Are You In The 8%?

I woke up the morning with sore eyes, feeling fatigued and had somehow inherited a bloated belly.


Yes, I’ve been deep-diving into all the standard Christmas eating and drinking.

Anyone who knows me will understand I’m not that guy who says you can’t have fun at Christmas, or any time of the year for that matter.

We can choose into eating healthy if we wish but come on, it’s once a year, right?

A chance to let our hair down and get connected with the family, or in my case a pork pie!!


There is often a downside.

We ALL put on a little weight on around our bellies and it leaves us feeling tired and a bit groggy.

So it’s only natural that people get caught up in that New Years Resolution mindset right about now.

Well I thought I’d try and help you out because the statistics are pretty scary.

Apparently over 40% of the population will make New Years Resolutions at this time of the year.

Which is fine.

But a STAGGERING 8% of those will only ever achieve them.


Honestly I don’t know who works out the stats but it’s pretty shocking.

Now if you’re reading this then I’m guessing you’d like to be in that 8%?

So keep reading and we might just be able to increase the statistic. Before I start I’d just like to add that there is no ULTIMATE way to create goals and New Years’ resolutions. I’ve experienced many different ways, with myself and people I coach.

What I will say is that if it works for you, it works. But only if you’re honest. Let’s talk weight loss for example, if you lost a ton of weight over 10 days, 21 days or 3 months and you put it back on…


Sorry, harsh but fair, right?

I’m all about longer-lasting transformation, short-term change doesn’t interest me.

The overarcing message behind The Healthformation is using methods designed to help people move away from that CONTROLLED way of living and into a land of FLEXIBILITY.

CREATING a fun life you want to live by ACTING on the CHOICES you take.

A world where they are not becoming a slave to the scales and living on a knife-edge when they are faced with eating cakes, sweets or eating out.

I’m guessing you’d like the same?

Ok, cool… listen up.

If you enjoy YO-YO dieting and constantly being at war with the scales then this isn’t for you, you can leave but the door will always be open again (if you need it).

If you want to be done with all of that, and there is A LOT of it in the world I’m afraid, then…

Keep reading.

Just for this blog, I’ve come up with 4 steps to help you achieve anything you want in 2017.

1. K.I.S.S – Keep It Stupid Simple

If you’ve been living a lifestyle that hasn’t been serving you in 2016 only to go into overdrive over Christmas knowing, you ‘might’ go on a diet in January then STOP.

That won’t work. It never has and never will. It’s Science!

Going from one extreme to the next is a recipe for PAIN, STRUGGLE, and FAILURE. No healthy fit looking body, full of energy and happiness was EVER created from a diet, shakes and pills.


Start with a few simple measures of cutting out the obvious rubbish like sugar, minimize the alcohol back to the weekends only and start drinking more water.

I know it sounds too easy to be true but just by doing this you’ll feel 10 times better within a week.

It’s the simple things done in life with joy and consistency that will make the BIGGER impacts on your life.

2. O.S.O.M – Out of Sight Out of Mind

Yes, you’ve still got a ton of biscuits and chocolates left over from Christmas. If your mindset is that you cannot waste food, then you’ll never have what you want. You may justify this as a reason to carry on shoveling them down but what’s the real fear??

The truth is that most give into cravings purely because they have the food in the house, if you don’t have it, you won’t EAT it, right?

What is the harm in giving the food away? This is not wasting food is it?

If people judge you for this then who are you trying to please, you or them? They don’t care if you have a weight loss goal or not.

Ditch the food that doesn’t serve you. Trust me.

3. D.T.F – Don’t Tell Friends

This will sound like an odd one. Some experts will tell you that by telling people about your goals then you’re more likely to get them done.

Now as much as this might work, it often doesn’t.


Unfortunately, your close friends COULD be a problem when it comes to YOU trying to change YOUR lifestyle. Let’s be honest, they MAY be part of the trouble. When you tell people about your goals and they see you becoming successful, however close they are, they MIGHT not like it.

Please note – this is NOT your fault, the insecurity is all about them as it highlights their lack of success they may be experiencing.

I agree it’s a tough one, sometimes you just have to get on with it yourself, if they are friends then they’ll understand if you explain the importance.

Saying that, I’m not advising that you should do it on your own, that often doesn’t work. Surrounding yourself with people who are all on the same mission as you is possibly the most powerful thing you can do.

I believe that this is the only reason slimming world and weightwatchers possibly has some merit.

It’s why I love my Inner Circle Group so much, when you have a private support network to SHARE ideas and GOALS with and gain support, it’s like having an extra 30-40% behind you.

4. I.I.Y – Invest in Yourself

Don’t worry, I’m not about to sell you anything here, I can of course tell you all about my various programs if you wish, that’s up to you.

I will however tell you this, if you wish to make a change then you must be willing to make an investment, often there is a financial commitment.

But there will ALWAYS be a commitment of TIME needed. If you wish to do things on the cheap and you are willing to spend hours and hours, week and weeks, even years trying to understand the best ways for you, then that’s what you got to do.

I’ve been doing this for 15 years now and with PASSION, I’m still learning. As much as I love health and fitness, I loathe others areas of my life, so I have my own mentors and coaches for this stuff.

Anything that you are good at in life whether that be your business, career, building a family to being good at golf, running, or photography… it all took time and dedication. You INVESTED your time.

If health and fitness is your goal then you’ve got to be willing to invest, however that looks like for you.

If you’d love some help to make 2017 the best year for you then EMAIL today for a friendly chat about the various options I could offer.