It’s coming up to the 15th year anniversary from the moment that would go on to change my life.

Sounds dramatic, right?

I still remember the moment like it was last week.

You see I haven’t always been into Health and Fitness, once upon a time I was a genius with strategy computer games.

But I spent a lot of time playing them, possibly the reason I was good at it.

It was my inner geekness!!

The only thing is it didn’t make me happy.

Anyway, I was getting fed up with having a gut for a belly and the arms and legs that would make a spider proud.

So I made the decision to join a gym, it was a drunken choice at the time but this was to be my News Years Resolution.

Do you want to know how long it lasted?

I joined the gym and didn’t go, not even once!!

For 6 months I had been paying for a gym membership that I didn’t use.

People often say to me that they don’t understand those who join gyms and never go.

I do… I was THAT person!!

You see there are 2 things that take a control over us in life. We either LOVE something or we FEAR it.

For me that fear of being called out, picked on or just BELIEVING my own internal lack of confidence kept me from ACTUALLY going to the gym.

Why did I keep paying for it?

I was in that ‘I’ll start on Monday’ crowd. Every week I say the same old crap. I was like a broken record.

Skip a few years, many highs and lows, successes and failings and it’s fair to say I’m a completely different person to THAT guy from 15 years ago.

But deep down he’s still there.

Popping up now and gain as my fears lie elsewhere now. I’m not perfect and I’ll never try to be.

So with all this in mind, I have full empathy at this time of the year and anytime for that matter when people join gyms and make resolutions only to not see them through.

I feel like I already know what’s going on in their mind.

You’re probably wondering what happened after 6 months, right?

Well, I got some help.

Yes, that old chestnut.

The obvious thing to me was that I couldn’t do it alone, certainly not at the beginning.

Weirdly the big realisation though was that it wasn’t actually all that bad and if I’d have not been so stubborn from the offset then I wouldn’t have wasted those 6 months.

I guess I’m lucky in a way as I know people who are doing this over and over, year in year out.

For me, I actually found something that I enjoyed and the rest was history as they say.

Now the message here isn’t really about making sure you don’t do what I did.

But just be honest with yourself.

If right now you are thinking you would like to finally lose a ton of weight this year, run a marathon or quite simple just get your physical and emotional health back.

Then ask yourself this?

Why haven’t you done it already?

Maybe you don’t enjoy it because you don’t know what to do?

Maybe you’ve got stuff going on in your life that’s ‘getting in the way’.

Whatever it is, I truly understand, part of my skill set now is helping people gain the CLARITY around this.

Exercise and nutrition is never people obstacle, the obstacle is often THEMSELVES.

I’m here to just help them work that out.

The truth is that whenever we want something different in life, we often always outsource to learn new knowledge, get something fixed or just get some advice.

From my experience when it comes to health and fitness, people often think they can just get up and do it on their own.

They CAN but at the beginning we always need someone to help us, teach us or just be there for us when we fall.

My Facebook feed is full of people who need help with their health, fitness and mind. Every year the same stories and problems arise and it’s the same people who are still complaining.

The thing is I get it when people say they cannot afford it, but is that the real truth?

And it’s partly the reason I decided to run my 7-day Immersion program this week, we are already up to 63 people.

If you’ve got 7 days and 10 minutes a day to do some written work, feel free to join in with the fun.

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