Have you ever been bamboozled by your increasing waistline?


The illustrious belly keeps popping out…


…maybe you feel bloated after a meal and you need to undo that button…


…or you’re constantly hungry and can’s stop thinking about food??


Annoying isn’t it…


You clean up your nutrition, maybe you decide you have to go on the latest diet and join a gym, or attend that bootcamp class a few times a week, even though you don’t enjoy it.


Because that’s what you did last time to lose a few pounds, right?


You eat fairly well, you do some exercise yet you just can’t seem to shift that belly, those bingo wings or those thighs?


Doesn’t make sense does it…


Getting into shape is HARD, or at least that’s how people often make it out to be, but it can be EASIER.


Weight loss is a simple concept, it’s fairly organic, or at least it should be. The trouble is that most people make it complicated.


The fitness gooroo’s and experts tell you that in order to lose weight, you just need to eat less and move more.


I’m not saying this is wrong, but it’s not working for most people.


On paper it’s a sound equation. The trouble with weight loss and getting into shape is it’s not a math’s test. The people who harp on about calories IN vs calories OUT don’t take into account the physiological aspect of each individual and the human elements of their emotions and feelings.


I could go DEEP on this if you give me the chance BUT…


…You might be thinking what’s that got to do with losing a few pounds?


Well when it comes to losing weight and eating healthier, to keep things stupidly simple, it’s a result of creating healthy habits and behaviors. Habits that form your decisions and choices. If you’re stressed physically or emotionally then you’re probably going to make choices that don’t serve your goal, however determined you are.


This leaves you feeling frustrated, after all, you’ve made an attempt to shift the weight that’s making you miserable.


But it’s not moving. At this point, I have full compassion if you’re feeling fed up about life.


I get it.


I’ve been there myself. Especially around this time of year with summer time approaching. You want to lose a bit of weight for the holiday season.


Now I’ve always been into exercise and eating fairly healthy (for the past decade) but I’ve never been that guy who is naturally lean, I may have written for Men’s Health several times but I’ll never be on the front cover.


So when the summer holidays would arrive, I’d always like to try a little harder to lean up a bit.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m 100% comfortable in my own skin but everyone wants to look better around the pool on holiday, right?


Only I could never shift that ‘unwanted’ weight.


So I’d go harder and eat less, only this made things worse for me. This was lead me into eating foods that I didn’t necessarily want to, even though I knew they weren’t good for me.


So I’d feel guilty and feel down.


But I got over these thoughts because I knew I’d be back at the gym the next day, only it never really worked. It was like groundhog day. Each day I was digging a hole deeper and deeper!!


So I needed a different approach.


Luckily one of my mentors at the time was heavily into gut health and digestion. This caught my attention and then my interest. Everything he taught me, related to me. So I did what I do best from here, I listened, learned, applied and adjusted. I accidentally came across a new passion of mine.


For years I blamed my genetics. For sure they play a role but they only load the gun, your lifestyle pulls the trigger.


So what if I came from an overweight family with various gut issues, this didn’t have to be how things were for me. So I needed a shift in mindset.


What I soon came to realise was that my gut digestion and blood sugars were holding me back. It’s not because I was doing the wrong type of exercise or eating poorly for my body type.


At the end of the day, exercise is exercise and nutrition is nutrition. I’m not an athlete anymore. I just want to be healthy, be in shape and have amazing energy to live a great life.


But my symptoms of bloating, digestive issues, food cravings, fatigue and sleep issues we playing a MASSIVE role on my results.


I was out of control.




After 12 weeks I had lost 18 pounds.


Not from exercise or some secret nutritional plan, this didn’t really change a lot. A few lifestyle adjustments but not a lot.


I didn’t even count my calories, weigh a single food, count points or be a slave to an app on my iPhone – I prefer to spend my time on more fun things in life.


But my results came from me having a better understanding of my own gut health, my feelings, emotions and how they were holding me back.


Once this was realigned, the weight just started to drop off.


But the best part of this was my energy levels. They went through the roof which meant my productivity at work improved alongside my mindset, so I earned more money. Who would have thought you could improve your bank account through your energy levels??


And my sleep drastically improved. Which meant my get up and go in the morning was back. I was vitalized… It’s such a good feeling when that alarm clock goes off and you open your eyes to think, I can get up now without that constant fight with the snooze button.


I no longer need to pick up my eyelids off the floor at 6am.


I felt like a new man. The truth is, I felt like the man I should have already been. It’s hard to express this into words but if you were ever looking for a confidence boost in all areas of your life, this did that.


The one lesson I learned from my whole experience in 2016 was that sometimes you have to get some help, it may cost you something, but all in all, it’s a small price to pay. After all, we can get all of our answers on google or amazon now, but implementing them is a completely different ball game.


We live in the information world these days. Implementation is a game-changer!


And with what I know now, I’m able to help other people improve their bodies, emotionally and physically. There is no magic pill to increase your energy levels other than you need to learn how to release your own brakes first.


From that point on, moving forward with momentum is the easy and FUN part.


This year I’ve been enjoying passing on the new knowledge I’ve gained, watching people get quicker, more sustainable and enjoyable results, gives me a sense of fulfillment. So, if you’re ready to master your mind, electrify your energy and conquer your confidence, then let me know.


I can show you how.


But it’s not for everyone, it’s only for those who have an open mind and ready to move forward with their health, energy, and life.


Are you ready??


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