Laura’s Story

Hi, my name is Laura Steward and I would like to tell you about my huge success story I have had with my current fitness regime recently.  I have trained by myself before and even used different trainers in the area but the big factor behind this success is I found myself a new Personal Trainer in Leamington to train with, Phil Sims. I have been training with him over the last 12 weeks on the run up to last weeks triathlon.

Phil trained a friend of mine – Anne and she couldn’t recommend him enough, so I bit the bullet and contacted Phil to arrange a consultation visit.  I was impressed that I would be getting a far greater service with Phil, it was not just the training, it was education about my nutrition and the NLP side of it helped me achieve obstacles I had with motivation.

One thing that I noticed about Phil was that he was interested in my fitness goals, not just the fact that I wanted to lose weight. He asked me what I wanted to achieve and we talked about the triathlon in 12 weeks time, I told him my goal times and we talked about where I was with each of the three disciplines so we could work out what I needed to do. I made it clear to Phil that I didn’t want to give up the cardiovascular workouts that I was doing as it was necessary for the triathlon (obviously!) and I was keen to add in some good strength sessions to compliment them. I found Phil’s approach really encouraging and positive, I didn’t feel like ‘just a new client’, I felt like Phil had a genuine interest and was really going to invest his time into making the next 12 weeks well worth my while.

719533-1211-0028s        IMG_2844


During my first session Phil showed me a great warm up for my ankles, knees and hips which I could also use before my runs, it isn’t your normal warm up, but it has been very effective over the weeks! I will tell you now that when I started my sessions will Phil 12 weeks ago, I was running at an average of 10:50 minute miles.

Now, I’m not going to tell you the ins and outs of each session, for one I can’t remember them all blow by blow, and two it wouldn’t be a very exciting read! I’ll just give you a general idea!

Each session has been structured well and has given me a chance to let off some steam. I have always enjoyed strength training, but I really needed to just be told what to do! I find strength training on my own difficult, when you are alone it gives you too much time to think about what you are doing and too much time to convince yourself you cant do it and that you are too tired. If I am being told what to do, I can just get on with it without thinking about it, or talking myself out of anything!

There has been some really tough sessions over the weeks, some tears have been shed and I’ve shouted at myself lots but Phil has kept me focused on what I am doing and has got to know me well enough to know how to approach my strops and moans! I have surprised myself with some things that I have achieved in the gym, a few things stand out here, single leg leg press at a respectable 80kg (or so my converter tells me!), getting sets of 52.5kg lateral pulls downs and also getting over my silly fear of climbing to complete weight assisted chin ups and dips.

719576-1005-0022s         IMG_2837

Each session has been different, Phil’s Body Comp system for weight loss really works, it is a fun and challenging way to train also, it is not complicated and Phil explained the science behind it too and in a way I could understand very easily.  Every exercise that Phil has got me to do has had a purpose. It’s evident that the sessions aren’t just about losing weight, but about achieving a goal, making me a better swimmer, a better cyclist and a better runner.

Eight weeks into my sessions I had Stratford Big 10k. I have already written about this in a previous post. My first 10k that I had been fit and able to race, and I ran it in 1:03:18, an average of 10:11 minute miles, taking 39 seconds a mile off my pace from eight weeks earlier, a huge improvement and I was chuffed to bits. I was already becoming a better runner, I had learnt how to dig deep and hurt myself in order to reach my goals, and I was learning how to use disappointing performances to improve for the next time and I was becoming a smarter runner.

Twelve weeks into training with Phil and I have completed my first sprint distance triathlon and have just started my training plan for Outlaw Half distance triathlon next June, where I will swim 1.2 miles, bike 56 miles and run 13.1 miles. I have planned to continue training with Phil, I am getting great results as you can see. .

So, where am I now with my running pace? Twelve weeks after I started training with Phil I ran 3 miles with an average pace of 9:27 minute miles. I’m sure that any runners reading this will appreciate that to take off 1 minute 23 seconds off A MILE is a huge improvement, and one that I am very happy with. I never thought I would be able to call myself a proper runner, but now I really feel that I am.

Something else that has happened over the last week, I have finally bought a couple of dresses that fit me properly. I had been holding off for a couple of months, really because I couldn’t afford it! I’m so glad I’ve finally been able to buy new clothes, finally I am starting to feel like me again, and I feel that I am getting my identity back. Plus, the bonus here is that I have dropped another dress size, to a 14, yippee!! That is four whole dress sizes that I have lost since London Marathon 2012! The difference is a little bit of incredible, and I can’t really believe that it is me in these photographs, but it really is.

If you are thinking about Personal Training in Leamington then I strongly advise you have a chat with Phil, have your consultation and make up your own minds.  You will not regret it!

For more information on how you can get into great shape or to book a FREE consultation and trial session then contact Leamington Personal Trainer Phil Sims today.