De Paoli’s Story

Every year I visit my homeland Italy in August.  I have members of my family that I do not see much so this is an exciting time for me.  I decided I really wanted to get into the best shape of my life and surprise my family members with my hard work.

When it came to looking after myself then using Leamington Personal Trainer Phil Sims was the best decision I had ever made.

I was not in bad shape or so I thought.  Being a good runner I believed I was very fit.  I was surprised at the start of our training how out of breath I was getting through the combinations he had designed.  I had never really used any weight training before.  I went to the gym a few times with friends but that’s all.  My fitness previously only came from the treadmill in my garage.


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I used to pound this quite a lot and did become quite quick but I could not understand why I could not shift the pounds from my stomach.  I decided to google some local trainers and I found Phil, his website looked very professional so I decided to meet him.

We had an initial consultation and he discussed how he could help me, his knowledge was very good and I was feeling very confident that what I wanted to achieve was about to happen.  Phil also gave me a trial session, this gave me chance to see if I would like the way he trains people.  It was tough but again he explained why we were doing certain things in a way I had never heard about.  I knew this was what I needed and was getting excited so I booked up for a block of sessions.

What surprised me was I didn’t realise I was eating the best way for me to achieve the results I wanted.  He gave me simple changes to my lifestyle but I actually prefer the changes we have made.  Being a HGV driver then my lifestyle is very different to most but Phil tailored my diet accordingly and educated me in a way to make it possible with less hassle.  This was great!!

The training was tough but Phil makes it very interesting and fun.  Workouts change and he keeps you guessing.  Another good thing I like is you go away from sessions having learnt something new.  It is great to learn about training and food, their seems to be a lot of bad information in the media.  Phil is very inspiring.

I have had to buy some new clothes though but this is a good thing, I have bigger arms that I have wanted and also lost the waistline, it is a great feeling have abs now!!

I still continue to train with Phil, I reached my initial goal but now we have set new goals and I love training with Phil.

For more information on how you can get into great shape or to book a FREE consultation and trial session then contact Leamington Personal Trainer Phil Sims today.