Rob’s Story


“Around two and half years ago, I had reached a point where my lack of fitness was really starting to affect my health. I was becoming out of breath walking to the car, my stress levels were at an all time high and I’d reached around 104 Kilos and developed a 38” Waist. Then one day – I experienced the dreaded ‘chest pains’ which caused me to re-evaluate my priorities and put my health and fitness to the front.

I really didn’t want to keel over at the age of 41 and really needed to do something about my situation. I came across Phil via the PSPT web page and met for a consultation. It was finally good to meet someone who understood the challenges I was facing and really made me feel that we could work together to get me back into much better shape.

The first sessions were challenging, but Phil was encouraging at every point – explaining why we were doing certain exercises in a very logical and positive manner. He also focused heavily on diet – something that today I now really realise is pivitol. The combination of eating clean and an effective exercise regime really started to pay off over the weeks – friends and colleagues commented on how much better I looked – healthier and fitter. As the months passed I really started to see my weight drop – down to around 82KG with almost a 15% drop in body fat. I’d never felt so well in my life – with a new energy that I was able to channel into my life and career.

At every point, Phil’s constant encouragement helped me drive me stay on track and keep motivated. My stress levels were also under must better control and I was significantly happier.

After about two years, I was at a point where I was no longer embarrassed about the way I looked on holiday and friends/colleagues seemed intrigued as to how I’d achieved it. I explained that it was the killer combination of exercise, diet and the overall great coaching of Phil. I was now in the best shape of my life – but Phil encouraged me to reset my goals – what could I do and where could I go with this.

I’d always been interested in setting myself a really audacious goal – so I proposed to Phil that in order to put my old self to rest finally, I’d enter a local bodybuilding competition. Being a really goal driven person, this really gave me a new angle on my training. Phil was brilliant and really gave me all of his expertise and personal experience to help me get there.

It was really tough – but Phil’s help really got me through the six months of competition preparation. My first show was a real learning experience, but gave me the impetus to go for something bigger six weeks later – the USN UKDFBA Classic – where I placed second in my category. With Phil’s help, I’d got to a robust contest weight of 72 KG and sub 9% body fat. So my journey with Phil’s help has been amazing and I can’t recommend him enough.

Changing you body composition is a challenge – but let me assure you with Phil’s help it will be fun and highly affective. You will train hard – but you really will get the results you want!”