Success is a Team Game…


I’m very proud of all the success stories I’ve had over the years but I can’t take all the credit for them.

When you work with me it’s a team game. The results you get are down to your work and my guidance.

Here are some of the amazing stories that I’m very proud to have been a part of…


Success Stories

Angela’s Story

Discover how Angela lost the weight she never thought she could with Phil’s Online Coaching.

Rob’s Story

Read how Rob overcame chest pains at 41 to achieve something spectacular with Personal Training..

Helen’s Story

Learn how Helen went from overweight after pregnancy to a lean, fighting running superstar!!

Todd’s Story

Read about Todd’s longest 12 weeks EVER – It’s not what you think..

Nick’s Story

Learn how Nick regained his confidence back through Personal Training.

Joanne’s Story

Read how Joanne overcame her struggles with dieting and weight loss with Personal Training..

Arvi’s Story

Read how Arvi’s friends started to notice the changes he was making and how that made him feel.

Tricia’s Story

Learn how Tricia succeeded in running her 1st Half Marathon at 59..

Christina’s Story

Read how Christina lost nearly a stone using the online program..

Joe’s Story

Learn how Joe got into shape for his wedding and returned back to full fitness after an ankle injury..

Samantha’s Story

Read about Samantha’s success with Personal Training after battling her weight loss issues and obstacles in life..

Laura’s Story

Laura’s personal experience of training with PSPT written in here own words, including a bit of background, training styles, and sports specific training working towards short-term and longer-term running and triathlon goals

Simons’s Story

Simons experience of training with us looking at how his general fitness has improved and also looking at how fitness has become a lifestyle change for him, also looking forward to future fitness challenges

Charlotte’s Story

I train hard at the gym, some have said like a guy – I’m not sure it this is a compliment but I’ll take it – either way I have always been in the gym and so I thought why not follow what you love with a qualification or two

Gerard’s Story

I’ve known Phil now for about 10 years having previously worked with him. We soon became friends and it was clear to me that whatever the environment, Phil is a dedicated and selfless individual willing to help at every opportunity.

De Paoli’s Story

Every year I visit my homeland Italy in August. I have members of my family that I do not see much so this is an exciting time for me. I decided I really wanted to get into the best shape of my life and surprise my family members with my hard work.

Wolf Run Story

I entered a team in this years Wolf Run. This gave me a great chance for people who have thought about doing the run to actually join a group and complete the challenging obstacle course.

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