The average person in the UK puts on 5-10lbs of fat at Christmas.

5-10lbs, that’s quite a lot.

Now I’m all for having a good knees up and eating big at Christmas… 

…But that kind of weight gain just isn’t necessary.

And it leaves you feeling pretty crappy afterwards.

Let alone that feeling you get when you can’t fit into your jeans.

So, I thought I’d send you some Santa Sims Tips to help you this December.

1. Prioritize Your Nights Out Like A Runner Does With Races.

Plan A is going for the win. Eat and drink what you want, but you should try to only have one of these per week in December.

Plan B is where you have 2-3 drinks then leave before the night falls apart – as soon as Mary from accounts starts crying because she’s in love with Mike from the marketing department…

Yeah, THAT kinda time.

Plan C is where you make a polite reason not to go, or simply go for the food and don’t drink.

Drive to the party so you cannot be swayed by friends. 

2. Exercise Before You Go To A Party or Meal.

Ideally do this right before you shower and get ready to go out.

Exercise for 30-45 minutes.

Half of this should be ‘lifting weights’ and the other half should be an intense conditioning/circuit style workout (with intensity relative to your fitness and ability).

This increases your metabolic rate and insulin sensitivity (ask me about Glut4 receptors if you want). 

Basically this means you will use the sugars from the big night out to refuel your muscles rather than converting them to body fat.

3. Drink Loads Of Water.

Flushing out your system does lots of things.

Firstly you’ll likely become dehydrated on a night out, this will then leave you feeling crap the next day .

You’ll also be more likely to eat more junk you don’t really need.

Drinking water will also help you flush away all those toxins you’ve taken in from that excess booze and will transport your unwanted food around easier.

4. Increase Your Support Mechanisms.

Get extra sleep on the nights you’re not out. 8 hours will keep growth hormone high which helps maintain a high metabolic rate amongst other things.

Taking 5-6g of Vitamin C every day to support your adrenal glands during what can be the most stressful time of the year.

It will also flush the alcohol out quicker too.

Increase your green vegetable intake and/or drink 1-2 greens drinks each day to keep anti-oxidant levels high(ask me about glutathione).

I also know of a very good liver support aid will will speed all of the above up too (ask for details).

Remember, you don’t have to go stupid every time you go out.

You can still exercise – you don’t have to fall apart just because you can’t go as much as you usually do.

It’s a game of timing, managing things and not acting like a 5 year old who ‘has to do it because their friends are’!

None of this takes any extra time or effort, you just need to look at the week ahead and plan things.

That way you can emerge with very little or no weight gained, so you actually enjoy Christmas worry-free AND still feel good about yourself after!

Failing that, if you want to just enjoy the bloat and worry about it in January…

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