Working with myself isn’t a commitment to ME, it’s a commitment to YOU…

…a very BIG one!

EVERY coaching session will have the intention to change your life in some way. Not in a drastic way but by taking the necessary small ACTIONABLE steps needed in the right direction.

It’s all about PROGRESSION rather than PERFECTION.

If you become a client of mine, then you’re committing to doing the work required to help see this happen.

With CONSISTENCY, then those small steps will contribute to the BIGGER life-changing results you’d be likely to experience. 

Moving FORWARD with MOMENTUM. Making sure that needle keeps pointing NORTH on your compass to get to your DESTINATION.

Without COMMITMENT you cannot START and without CONSISTENCY you cannot FINISH.

So, are you READY?

If so, do any of the following, sound like you?

  • You’ve spent MONTHS or even YEARS battling the bulge and trying to create a body you’re happy and proud with yet you feel like you keep going around in circles. This common circumstance often leaves you STILL uncomfortable in your own skin, EMBARRASSED by what you see in the mirror or even ASHAMED of how you show up PHYSICALLY in life?
  • You’ve TRIED all of those diet clubs, workout programs from the magazines, detox plans and those powder and pill ‘quick fixes’ that the media promised you would work, only to find that the results NEVER really delivered and they’ve left you feeling disappointed and now you’re back to square one or even worse off than in the first place?
  • You’re TOTALLY frustrated with having to live your life in a way that has you knackering yourself out constantly at the gym with exercises you hate and half-starving yourself on a boring and restrictive diet for little or no results?


If It DOES Then Keep Reading… You’re FINALLY In The Right Place.

But just so we’re CLEAR and I don’t waste your time, if you are any of the following…

  • You’re looking for a ‘military kick-arse trainer’ with no compassion who will shout at you with those ‘over-the-top’ workouts and will not listen to what you ACTUALLY want.
  • You’re looking for THAT one-time-magic but ‘restrictive’ diet plan that offers so much.
  • You’re looking for long-term results using ‘short-term’ methods such as a 21-day detox or 30-day plan.


Then I’ll be honest, my approach to long term results using my Healthformation methodology is definitely NOT for you.

You see my approach is a little bit different to your ‘typical’ trainer…

I’ve been working in the Health & Fitness industry for over 15 years now, and in that time, I’ve simply never seen the typical approach to exercise and getting into shape fail.

Sure, sometimes it looks like it does with those fancy before and after shots – but they never show you the pictures 6 months AFTER, do they?

I’ve seen plenty of 30 to 60-day results from those kind of programs, unfortunately, what I’ve found is that those people who achieve their results by getting ‘smashed’ or ‘being restricted’ generally are not ENJOYING the process and getting the results they had hoped for.

In fact, they cannot wait for their programme to end.

They rely on what people call ‘willpower’ and ‘motivation’ which again, does not work long term.

What happens is that these people soon slip backward towards their starting weight with a large number of them ending up heavier and even more miserable than what they were at the start.

So what initially starts off as a GREAT idea, actually turns out to become a disaster.

Which is why I focus on longer-lasting results rather than ‘quick-fixes’ that JUST don’t work long term.

Why is the Healthformation different?

Well, for a start, I don’t call myself a Personal Trainer anymore.

Because I’m not JUST a trainer.

I’m more than that – you could call me a life-coach masqurading around as a Personal Trainer.

You see…

  • A Personal Trainer just trains people, right?
  • A Personal Trainer gets people to turn up, make them move, jump and sweat while counting reps.
  • A Personal Trainer puts the emphasis on the workout and those exercises that come with it.

And while training CAN be great for increasing strength and fitness, it’s not the be-all and end-all to creating long lasting transformation.

Now I’m not saying that the above is wrong – it’s just not what I entirely do. I’m here for the long game… the long lasting results… results that last FOREVER!

Because if the above were the answer, then EVERY person who joins a gym, attends a boot camp or takes up a workout plan would be in great shape… and that’s clearly not the case, is it?

And yes, some trainers LOVE working those diets and trendy plans into their client approaches too… but I don’t do that, I do more than that and in a fun way.

It’s different here because what I do is I help people answer that burning question that is on their minds…

“I already KNOW what I need to do but WHY can I not do it?”

How many times have you said that to yourself?

You see my entire approach and mindset has been built around helping my clients to find the answer to that question. Once this happens we can then create the required strategy that comes from that answer so that they can create transformation faster, easier and with less stress, struggle and suffering than they’ve become conditioned to.

Just to so we are CRYSTAL clear – if you are any of the following then I am not for you:

  • I’m NOT the person you come to when all you want to do is find a TEMPORARY fix so that you can look good in a bikini, slim down in time for a special event, or ‘kick start your fitness’.
  • I’m NOT the person you come to when all you want is a stricter diet, a harder workout program or anything that involves the ‘kick ass’ mentality that most trainers like to promote and build their businesses around.
  • I’m NOT the person you come to when you want a ‘one-size-fits all’, ‘do this, don’t do that’ type of plan of instructions or when your main request is ‘Just tell me what to do!’

The above will ONLY work for a little while.



  • I AM the person you come to when you’re SICK of being in constant BATTLE with your body, SICK of bullying yourself into doing things you don’t really want to do, SICK of missing out on the things you most want in life because you’re making every decision and taking every action off the back of willpower, and SICK of being unhappy because you feel like you have to CONTROL everything in life rather than feeling free.
  • I AM the person you come to when you’re DONE WITH STRUGGLE and done with suffering and are ready to start being kind to yourself rather than finding newer, tougher and harder ways to punish your body into submission.
  • I AM the person you come to when you’re ready to KEEP your results for good rather than just get them for now and HOPE for the best.
  • I AM the person you come to when you’re READY to UPGRADE your HEALTH.

Are you ready to INVEST in YOUR Health?

When it comes to making a change in your life then often this means there is a cost…


I’m not talking about finances and money here, that’s the EASY part.

That investment is YOUR time.


And as this programme DOES have a cost, I would not want to take anyone on who is not willing to invest in their time for their own health and fitness.

So can you simply answer the below questions honestly…

  • Are you committed to set aside a small amount of time on a daily basis (20 minutes on average and never longer than an hour) to taking positive, life changing steps toward achieving your Transformation?
  • Are you committed to YOUR Transformation for a minimum of 3 months (though preferably 6 months to a year)?
  • Are you committed to leaving what’s already done behind and ACCEPT that a new chapter in your life can begin which starts right now?
  • Are you committed to exploring new ways in your life to make the journey to achieving your Transformation exciting and as fun as possible rather than seeking the most intensive, challenging and ‘kick ass’ diet and training plans that leave you burned out, hungry and sore with disappointment?

If you answered YES to all four questions above then you’re well on your way to UPGRADING YOUR HEALTH. because it’s these four elements more than any other that make your long term Transformation a PROBABILITY rather than a POSSIBILITY.

Because it’s these four elements more than any other that make your long term Transformation a PROBABILITY rather than a POSSIBILITY.

Without them, CHANGE is certainly possible but TRANSFORMATION isn’t, and I’m only interested in helping my clients to get life changing results that they are going to KEEP rather than LOSE them.

That’s what the Healthformation is all about – UPGRADING YOUR HEALTH, for good.  

Seriously, if NOW is the right time for you and you think you match the above criteria, I’d LOVE to hear from you. You can contact me in the box below.

Contact me now and we’ll see where you are , what we can do, and how we can do it.

Everyone is different and I work personally with everyone to achieve their goals. Click the box to send me a message and we’ll go from there.