Joe’s Story

If you are considering a personal trainer then look no further than Phil Sims. 10662151_10101698329298249_3660040046190793930_o

I was struggling with a long term ankle injury and a lack of general fitness. I also needed to shift my belly weight as I wanted to look the best I have for my wedding day.

Having been with Phil for just over 6 months the difference has been remarkable. I have lost over a stone in weight and stronger than ever.

Phil understands what you need as an individual and identifies the training that is going to help you achieve your goals. For me that was being able to start running again. Using his vast knowledge he built the strength back up in my ankle using isolated training techniques and within the space of a few months I was able to run 3 miles with little issue. The training he provides is tough but varied and ideal for someone like me who often gets bored in a gym doing the same routines.

11870766_10101270855906982_3401238079196800996_nThe training side of things is just one element of the expertise you get when signing Phil up. He gives you advice and guidance around nutrition and I promise within the space of a week you’ll be feeling 100% more energetic.

There is also the Personal Training Private Members Area. This group is an excellent motivator with loads of good foodie pictures and personal achievements. It provides you with links to other clients so you can share hints & tips and compete against each other in ‘Phils challenges’.

Phil is a genuine and nice guy who is interested in getting the best out of you for you.

He is extremely personable and knowledgeable.

Every session I have had with him I have learnt something new. He is easy to understand and the ideas behind his sessions are easy to replicate at home or outside his sessions ensuring that you can carry on along the right path no matter what. I cannot recommend him enough.