Do you love eating out?


I do.


It’s a great chance to let someone else do the cooking and eat some real tasty foods that you don’t normally eat at home.


Let’s be honest.


Working in that busy 9-5 job and having to take care of the family at home can really take it out of you. This is certainly the feedback I get from those that I’ve helped over the past few years.


It doesn’t leave much time for YOU does it?


And can be a real challenge to find that time to prepare those foods to help keep you on track.


Which is why it’s always great to get out and let someone else put that dinner plate in front of you. Maybe you just prefer to eat out on those special occasions…


You’ve been invited out from your mates at work and it’s a great opportunity to leave those office blues behind, let your hair down and put on that new frock you bought last month.


You know, the one you’ve been dying to wear out in front of your mates.




It’s not always that simple is it?


Eating out can be a real CHALLENGE when you are trying to lose weight and ‘stay on plan’.


In actual fact, I’ve known some people to actually FEAR going out for a meal because they’re afraid of undoing all of that hard work.


It’s a real thing!


People coming up with excuses as to why they can’t attend a night out with friends, they don’t want to be seen as THAT person being a fussy eater.


Do you ever FEEL like that?


It’s the last thing you want for a stress-free life, right?


Even if you’re in the right mindset, sometimes you look at the menu and it’s all…


  • Chips, chips, chips


  • Fried food


  • Burgers


  • And those TEMPTING desserts!


The reality is we enjoy these foods; we’re ALLOWED to eat these foods but sometimes we’d like to eat something a little less ‘lasting’ on the waistline.


You could eat a day’s calorie intake in one sitting for sure on some nights out in certain restaurants.


Some things are for sure, the STRUGGLE is real when it comes to eating out and STAYING on track.








You CAN go out and you CAN eat what you want and you CAN still ‘stay on plan’.


It’s true.


The thing is that it’s fairly common that people in my experience ‘fall off the wagon’ when they RESTRICT themselves.


They try too hard.


They think only the PERFECT diet will get them the result.


That sugary, salty and a little bit of naughty-ness HAS to be a thing of the past.


The truth is that all of the people I have worked with over the past few years have come to realise that they can still lose weight eating their favorite foods.


We adopt this FLEXIBLE approach. If you’re staying on YOUR plan 80% of the time, then you’re on still ‘on-plan’.




It takes away that level of expectation and pressure. Already your stress levels are lowered.


After all, life’s for living, right?


This is EXACTLY the approach that I too take. I never used to be like this but a few years ago I realised that the typical militant approach was only doing me and others more damage than good.


Fat Loss Can Be Made Simpler



Calories are important but it’s not all about the calories.


Learn to feel better about yourself and you’ll soon come to realise how easier it is to make choices that best serve your BODY, your BEHAVIOURS and your Health and Fitness goal.


Seriously, if you’d like to feel like you can go out with your friends and not fear about the damage you might do on your waistline, then follow these 3 SIMPLE & POWERFUL tips.


1.Get Nutritional Clarity


In my Nutritional Freedom Formula Module of The Healthformation we teach people more of the basics that most aren’t aware of when it comes to food.


What to eat more of, eat less of (if you choose) and the not so COMMON known FACTS about how some foods are better than others. This often surprises some people, not EVERYTHING you read in the magazines is true and is actually doing you a disservice.


2. Use The 80/20 Approach


As I said before, if you’re sticking to your plan 80% of the time, then providing you’re doing everything else relatively right then you WILL NOT undo all of your hard work. Try to think of your plan over the WEEK rather than each day.


Ask yourself the question… were you on plan 80% of the time this week? If you were and you’re still struggling then there could be some underlying issues to deal with first, which is often fairly simple to address with the right approach.


3. Learn How to Feel More Confident About Yourself.


In my Know Yourself, Grow Yourself Module of The Healthformation, we focus on how to CONQUER YOUR CONFIDENCE and bulletproof YOU from judgment and fear based actions.


You might be thinking what has this to do with nutrition, it has EVERYTHING.




The more CONFIDENT you feel about yourself, the more your confidence will start INFLUENCING your choices and ultimately your results.





Speak soon,




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