The One Day Intensive

Some people just ‘Want-It-All’ Straight Away.

Although my preferred approach to coach people around the clarity and direction they need to see them move towards their goal, that approach simply is not quick enough for some.

Many people who want the ‘quick start’ to get a project moving again or who need to develop that ‘30,000ft perspective’ around an area they’re struggling with, my 1-day Intensive is perfect.

This is a chance for me and you to dig deep and find out what you want, what is stopping you getting there and working out a plan together to get you there… quickly.

I invite you to spend a day with me to KICKSTART your health and fitness for the rest of your life!!

You will be spending a day with me to help you to make immediate changes on THAT day to give you a Kick Start so you can walk into the rest of the year with confidence.

Be warned this will be a day of information AND practicality.

This isn’t just a notebook and pen activity.

That never works!

You will be expected to take part during the day thinking about you and your situation. So come prepared to work on you.

We will be covering the 12 KEY-STEPS I use in my Successful Health in 12 Programme.

Contact me now and we’ll see where you are , what we can do, and how we can do it.

Everyone is different and I work personally with everyone to achieve their goals. Click the box to send me a message and we’ll go from there.