The Health & Fitness Industry Is Screwed


The Health and Fitness Industry doesn’t work.


It doesn’t work!!


People just need to start coming to terms with the fact that it doesn’t work.


Before you think I’ve lost the plot, listen up.


There are fewer people active today than there were 40 years ago.


There are more people overweight and obese than there were 40 years ago.


Which is kind of bizarre because there are more Personal Trainers than there ever has been, everyone seems to be a PT these days, there are even more training providers dishing out quick certifications.


So that’s more personal trainers than ever before yet we have more people overweight and less people active.


Doesn’t make sense does it?


It’s easier to access information more than ever now with the internet, free downloads, you tube, Instagram, boot camps, cross fit, exercise classes and gym memberships are even cheaper than they were years ago.


The truth is the wheels on the health and fitness industry train have fallen off.


It doesn’t work.


The thing is that exercise is of course good for us and it did used to work, it still does for some.


But we haven’t evolved quick enough over the last 50 years.


We live in the technology world now, we live in the fast lane, everything is changing at a rapid rate to keep up.


People hang out with each other on the internet, they don’t even leave the house. They’ve forgotten the art of real conversation.


Even those in the gym spend longer on their phones than actual exercise but that’s a completely different subject.


The internet is a great place but its also the route of all pain with constant comparison and judgements ruling your emotions and actions.


And just in case you haven’t thought about things like this yet, it’s only going to get worse.


So something has to change, right?


If you’re not happy with your results, then you need to change your stinking thinking. The health and fitness industry needs to buckle up or it will become the problem!!


The health and fitness industry has forgotten to look at the one that matters…


What is it that people really need?


Do people really need to understand more about training and nutrition right now?


Do people really need to know how to use a kettlebell more effectively?


Do people really need to be constantly reminded that they can’t have those foods they love?


Do they really?


If they do, then it’s not working.


Most people know that an apple is better for you than a mars bar, right?


Most people know that walking is better for you than sitting on your bum all day.


I’m not telling you that you need to stop learning about this, I’m still learning.


I’ll always be learning.


But it’s not working.


The thing is the nutrition and exercise part of this is relatively easy. Of course it can be complex and people often do make it more complicated than it needs to be.


We could talk about supersets, drop sets, matrix training, pre-exhaust techniques, calorie counting, flexible dieting and nutrient timing.


But it’s not working.


All we need to do really is help people move more and make better food choices.




That’s all the vast majority of people need to live a healthy and fulfilled life.


So what is the problem?


For me it’s mindset.


And before I go all woo-woo on you, listen up.


Your mindset is quite simply just a set of beliefs that you hold true. So how you think is how you act.


Thoughts become things, to a certain degree. No confusion there, right?


People are not confused about moving more and eating healthier.


The trouble is the health and fitness industry is too busy trying to take chunks out of each other, comparing themselves, telling each other why their method is the best and wasting valuable energy and resources arguing.


In fact, they are even making fun of overweight people on the internet and calling them lazy.


Which is insane!


After all, are these not the people who they are supposed to be helping?


When did any other industry ever make fun of their potential customers?




The health and fitness industry needs to stop bringing doom and gloom to the arena telling people they will get diabetes and become ill if they don’t make better choices.


It’s not really helping is it?


These people know they are sick and that they need to make better choices.


But it’s the health and fitness industries fault. The trouble is that the industry lacks the education and practical know how to deal with the underlying issues.


The real issues with people being overweight and out-of-shape is deep inside and lies within.


People are struggling with their own mental and emotional problems to give a monkey’s ass about what billy ‘big balls’ with his six pack and fake tan has to say.


The truth is it comes down to their individual mindsets.


The truth is that the mind gives up before the body does.


As much as your mind is your most powerful tool, it’s also your worst enemy.


Understanding how to control your mind, emotions and choices is the answer to everything else the health and fitness industry has to provide.


The health and fitness is great, don’t get me wrong, but they are missing one piece of the jig-saw to make the magic happen.


People can say I’m wrong and it doesn’t really matter. I know what works for me, the people I work with and how the human mind works.


The truth is that the old health and fitness system doesn’t work, the numbers don’t lie.


If what you are doing is working then fine, I’m happy for you but if they are not, and be honest…


…Would you like something better right now?


If so then I’d love to tell you what I have to offer.


Email me and I’ll tell you more.