Gerrard’s Story

I’ve known Phil now for about 10 years having previously worked with him. We soon became friends and it was clear to me that whatever the environment, Phil is a dedicated and selfless individual willing to help at every opportunity. His knowledge and desire for Health & Fitness was captivating and it wasn’t long before I was trusting him to help me with my own battle.
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I had always been physically active as a youngster, interested in playing various sports. Even so, I was considered to be overweight and had always battled with my weight and as a result the fitness side of things. As I entered my late teens I found myself exercising less and less. I also found alcohol, or it found me but either way, this didn’t help me. Looking back I had also become somewhat irresponsible with my eating, choosing junk and convenience foods over the healthier options. I guess I was ignorant to what I was doing to myself and my health and the implications of this.
Like many people who currently undertake an active and healthy lifestyle, I got the wake up call that was needed. Now is the time to cast your eye over my ‘before’ photo, taken at a family wedding. This was the first time I realised I needed to make some big changes, break out of the bad habits and start creating new and improved ones, to focus on taking control of my health.
Do I join the local gym, do I go it alone, what if I look stupid, what if I can’t do it, what if I fail, what if this doesn’t work….all of which are questions I asked myself (like many others do) time and time again. The truth is that nobody knows until they try and luckily for me, not long after I took the plunge I met Phil and he introduced me to Biosignature.
I signed up with a local gym and made changes to my diet, as well as cutting out alcohol. I lost approx. 1 stone in the first month and all seemed to be going well until the weight loss slowed down. I started to lose motivation and had no idea why I had seemed to plateu. That’s where Phil came in. I had now known Phil for a few months by this time but it was already clear that Phil knew what he was talking about. I’d never had a Personal Trainer before and had concerns as we all do, but this was probably the best decision I’ve ever made.
Phil always had words of encouragement and the first thing he did was assess my current knowledge, eating plan and exercise capabilities. Most importantly, he encouraged me not to give up. During the initial consultation I remember being overwhelmed by his knowledge and it left me wanting to know more. Phil discussed many possible exercise programmes with me and it was very apparent that he was willing to research further if needed. he really stressed the importance of making small and positive changes over a period of time. The idea being that good habits are developed and If done correctly, this would then become a lifestyle (and easy to follow).
In a matter of weeks I was losing weight again but now I wasn’t pounding treadmills or roads running for days on end. Phil introduced me to short, sharp workouts, he showed me that you can lose weight, burn body fat, improve cardio and tone, using just free weights at the gym and it wasn’t long before I was able to start doing body weight exercise routines! Not only was I losing weight but I was building muscle. Of course there were days when giving up seemed a good option but that is where Phil exceeds any other in the industry. His after care to his clients, his support and his motivation are what sets him apart. He is always on hand, at the end of the phone or an email if you need him. I still continue to use Phil to this day and even with battles with injury and the big battle against age, I get in touch with Phil and he introduces me to a new method of exercise or a devises a programme to help me train around an injury.
Whether it be through boot-camps, training sessions, or friendly events Phil has arranged, I am fortunate to have met some of his other clients and friends. Like them, I am proud of everything I have achieved with Phil. I am now studying towards a Personal Trainer qualification myself and hope that I can help someone else in the same way Phil has helped me. I have a friend and Personal Trainer for life.