A few weeks back I mentioned how the average person in the UK puts on between 5-10 pounds during the Christmas break.

We are 3 weeks into December now and I imagine some people are already on their way to this statistic.

How’s December gone for you so far?


I thought I’d put together a quick survival guide for the festive day. Below are 5 simple strategies you could use to help you through the day. If you only used one of them I truly believe you’d be better off.

1. The Morning

So, Santa has been and left you lots of nice presents. You’ll probably be starting your day off like any other here, and that’s with breakfast.

This is kind of that key part of the day where you can influence the outcome.

When we look at things on a whole, when you start a day badly, it often ends up finishing badly.

So chocolates and wine for breakfast really IS only going to end up as a disaster.

Two options here could be to have a great breakfast, or have none. A great breakfast could be some eggs or why not treat yourself to salmon, there is a lot of that around at this time of year.

You could be like me and have both!!

Or you could have nothing, we call this fasting. If you know you are going to be eating and drinking a lot more than normal, fasting is a good idea, leaving your first meal to lunchtime works…

…If you can handle the hunger pangs.

If you’ve not tried this before I suggest you just stick with the breakfast option.

2. Christmas Dinner

Let’s just presume you are eating your dinner at lunchtime or early afternoon.  Traditionally this is the biggest highlight of the day with the big roasts, different meats, veggies and the glorious roasties.

I’m not going to tell anyone they can’t eat this.

What I will recommend though is having a certain strategy, this is a little like my traffic light system that I use on holiday.

Start with the proteins, then eat the vegetables and finish off with the roasties and anything else on the plate like bread sauce etc.

This way you’ll more than likely fill up before you go overboard on the carby foods that can do the damage.

3. Alcohol

The booze often flows well around Christmas time. Again I’m not going to tell anyone they cannot drink, that’s their choice.

I think my only advice here would be to go easy, leave the alcohol for later on in the day if you can. Alcohol is like a lead balloon for your blood sugar levels.

Basically… if you want to stay away from reactive eating habits then alcohol is not your friend. If you are going to drink in the day, just make sure you add in some water too.

A support mechanism you could also use to is to increase your vitamin C intake during the day, this will help you to get the booze out of your system quicker.

Don’t worry too much about what is the healthiest form of alcohol, if you are going to drink then you’re going to drink, but clear spirits are slightly better.

4. The Other Stuff

Chocolates, pork pie, mince pies, crisps etc

Yep, all that tempting finger food.

This is the stuff that really bumps up the calories and this is where the morning and afternoon will really set you up.

If you’ve started badly you’ll be grazing on this stuff all day long.

5. Have Fun

Bit obvious this one. The above tips are simply to try and help you out if you are concious of the after-effects. We are all adults and we all make our own choices.

Just do what feels right for you and have fun. If it ends up as a disaster then what’s done is done. It will be January soon and you can deal with things then.

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