I’ve been learning to swim.


Yes, at 39 I decided it was time to conquer a fear of mine. People often think it’s odd that as a Personal Trainer, I cannot swim.


After being pushed into a pool when I was a child, the thought of swimming has always put me off. Just the smell of chlorine would trigger of my heart-rate and put me into a frenzy.

So I’ve been learning, slowly.


Last week while on holiday with Sam in Rhodes I attended an Aqua Fit class. It wasn’t planned, I was paddling about in the pool and before you knew it, I was amongst the Germans fighting for pool space.

Have you ever experienced a floater in the pool???

Don’t worry, this didn’t happen.

At the end everyone held hands and floated on their back, this was my cue to scarper away like a penguin who had just spotted a seal.

I’m not there yet.

Now I’m not new to holding hands, this reminded me from over a year ago now when I ran the Wolf Run with my clients, this is something we do regularly even though there are water hazards.

But rather than NOT do it, I chose into letting people help me by holding my hands through the water. Hey! There is no shame in guys holding hands, right??

You see I could have decided that I couldn’t do the Wolf Run because of the water obstacle, this would have then meant missing out of THAT feeling of seeing everyone cross the line together as a team, without me.

Just like me, they all stepped up to do something they feared, running and climbing over obstacles.

Something I CAN do.

So together we worked as a team.

You see I was sitting on the fence for so many years. Each time I went on holiday to relax by the pool, I was sitting on the fence, I was by the edge of the pool watching people have fun, connecting with friends and loved ones.

I was missing out; I wasn’t being me.

Teacher says, student do, right?

Now I’m a massive believer in practicing what you preach. The student does what teacher is doing too.

I prefer not to call myself a leader, I’m just the one doing it first, people can follow the ride if they wish.

I prefer to influence rather than instruct.

It’s pretty much my whole coaching philosophy, I’d never make someone do something I’ve never experienced.

I remember when I joined a gym and didn’t attend for 6 months, I was scared. This is partly the reason as to why I know how to help people overcome this fear. I have many clients who now attend local gyms who never dream in a million years to have done that.


I’m not saying it’s the only way, it’s just the way that works for me and those who get great results with me.

Do you know what the best thing about all of this is??

No, it’s not the fact I can swim a bit now, it’s the feeling you don’t know about…

I’m now enjoying something that I once hated or thought I’d never do. I’d convince myself that I was not good enough, too old or that swimming was of no use to me.

All utter crap of course.

But we get caught up into this way of VALIDATING the reasons as to why we cannot do something.

We WASTE our energy by focusing on the problems rather than INVESTING our energy on the solutions.

Mine was to find an empathetic coach and have a small circle of supportive friends. Even find the odd few who’d throw a few digs in, because I love the banter!

Now, unfortunately, some people are sick of my swimming success, which is fine. This tells me more about THEM than it does about me. If they don’t like it then they probably don’t like themselves too much right now.


Plenty of people of inspired, which is the whole point. I didn’t realise there were so many people who couldn’t swim.

Anyway, what are the lessons here??

Quite simply this, if you have a fear, and we all do, then what is it?

Maybe you are scared of trying to lose weight? Get fit or just improve your health.

That might sound silly but I bet it’s the truth for many.


Because people are scared of failing. They are too busy worried about what others might think if it doesn’t work again.

So they don’t.

And find all of the ways as to why they can’t, rather than look for the ways as to why they can.

The truth is, they stay stuck and miserable, which is a shame really. But I understand that I can only help those who are willing to accept the help and move forward.

Now from my experience, when you have the right support network around you then this is a game-changer.

Remove the negative voices in your head and start surrounding yourselves with those that help you, pick you up when you fall, pat you on the back and inspire you.

It’s why I created The Healthformation.

A place for people to MASTER their MIND, ELECTRIFY their ENERGY and CONQUER their CONFIDENCE.

If that’s not enough to interest you, it’s not for you.

If it is, let me know.


PS – You Can Watch My Swimming Progress HERE 

PPS – If You Need The Help of a Personal Trainer in Leamington Spa, Contact Me Now.