I’m Not Your Average Coach… But Who Wants Average Anyway?


I’m not a kick-arse trainer.

(I help people ENJOY their exercise and nutrition)

I’ve not always been healthy and in great shape. 

(I used to struggle with gut issues and lived a poor lifestyle) 

Once I was petrified to exercise in a gym 

(I didn’t go for 6 months)

I write for top publications like Men’s Health…

… but I failed most of my G.C.S. E’s but managed an A in Art)

I was told I’d never make it in the Fitness Industry

(I quit after 6 months and returned a year later to build a successful training and coaching business. I’ve also helped qualify over 100 students to gain their qualifications too)

So I guess when I say I’m not your average coach, what I mean is…

…I’ve Achieved a Fair Bit


And this all comes from a shy, unconfident kid who was picked on at school so never had a really good chance to learn and work out what he really wanted to do. Moving through life working odd jobs to just make ends meet, I’ve been rock bottom and told I’d not be good enough.


But I’ve always had that sense of determination to succeed and do the one thing that I never really had as a youngster, to help people and guide them from their own struggles to a life of happiness and freedom.


The difference for me was I didn’t have to let someone else’s belief become my reality.


And because I’ve come from setbacks and failures to success in my own life, I put this down to the reason why I have had the privilege to help over 200 people 1-2-1 and online overcome their struggles with their own health, fitness and confidence problems.


It’s why I created the Healthformation Concept. To bring a flexible system to people who could easily fit health and fitness into their life using simple mindset techniques without having to live a restricted lifestyle like your typical trainer might do.


The truth is I love people and I love coaching and it’s a privilege to be invited into the lives of others, to be trusted with their fears, frustrations and struggles and to help them create the strategies needed to help them break free from where they are and to where they want to be.


For me, it’s helping people choose bigger, act bigger to create that life that they’ve always deep down desired but struggled to achieve alone.

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