When it comes to losing weight, I know it can be hard – but it doesn’t have to be.

Which is why it’s right to pick the right Personal Trainer / Coach to help you.

Now, I was reading something on Facebook the other day and it has been bugging me, I can’t just let it go…

I read a post from someone I respect highly and it just didn’t sit with me well.

I was going to leave it but I can’t do it with this one. I wouldn’t be living to my beliefs, I wouldn’t be me.

It was something along the lines of “trainers, stop telling people they can eat what they want, to lose weight”.

Now, this isn’t a post about how they are wrong, and I’m right.

The truth is that they ARE right. I agree.

There are a lot of trainers out there these days telling people that they can eat what the hell they want, and still lose weight.

The trouble is, if you’re trying to lose weight, you are probably overweight. Let’s be honest, you possibly have a great (or poor) relationship with cheesecake, chips and fizzy pop etc

Basically junk food. I’m not saying I don’t eat these foods, I just limit them and have them at certain occasions, when I choose.


You know they are not good for you but you still WANT them, right?  So listening to ‘Chizzled Chad’ online about his turkey and broccoli isn’t going to help you too much.

The thing is, I’m different.

I DO get great results with people AND I do let them eat what they want.


But there is a difference…

It’s not that people purposely wake up in the morning to choose into foods that make them fat and unhealthy.

They CHOOSE foods based on how they FEEL.

So rather than telling people what they CAN & CAN’T do. Let’s focus on helping people understand:

1. WHY they FEEL the way they do.

2. HOW can they LEARN how to feel better.

Because quite simply, if someone starts feeling better about themselves, they automatically start choosing into healthier options.

So they CAN eat what they want.

And lose weight 🙂

This is ultimately my secret formula to how I get people motivated, the TRUTH is that motivation is not very good for long lasting results, anything that requires an external force will only work temporarily.

And we don’t do TEMPORARY here – we change lives, we get results and make them stick!!

It’s called getting out of your own way…

When we go WITHIN, we find the SECRET behind achieving those longer lasting results.

It starts with asking yourself two very simple questions, but being brutally HONEST with YOURSELF!!

1. Are you ENJOYING what you’re doing right now? 

2. Is it ACHIEVING the RESULT / ‘FEELING’ that you desire?

If the answer is YES, carry on. It’s that simple. If it’s a NO, then take a few steps back and replace the parts that are taking away your enjoyment.

This is a fundamental method to any approach I would use, because it’s this approach which helps the ‘cooler’ stuff work even better.


PS – You may or may not agree with this, either way, you’re right. This is just the way it works well with me and those I work with.