Today Leamington Spa Personal Trainer Phil Sims will talk about his healthy eating diet concept number 1 – eat wholefoods..

This is my number one of the seven because when you eat wholefoods then everything else takes care of itself.

A simple rule of thumb is to only eat food in your diet that grows out of the ground and that once had a face and stop eating foods in your diet that is pretending to be food.

Another way is to simply think of the caveman diet or the paleo diet.

When you are looking at something on the shelf then ask yourself if it would have existed 5,000 years ago. If the answer is no then there is a good chance you shouldn’t be eating it.

Another trick is to pick foods that are located on the outer aisle of a supermarket. These are normally the fresh foods as they are easier to transport around. Anything in the middle is generally canned.

Avoid processed food as these contain preservatives and things you may never of heard of. Wholefoods will contain the necessary digestive enzymes required to break down that food to make it easier for absorption and reduce bloat issues in the stomach.

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