We all know that we can’t move forward in a car without taking the handbrake off first.

I mean you can try, right?

You can just keep your foot on the gas and you’ll feel the struggle, you’ll feel like you should be moving forward only you just can’t get out of the blocks.

It doesn’t make sense does it?

After all, you can see everyone else driving around happily and effortless.

So why not you?

It’s OKAY, you are not the only one, it’s fairly common that people get caught out with this mindset when it comes to their own health and fitness?

Far too often people are only focused on moving forward that they forget about what it is that’s actually holding them back.

No matter how hard you try or how well you are doing, until you let go of something niggling away at you then your results may never reach the potential you would desire and COULD achieve.

People are often unaware that if they are struggling with their health and fitness, it’s not the exercise and nutrition that’s holding them back, it’s what’s going on inside their mind.

And just so we are clear, this doesn’t mean you are broken or anything is wrong with you.

You may just be a little confused with where you are and WHO you are right now. We get caught up in the old rat race of living out other people’s lives that we forget who we want to ACTUALLY be.

I used to spend half of my time wondering why people were not achieving the results they COULD have. They were exercising and they were trying, but what was going wrong??

It was only when I learnt to slow down myself and then help other people slow down, stop, take a look around and change direction, did I realise things CAN be a lot easier.
It was a GAME-CHANGER for me and the people I work with. Quite simply…

If you don’t go WITHIN, you often go WITHOUT.

You can’t expect the exercise to work without the correct INNERCISE of the mind. It’s not complicated it’s just that people don’t give themselves that chance to have what they want.

Instead, they choose to just go harder, struggle and suffer more or just expect the results they never really wanted.

Get rid of the chains, empty the mind of past experiences or just take the brakes off.

Sometimes you just have to let the old baggage go. Just like a previous relationship, until you let go you cannot experience the love and beauty of the next one.

Anyway, before I go too WOO-WOO on you!!

Ask yourself this…

What habits are holding me back?

What do I need to let go?

Who is holding me back?

Write these down and give yourself permission to just BE them for a while and then just have a think and the answers to your health and fitness problems will just appear, they just WILL.

Sometimes going slower is the smartest way to go FASTER.

Pushing harder on the peddle will only cause you a lot of smoke and noise and will often leave you feeling flat, just like a back tyre!!

When we take the time to release the brakes we realise how simple moving forward can actually be.

This week in my IMMERSION group we’ve been focusing on what’s holding people back, after some resistance we’ve experienced some big BREAKTHROUGHS.

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So what’s holding you back right now?

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