Joanne’s Story

Firstly I should tell you why I chose Phil Sims and his Personal Training Services. I am going to be completely honest. The thought of joining a gym and having to exercise to lose some weight seemed impossible for me. I’m a busy woman, I work in Coventry and live in Leamington Spa and have a family of 4 girls. I don’t get to see my husband as much as I would like and my girls take up most of my time. I have always struggled with my weight, I have never been one of those slim girls you see, who eat all they want yet don’t put any weight on. JO2          JO1
I only have to look at a cake and I feel heavier! Now I’ve never wanted to be like them, I just wanted to lose some weight, feel happier and be able to buy some of those dresses I have only looked at in the nice shops. You see girls picking up and trying on dresses they like and know will fit, looking happy when the mirror says YES…I wanted that feeling, to be one of “those” girls. So I met up with Phil after trying his 7 day Kickstart Ebook. I had already lost 5lbs just by following his advice and a few easy steps within the guide and this gave me the confidence to agree to a consultation so I could see how Personal Training could help me. After meeting Phil I soon realised everything I had been doing, before the Kickstart programme, to try and lose weight had been wrong, and that I had been doing it the hard way.
I felt like a big breakthrough happened when I met with Phil and I had a renewed hope that I could achieve my desires. All the “what ifs” like…I don’t have time to train, I don’t know what to eat, can someone, like me, who has been overweight for a long time ever lose weight and be slim, can I afford it…they were all answered and I was buzzing!! It all sounded a lot simpler than anything I had tried before and this got me excited. I only had to commit to 2 sessions a week though I could also do some extra workouts in my own time, at home, that Phil provided me with. There’s also an online client support group, where I could chat with people like me…doing what I was doing, working toward similar goals, and that was brilliant, a huge support network of people encouraging me! Also the advice the Phil gives to the group was excellent and an added benefit to that I had seen on his Facebook page.
I mentioned that training seemed impossible for me, but Phil has made the whole experience fun. I have been taught how to enjoy training, how to eat foods I like (and that are good for me) and I now feel super sexy in the dresses I have always wanted. I have even found ways to spend more time with my husband, and I know he prefers the happier me.
The only regret I have is that I didn’t contact Phil sooner. I definitely recommend Phil as a Personal Trainer. Yes, Personal Training costs money but the value it adds to your life is priceless!!