“I’ll be back!”


This has to be one of the most iconic one-liners used in action movie history.


If you’re not aware, it’s the classic line used by Arnold Schwarzenegger in pretty much most of his films.


It originated from the movie Terminator.


Can you believe Arnie is 70 years old now?


Talking of people getting older, last month I turned 40.


Yes, I’m getting older.


Age is something you CANNOT get back!


The truth is we’re all getting older, live with it. Stop worrying about the future and what happened in the past…


Live for today!


What can you do right now in order to improve your life and enjoy it?




Lucky ‘old’ me was given a great surprise on a birthday night out, my lovely clients all chipped in for me to have the AMAZING opportunity to meet the great man himself.


Now that may not mean much to you.


But he’s been my idol for a very long time.


So, as you can imagine, this was an EPIC moment when I realised what was going to happen.


“BEST PRESENT EVER”, I remember myself saying.


The thing is, I’m an Arnie fan but not in the way that most might think.


Yes, I love his films, and of course the humor!


But that’s not how I see Arnold Schwarzenegger as an inspiration. To be honest, I only really got into his films at a later age.


It’s more about the MINDSET for me.


I’d happily just listen to him talking than watching one of his movies.


You see, I resonate heavily with his mindset.


There is no one like Arnie, and there will probably be no one like him EVER again.


I mean, come on, who is going to go from being a multi-winning world bodybuilding champion to successful actor and then move into politics and run one of the largest economic climates in the world?


If you know of one, please tell me.


But that doesn’t tell the story.


Now, obviously, I get the bodybuilding thing, being someone who has competed successfully myself, can heavily relate to this.


His work ethic was phenomenal, he knew what he wanted and then went out to get it.


He understood WHY he wanted it and what the costs and sacrifices were.


The mindset of Arnie was, and still is, out of this world, he may not have won every competition but he never went in it to just compete and take part, his intention was to always win.


That’s a great way to achieve.


Always wanting the best but if you only get second place you haven’t REALLY lost.


You’ve still achieved more than you would of if you had held yourself back by thinking you wasn’t good enough.


This is a mindset I’ll use myself, I may not be the strongest, the smartest, the leanest or the quickest, but I’ll still try to win in anything I do or take part in.


But it gets better…


Then Arnie went onto a career in acting.


A brave move, a tough challenge at the beginning. Most people laughed and told him he’d never make it, after all, he could hardly speak English.


So what did he do?


He didn’t complain or give up…




He took that as a lesson and went out of his way to learn English, speak better and took up extra acting lessons.


He was good friends with Clint Eastwood and they both traded skills with each other. Arnie isn’t a self-made man; he has only achieved success by asking for help.


Just like with people’s nutrition and exercise plans, if you know enough then fine, if you know but you still cannot implement it, then you need the help from a coach or the support of your friends.


Anyway, before I digress…


I wonder what those naysayers think now about Arnie?


If someone says you cannot do something, just ignore them and prove them wrong!


Be yourself, be you and you’ll start to get what it is you want and deserve.


Well, with all that to sing and cheer about, anyone would think that this would be a great place for Arnie to bow out.


But no, not Arnie.


Then he took up his next challenge.


Possibly his biggest of them all.


He became the Governor of California.


Now, I’ll be honest, I’m no expert in politics, so I’ll offer no more here, other than that has to be one of the boldest things you could do.


Ignoring what others say about you is one thing, but taking on the responsibility of a whole state in America is another.




As you may or may not know, he’s had a pretty colorful life. Which is the reason I was so EXCITED to meet him in person.


So my opportunity to meet Arnold Schwarzenegger was happening.


But there was a twist…


This was a black-tie event.


I had to wear a tuxedo, which is something I’ve never had to do.


I’ll let you into a little secret, I enjoyed the dressing up. It was something a little bit different for me.

Even The Predator liked it!


Well, the evening was amazing, Arnie was on top form and I’ll never forget the moment I got to meet him.


Happy days!


So, I’m going to wrap this all up with something for you to take away…


Arnie’s 6 Rules for Success, this is often my ‘go to’ if I’m feeling a little unmotivated!


I’m giving you my spin on them…


1.Trust Yourself

Too many people these days are following other people’s dreams and goals. Social media is often responsible for this.


You cannot look anywhere now without seeing what other people are up to and trying to achieve.


Unfortunately, people get caught up in the crossfire and decide that they want these things too.


Which is fine.


But trust yourself.


Ask yourself what it is that you want, who you want to be and why you want it. Whether that’s with your health, relationships, finances and what you do in your free time.


Be clear about that, otherwise, you will always be open to judgments from others and searching for constant acceptance from them.


It doesn’t have to look like how other people are telling you.



2.Break The Rules

Arnie will always say to break the rules…


Now that doesn’t mean you have to break the law, it certainly doesn’t.


But we live in a world where other people put up boundaries. Similar to trusting yourself and others telling you how things need to look like.


If everyone followed the rules then we’d all be the same and that would be pretty boring, right?


Now and again, you need to step outside of the box, your box and push a little further.


Keep the faith and see what might just be around the corner, if you just give things a chance.



3.Don’t Be Afraid to Fail

Arnie is a very successful guy and from the outside in, it looks like anything he touches turns to gold.


That’s simply not true.


If you take the most successful people in the world, they’d all tell you that they’ve failed more times than they’ve been successful.


It’s a simple concept.


If you get knocked down 8 times, just make sure you get up 9.


You see, failing is actually winning. When things don’t quite work out the way you wanted them, it’s just data.


Data that tells you the method you just used didn’t work or needs tinkering and adjusting.


Just like a successful nutrition and exercise plan.


Mistakes and failures are ways in order to help you keep growing and moving forward.


That’s how you win!


The only mistake in life is the one where you didn’t give yourself a shot by taking a chance.



4.Ignore The Naysayers

One of my favorites. Arnie loves it when people say you can’t-do something as it’s never been done before.


Good, he’ll be the first one to achieve it then.


I love that!!


When people say I can’t-do something or I’ll struggle then it’s just the spur I need to help me go on and achieve it.


And even if I don’t, I’ll have still got further than by listening to them in the first place doing nothing.


Remember, trust yourself and do what you feel is right.



5.Work Like Hell

Hard work very rarely ends up on the losing side.


The only possibility in this case, is if you have a skillset issue. You tried hard but you’re practicing with the wrong methods.


This is fairly common with many people’s nutrition and exercise approaches these days. Which is why I’d always advise people at least get their methods checked by an experienced coach.


But if you want something, you need to put the work in. It may not be easy at first but if it were then everybody would have it, right?


If you don’t make time, if you continue to believe your excuses and you let your mind give in before your body does, you’ll never succeed with what it is that you want.


Just remember this, if nothing changes, nothing changes.


You’ll end up with what you already have without the necessary hard work.



6.Give Something Back

I love this one, Arnie is often giving away his knowledge and help to others. He admits, he is not a self-made man, he has only got to where he has by making mistakes and learning from others.


So he gives back as a way to appreciate.


Which is what I like to do too, I offered all of the people who chipped in to help see my dream happen, the chance to get on a turbo turnaround call with me. These calls are to help people gain some clarity around a problem or issue they’re having right now.


So if you’re reading this blog, I’m offering it to you as well. To say thank you for taking your time to read what I have to say.


It will only take 20 minutes, and I promise you, I won’t be selling you anything. It’s just your chance to get CLEAR on an obstacle in your way right now.


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PS – You can watch Arnie’s entrance to the evening HERE