The 12 Week Plan

This 12 week plan is guaranteed to take you (no matter where you are now) from feeling down about your body to loving how you look and feel.


Inside the detailed plan you will find all of my simple yet effective tips and tools to help you achieve the body you DESIRE in the simplest way possible – and more importantly suits your lifestyle!

Even if you’re not a beginner with health and fitness I can guarantee this plan will have amazing results. I run this plan with my weight loss clients and people I train for sports and even body building.


I can guarantee this plan works because it’s been tried and tested on real people with real life problems like yourself.

They’re just like you. They have busy jobs, the everyday problems of having kids, a history of ups and downs with their weight… you name it.

This plan’s been trialled on beginners but also on people who’ve already had one or two years of training. This plan uses my human style and approach to longer lasting health and fitness.


You maybe asking why I needed to make a program like this if I am already getting great results with people…

I’ll be the first to admit that not everyone gets great results. After analysing over 100 client records I could see that some people still needed a plan to follow. A thorough plan to keep them on track. And this is it!

What you’ll find in the 12 Week Plan is a detailed but simple to follow 3 phase set-up that will guarantee you a minimum of 14 pounds of fat loss. This is the minimum expected and I would not be surprised it this was nearly double the amount, depending on how much you have to lose.


If you’re reading this, you might be:

  • Feeling lethargic, overweight and tired all the time and it’s been going on WAY too long
  • Struggling to get up in the morning
  • Struggling with testosterone levels (don’t be ashamed, men!)
  • Frustrated and Stressed!!
  • Wanting to get into exercise but you don’t know how.
  • Caught in a cycle of weight gain, feeling down about yourself and you don’t like looking in the mirror.
  • Wanting an easy-to-follow and manageable program with long-lasting results.


This program is not for people who:

  • Want a detox plan.
  • Are after a programme that requires you to under-eat and be hungry all the time.
  • Looking for a quick fix.
  • For people who expect results to just happen for them.
  • People who cannot accept their story and where they are is becauue of what they have or haven’t done in the past.


This program may not be for you and that’s fine.

Not everyone is the right fit for this program.

I know it works because it’s been tested on all kinds of people – but you need to be prepared to make it work.

But this program is for:

  • Those who accept that their story and results can change.
  • Those who think they deserve better results
  • People who want to boost their confidence
  • Improve their career
  • Fit into those smaller sized clothes
  • Feel AWESOME in their skin and feel proud when they look in the mirror.


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I’ll only accept you into the plan if you:

  • Are ready to make a real difference in your life and you are prepared to change.
  • Believe that some hard work is involved (not just in the gym but with work I invite you to do at home).
  • Don’t mind being part of a private support group.
  • Like food and are willing to find new ways of enjoying it.
  • Are flexible with my ideas and approaches.


What to expect…

The problem is… typical diet plans and exercise routines don’t take into account that most people are seriously stressed out with work, kids and the general pressures of modern life!

So I’ve created you a path to follow, a path that has three mini plans built that help you to progress, and progress at the right pace.  Not only will you get results but it fits into a tight time schedule, too.

If losing a solid 14+ lbs was not enough to convince you then how about fitting into those favourite pair of jeans, that shirt that’s too tight or that new dress you have always wanted to wear with confidence?

Don’t dress to impress, but dress to feel a million dollars!


Anyone can follow the plan and they can do it anywhere in the world

You may not live in Leamington Spa or the surrounding areas but this plan also has an online version using Skype calls. It’s already been trialled with Skype and has worked using this platform with clients all over the place.

This plan is like nothing you’ve seen before but that doesn’t mean it’s complicated and as it’s now available online you can do it wherever you are in the world.

What You Will Get:

  • 12 Weeks of Implementation to help you grow your mindset and work towards the body you desire.
  • Unstoppable Mindset Techniques for those who want to be able to up their game physically and mentally. You’ll be learning how to raise all areas of your life so those around you will also benefit.
  • Daily Accountability to help you do what you said you would. The invitation will be there to use me to help guide you to where you want to be. A place where you feel AWESOME and ultimately can stay forever.
  • Structured Exercise Programs that will tuen you into a fat burning machine and exercsise that suits you and excites you. You’ll learn along the way how you can have the confidence to train alone if you choose too.
  • My 100 Recipe Feed Me Fit Cookbook – a copy of my cookbook with great recipes and ideas to help you succeed on your nutritional plan. Let’s get you excited about the food that you eat.
  • Private Group Membership – it’s a team game here at PSPT and you’ll join my private members group where we share advice, stories and keep each other on the up. It can be tough training alone but we’re one big helpful family here at PSPT.
  • Coaching Calls – this isn’t your usual plan. This involves many changes and challenges and one of those is your mind. Without good mindset you will fail. I don’t allow that to happen and my fortnightly coaching sessions give you the mindset to succeed.
  • Full Email Support – you won’t only see me once a week but you’ll have me on call on email in-between my other sessions for help and guidance. You’ll amazed at the questions I get asked so don’t be afraid to call up for help. This is a journey and I’m with you like a nutritional and exercise guide throughout it.


Are you ready to be ENERGISED and find that long lost CONFIDENCE?

Are you serious about achieving that body that you have DESIRED all this time?

Are you in need of a structured plan and professional help to get your body and health where you want them?

Contact me now…