junk at home after work.

I’m not one for diets at all and have never had the urge to diet but I felt tired and bloated most of the time and generally felt out of breath after just climbing stairs.

Joining this Kickstart group was just what I needed.

Phil, your knowledge is vast and the tasks you set were achievable which made it easier to attain our individual goals. Saying that, it wasn’t totally easy either, giving up certain foods and caffeine was a challenge but then I didn’t expect it to be easy.

I enjoyed being educated about the different foods and good carbohydrates and the variety of options available to me. Even though I’m a vegetarian and eat no fish or eggs, I found this programme still worked for me.

I just had to think and plan my meals, then rotate the different vegetables so I wasn’t bored. I used quorn as a source of protein too.

Thanks also to the group for stepping in with suggestions when we found it tough and offered recipes. I definitely couldn’t of done it without you.

I lost 4kg and 2″ off my waist – but it wasn’t just about the weight for me, it’s my overall wellbeing I wanted to change and this is just the beginning! I have my goals to achieve and will continue to excersise for 30 mins a day as well as the new classes that I am signed up for.

I have a copy of Phil’s cookbook and am excited about starting the recipes in there.

I can’t believe I am living without bread. Yes its true! It can be done! I will be having treat meals now and again though.

Thanks again Phil it was the Kickstart I really needed.”

– Amneet Kaur


“I’d thought about doing something, post Christmas blowout, and was just going to obtain the services of a trainer at my local gym in the New Year to help me sort things out.

However, when the opportunity arose to join Phil’s group, I jumped at the chance to take a peek behind the scenes of what he does.

The first instructions were, if I’m honest, to be expected. No booze, bread and pasta – the things we’re told that pile on the pounds.

What wasn’t to be expected is that I didn’t miss them as much as I thought I would (Christmas was quite heavy and I think my body needed a break!).

I can honestly say I haven’t craved a sandwich the entire time and, you’ll have to understand that I am the Sandwich King (not verified) and I bake my own different types of bread… so I thought it would be hard, and it wasn’t.

The next instructions – no carbs, I thought…ah ha! It’s the Atkins Diet but it turned out to be nothing of the sort. I know people on Atkins and no carbs for a month takes a serious toll on their bodies and usually meant they put the weight straight back on.

It was only two days, for us, and they weren’t that hard as the ‘good carbs’ came back on the Friday. I’ve said it elsewhere, I’ll never ‘get’ Sweet Potato. It just didn’t/doesn’t seem right and I know now that the good old potato just needs to be scaled back and not eradicated.

In fact, that’s the best thing about Phil’s instructions. We all know that, from tomorrow, we can eat whatever we like and drink the world dry but, with what we’ve learned, can any of us realistically say that we’d go back to our truly bad habits?

I’ll still eat bread, drink beer and have coffee but I’ll be so much more concious of what I’m putting into my body now and with what regularity.

Going to bed at 10 has been weird but has helped with my sleep so much (I think the coffee ‘ban’ helped).
All in all, this has been one of the best eye-openers I’ve ever had and Phil has been very supportive and motivating.

We’ve all reached the end of this bit… time for the next chapter… cheers to you Phil for all her supporting advice, recipes and motivation.”

– Charles Hunter


“I contacted Phil about his Health Kickstarter for January I thought I would give it a go. I’ve dieted for years, using numerous plans and products, however hitting 21st + in 2014 was a new low in my struggles with food and weight.

No longer able to play the sports I have lived all my life and the usual lectures about Health from my GP I succumbed to the “Comfort Eating Plan”.

So as Big Ben’s chimes faded out on New Year’s Eve I put down my Pino Colada, and (almost) subconsciously changed my eating habits. Out went the Chocolate, Fizzy Drinks, sweets, crisps, chip, alcohol not to mention Potato, Pasta and bread.

Four weeks ago this would have been impossible but it has all been made possible with relative ease thanks to Phil Sims and a fantastically generous group of supporters brought together by Phil.

Cooking has never been so fun or diverse, I have learnt to love mineral water and managing eating out is easy, I used to be self conscious, now I think who cares what they think about the fat man ordering salad and water!

One fundamental high point of my change in lifestyle is my family have joined me on the journey, no fizzy pop and a huge reduction in sweets and chocolate in the house is benefiting us all as a family.

I have now broken through the 20 stone barrier and it continues to go down. I’ve reduced my chest size by 2 inches and, most importantly, I feel clean, I feel refreshed, there’s no bloating, my physical pain is vastly reduced along with my blood pressure and cholesterol.

I cannot thank or recommend Phil Sims highly enough. His knowledge and understanding of nutrition and fitness has enabled me to continue on this programme without the fear of failure.

Thanks to Phil and the support group – you have been amazing.”

– Dave Crathorne


“In early January I started Phil Sims Kick Start Programme. I’ve learnt nutrition and the fundamentals of how to live a healthier lifestyle, and more importantly been inspired to finally get off the couch and do some daily exercise.

I know the hard work is paying off. I’ve lost weight, feel more energetic, and had my blood pressure is the lowest it’s been for a couple of years.

Phil has given me the confidence to make a positive change in my life and I would most definitely recommend Phil to anyone who wants to lead a healthy lifestyle.”

– Wendy Carrington


“First up, the knowledge that we were in it together was inspiring and motivational. Teamwork rocks.

I’ve learned that it’s indeed possible to cure all manner of ills by switching to an effective/cleaner way of eating. I suffer, and have done for many years, with digestive disorders. But in the past 14 days apart from suffering the odd bout of reflux and poor motility, it’s been 90% better through eating mindfully.

I’ve even reduced inflammation in my joints by adopting small changes.

I’ve learned that giving up bread, pasta, white rice and refined carbs and sugars is much easier than I thought. (I’m used to going sugar free for months at a time.)

I’ve not craved anything, not even wine or my beloved Gin. Drinking water has been a challenge for me as in the start. Just one mouthful would start a day of reflux for me, but after a couple of days it became easier. I aim to keep it up when I remember. Old habits die hard! My morning cuppa has been replaced with a much more tasty redbush tea!

Cooking from scratch was easy for me as it’s something I’ve always done but it’s been great to pick up hints, tips and recipes from my fellow 14 dayers. I have taken more time with cooking and have created some different meals for the family.

It’s also made me more mindful about the amount of crappy treats my kids would eat. Now they have nuts and raw veggies as snacks more often than not over biscuits.

Up until I fell pregnant first time, over 8 years ago, I was a real super fit gym bunny. Over 8 miles a day running, plus spinning and at least two gym classes of an evening. I used to be the one that said having kids was not an excuse not to exercise but I’ve found out, especially this past fortnight, that sadly they often are.

Days are very long, often only going quiet at around 9pm, which is the time that I long to finally sit down with a cuppa. That said, I do try and squeeze in a bit of hula hooping and as of next week I’ll be part of a running club which will be my respite.

I do get sad that I’m not as fit as I was 10 years ago but I am thankfully the same size, and with my new eating regime I aim to stay that way.

My progress weight/size wise has been steady with 2lb off my weight (Stuie says I have no weight to lose) and 1 1/2 inches off my waist and an inch off my back/chest. But my progress health-wise has been immense.

I’d really love it if everyone could post regular updates about their progress, as it both inspires and motivates me to push myself a bit further, albeit with baby steps.

Thanks Phil. I’m in it for the long run now!”

– Debs Waite


“I had become a stone and a half heavier than I had ever been! I used to be extremely fit and active and ate reasonably well!

But then I had kids, work complications, and a serious back problem put pay to all sports and physical activity that I did. I drank a lot at weekends and had got in to bad habits eating the wrong things at work, etc.

Over the Christmas period I’d had enough. Phil offered me a place on his kick start programme, so I jumped at it and the wife joined me, which was great. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but I wanted it. I wanted to play cricket again, I wanted to be running regularly, I wanted to feel healthier, and I wanted to look healthier.

I wasn’t doing this as a weight loss programme; for me this was about getting back in to the habit of eating correctly, exercising more, and drinking a lot less alcohol, weight loss would be a bonus by-product.

Although this was a 14-day programme, this is not a 14-day programme: this is for life! I will drink again, have caffeine, a takeaway and chocolate, I’m just not going to do it day in day out. I have learnt to love some of the healthier choices and I have re-learnt the feeling of feeling healthy again!

The stages and tasks that were set were generic, some have been easier than others, but I knew this would be the case. In this group we would all have our own factors and issues that we would have to battle against.

Time for me was and is my biggest enemy, so to exercise daily is near-on impossible, so I squeeze it in when I can, but I’m lucky because my job is very physical!

Also I’m no cook and if it wasn’t for my wife I would have found the eating healthy very difficult and would have failed the tasks!

1 ½ litres of water with limes everyday has turned out to be a breeze for me and I look forward to it every day now! The first weekend I craved beer, because it’s my habit. This weekend I did not!

Losing bread was only difficult for me due to time issues, as I made or bought sandwiches because of time. Now I make or buy different options.

Losing caffeine was difficult too! Phil, his team, and the group have given great healthy options. Even after two weeks I’m now not bothered if someone eats something naughty that I would have normally had in front of me!

Being part of a group is vitally important as you feel like you don’t want to let them down, their success drives you on, and the ideas that bounce around are very useful.

I have lost over 7 pounds and 2” off my waist, but more importantly, I feel healthier, more energetic, less inclined to eat the wrong foods.

I’ve been out running, and despite the odd twinge in the back I feel like I can get back in to running and go for runs with my mate, which in turn will lead me back to my beloved cricket and then hopefully martial arts. I’m not done: this is just the beginning!

I would only recommend this to those that are ready and committed to achieve their own goals. It’s okay to lose battles, but the war you must win!”

– Stuie Waite

Take positive action right now…

Follow this Kickstart Programme with me and you WILL see results. I can fully GUARANTEE it…