Angela’s Transformation

Angela’s Transformation

I couldn’t believe it – I didn’t think I would ever get back down to this weight and fit into my favourite clothes again.

I guessed that as I was getting older I would have to just accept how I was.

That was until I met Phil.

I met Phil on holiday while in Cape Verde. I’d overheard him talking to my husband about training and nutrition on a few occasions and I was intrigued.

Phil’s approach seemed refreshingly different.

I’ll be honest I’m not one for enjoying exercise, so I don’t really do it.

But Phil had the confidence about himself and what he does and that really caught my interest.

I asked for some tips which he gave me which I implemented when I got home.

After a few days I contacted Phil on Facebook and asked if he had any experience helping people online.

To my luck he said he does that a lot.

Online coaching was one of his skills and he has a great record for helping people lose weight with his online coaching programme.

What inspired me what that it didn’t involve loads of hard training that I knew I’d not enjoy.

His methods were different and really simple to follow. Phil’s offline support was very good. I felt like I had his assistance whenever I needed it.

This was just what I needed.

Previous to this I was struggling with my energy levels, work was stressing me and the weight was hanging around my belly and bum.

This got me down.

I’d often miss out on social occasions because I didn’t feel comfortable around people.

That was a thing of the past after following Phil’s program.

What happened was amazing.

I lost over a stone without having to do too much, a few simple changes and consistency was all I needed.

Phil taught me about why I did certain things daily and how I could overcome them. I felt like I had a trainer and a life coach, I guess that’s what Phil’s skill was, he was a great listener.

I now feel like I am 30 again, I have so much energy during the day and my confidence has got sky-high.

All of my friends are saying I look amazing and how did I do it??

Life is very good right now. I’m so glad I met Phil on holiday. My life has changed for the better.

I highly recommend you get in touch with Phil, you won’t regret it.

Thanks Phil!!


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