Motivation doesn’t work.


Did I just say that?


Yes, I did, and I 100% meant it with a little extra added on top for good measure.


One of the most common excuses I often hear people use when it comes to making a change and doing something about their health…


…or ANYTHING for that matter that requires EFFORT and stepping into the unknown…


Is that they just don’t have the MOTIVATION to do it.


Have you ever felt like you WANT to do something, you NEED to do it but you still CAN’T get off your backside to doing it?


You probably have, right?


We all have, I know I have certainly been in that situation during my lifetime.


It’s common.


Which is often the reason as to why people who DO get a result BUT end up back to where they had started in the first place, or worse.


Do you know anyone like that?


Do you?


There are hundreds, even millions of people right now who have been motivated at one point in there life, only to find that motivation disappear like the flick of a light switch.


That’s it, lights out.


You know what I mean…


January is a great example of this, everyone has those New Years Resolutions with great INTENTIONS to make this their year. It’s starts with a BANG!!


But within 2-3 weeks they are back to their old HABITS and BEHAVIOURS leaving them completely FRUSTRATED as to why they can’t get out of the block and keep moving forward with momentum.


After all, other people seem to be able to make things work for them.


So if they can, why can’t they?




They decide they need to make a change so they find ways and forced methods to get them motivated and then give their current efforts a real good go.  Which is great, I love people who try to better themselves. It’s honorable.


So the sparkler is lit and they are ready to take action and make a real impact towards achieving that body of their dreams… they get going with the bit between their teeth.


Their plan works for a bit and motivation is still sky high, after all, when we see RESULTS we feel good to keep going, right?


But then that spark fizzles out, and the head starts to drop.


Those scales have decided they are happy to play mind games with you.


Motivation is a funny old thing…


It’s fair to say that while everything is going to plan, that ‘motivation-o-meter’ is all fine and dandy, but when things get a little rough, it doesn’t take much for THAT old demotivated-self-chattering-monkey to pop up into your mind and cause trouble.


As I mentioned before, motivation doesn’t work. It’s NOT the answer to peoples problems.


It’s a bit like a broken down car…


There you’re on the side of the road waiting for someone to come along with a set of jump leads to save the day, you attach them to your engine and fire away.


Hey presto, just the spark you needed at that moment in time.


The engine is running again.


Until you reach the next set of traffic lights, only it’s on a red so you have to STOP and the engine fades away.


You keep turning the ignition but NOTHING!


That surge of electricity worked for a while but it soon dies off at the first obstacle and challenge.


What you REALLY need is a car with a more reliable engine, a better system to help keep you running, not just for those easy downhill stages but those challenging uphill struggles too.


When it comes to feeling like you don’t have the necessary motivation to perform a task, I kinda get why you’re struggling.


Honestly, I do.


It’s not really your fault.


Let me explain…


Motivation is essentially like a carrot on a stick.


It’s like ‘do this and you’ll get that’ or ‘do that or you won’t get this’.


Wherever you look, all motivation techniques are essentially just promising you a reward if you perform to a certain set of behaviours. On the flip side you’re being punished if you refuse to conform to those behaviors.


It’s almost a form of MANIPULATION.


Which doesn’t sound so FUN, does it?


Also, if you’re looking for motivation from an external force, like a Personal Trainer, then essentially what you’re doing is living to their energies, commitment, desires and working to their rules.


If you are requiring a Personal Trainer to stand over you and shout at you to ‘get up’, ‘keep pushing’ or wait for their latest ‘motivational quote’ on Facebook to take some ACTION, then that’s fine.


It’s helping in that CURRENT situation. You are making a CHANGE, but remember, we are after LONG-TERM TRANSFORMATION!


What happens when Mr or Miss Motivator are not around??


What do you do then?


You’ll likely run out of fire, your energy will dip and you’ll eventually stop. That MOTIVATION you thought existed has faded away like the morning frost on a warm spring day.


The REALITY is you were never motivated in the first place but this is the motivational world that we live in today.


And it’s having a big influence on your fat loss goals.





For me I hate the thought that my clients NEED me for motivation, it’s not the way I coach people. One of my personal goals is to help people create that INNER inspiration and help them FIND their CONFIDENCE from WITHIN to be able to achieve their OWN goals.


Not mine or someone else’s, but theirs, the goals and dreams that they’ve DEFINED for themselves.


Sure I help motivate people to start, but I’m just making the first ripple in the pool, pushing that first domino…


…what follows comes from them being CLEAR with their goal, what their desire and having a simple and achievable plan in place.


After that, I’m there for SUPPORT, GUIDANCE and to help keep them FOCUSED whenever they may need it.


This is partly the reason I’ve achieved great success with those I’ve worked with over the past few years.


Which is WHY so many who start their diet plans, join gyms and start upon ANOTHER Health & Fitness journey only to fall flat on their face, end up with DISAPPOINTMENT and FRUSTRATION.


Too many people are plugging their lives into other peoples dreams, they are playing the comparison game. They see X,Y or Z on Instagram so they follow them, WANTING to be them without realising what THEY are doing and WHY they’re doing it.


It’s like jumping onto a train and thinking that you’re going somewhere, thinking you’re moving forward only to find you have to get off at the last station and it’s not the DESTINATION you were looking for.


You feel flat, you are LOST and left with nowhere to go other than turn around and head back to your past.


You know, the place you’ve been trying to escape from.


So what’s the solution?


What people need to do is pick up those jump start cables and plug them into THEMSELVES.


People need to stop living off other peoples’ energy and start living off their own – We don’t need motivation for that.


What people need to do is start tapping into their FEELINGS more. If you want to know what to do about a certain situation, first look to how you FEEL about it.


That may sound odd and a little wishy-washy to you but honestly, why should you not be able to take actions based on how you feel?


If you don’t want to join a gym, then don’t. Making yourself do something that you won’t enjoy is a guaranteed FAST TRACK way to making sure you experience pain, unhappiness and frustration.


If you feel you need to exercise but the gym isn’t for you, then fine, but what other form of exercise have you done in the past which caused you less discomfort?


The same could be said for your nutrition plan, if eating a certain way doesn’t feel good for you then STOP.


Just STOP for a second. Moving forward sometimes requires you to stop, slow down and have a look around you.


Exploring the options of what you DO enjoy and how you FEEL about it is the first step to finding that diet that BEST suits your lifestyle.

The BEST diet and exercise plan in the world are the ones that you can stick to…

…and people stick to stuff that they enjoy and feel good about, right?


Who NEEDS motivation to do the things they enjoy??


They don’t.


As a coach I no longer rely on goals to help me achieve what it is that I want.


Of course, I still have goals but for me and those people I’ve helped over the past few years, we first explore and focus on deeper areas first.


If you’re serious about falling into the motivational trap and you want to finally break free from what’s holding you back, here are 3 SIMPLE & POWERFUL tips to help you get the ball rolling.


1. Get CLEAR On YOUR Why

Do you know why you’re doing what you’re doing? Most people often struggle with this. If your WHY is to lose 2 stone or have a healthier body then I’m sorry, you don’t have a clear and compelling enough WHY.

In the Know Yourself, Grow Yourself Module of The Healthformation, I show you EXACTLY how to create a powerful why to help you springboard to achieving your goals.


2. Define YOUR Goal

This isn’t just a case of scribble a few notes on a piece of paper that you never look at again. When you understand how to truly DEFINE your TRUE goal, then you have another super weapon to back up your already POWERFUL Why.


3. Understand YOUR Emotions

Most people associate their emotions as something negative. The truth is we can tap into our emotions to use them in a POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE way to help you stay MOTIVATED to whatever YOUR Goal & Why is.

When you learn how to combine the above 3 SIMPLE & POWERFUL tips, you really start to UPGRADE YOUR LIFE.


Speak soon,



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