Samantha’s Story

I guess before I tell you about Phil Sims Personal Training & Healthformation Programme, I should tell you a bit about me & what made me contact Phil in the first place, so, here goes…


I’ve pretty much been overweight for the majority of my teenage & young adult life. I know that sounds like a cliché, but it’s the truth. My parents were both overweight &, in my family, food was very much used as an emotional crutch: happy, sad, celebrating, commiserating…we’d eat. This led to me being an overweight child, which led to me being an overweight teen, which (you’ve guessed it) led to me being overweight when I hit my twenties.


And I hated it. And I hated myself.


From the age of 15, I think I gave every diet out there a go…counting calories or points (or whatever the particular “weight loss” company I was brainwashed by called them), removing carbs from my diet, removing fat from my diet…right to the kind of diet where you remove food completely & consume only hideous tasting meal replacements.


As for exercise, I’d spend hours struggling with dull, boring cardio or bouncing around my living room like a bit of an idiot. Things would work for a few weeks, until I got bored or frustrated of living off such a restrictive diet & feeling like I was going to have a heart attack on a treadmill…then I’d fall off the wagon, order a takeaway & things would spiral from there. Each time seeing me gain back the little weight I lost, and then some.


A year or so back, my weight hit an all time high after I suffered two pretty serious, back to back injuries, which led to me being almost completely inactive for two years, comfort eating every day and taking a cocktail of prescribed pain medications. I wasn’t happy or healthy. If you sat me in a doctor’s office I would have been classified as obese. I had pain issues with my lower back due to the excess weight I was carrying. I would pick up coughs & colds constantly, I did not sleep well, control over my asthma was poor and my self confidence was at an all time low.


And then my brother made an announcement, he was getting married. Whilst I was happy for him, the one thing my mind fixated on was the fact that I didn’t want to be the fat person in all the wedding photos, or go through the process of trying to find an outfit that in some way flattered my body.


So I started researching personal trainers local to me. I visited a few gyms where the staff seemed, at best, disinterested and at worst, completely lacking in knowledge. I spoke with a few PTs who banged on about cardio & no carbs which just reminded me of months on end of misery.


Then I met with Phil.


I knew of someone who had been training with him for a while and the results they were getting were obvious, they were there before my eyes. Though to be honest, before my first consultation with Phil, I was still apprehensive. Was this going to be another PT who was going to suggest banning fruit & veg from my life, stick me on a cross trainer for 60 minutes or have me running at a speed really not suited to someone of my size.


My concerns couldn’t have been further from what actually happened.


First Phil listened as I told him about what got me to the point of contacting him, why I wanted to change my life, what I had tried (and what had failed) and why (in my opinion) I needed the help of someone in the know.


Then he said something that was like music to my ears “there is a different, more enjoyable & more effective way”.


He explained, in words I could understand, why these mainstream diets don’t work, why cardio isn’t the only way of burning fat, why cutting out carbs is a no-no. He didn’t rush through my consultation, he took his time…he showed me a copy of his Nutritional Guide & let me read through it and ask questions and, probably most importantly, he sounded passionate about what he was saying. Phil made me feel like he wanted to help me.


So I took the next step & agreed to a free trial in the gym, during which I didn’t step foot on a single piece of cardio equipment & instead did body weight & free weight exercises. The session flew by & at the end I found myself saying “I enjoyed that”.


Phil put no pressure on me to sign up to more sessions, he told me to go away & see how I felt about our consultation & session, and to then get in touch with him the next day. As I left the gym, my mind was made up. I was confident Phil could help me achieve my goals.


I spoke with Phil the next day & signed up to his Healthformation Programme.


Since then, I haven’t looked back.


The positive changes I have seen in my health & fitness have been fantastic. I have reduced my body fat levels, increased my lean muscle & lost in excess of 15 inches from my measurements. Phil has shared knowledge on the benefits of weight/resistance training, correct nutrition & additional supplementation to support my goals.


At every point Phil has been there to support & encourage me with a friendly, positive “can do” attitude.


My confidence has grown, my clothes are smaller & fit better and my capacity to make healthy lifestyle choices is at an all time high. There’s no shortness of breath when I train, I sleep better, the pain in my lower back has gone, I now barely use my asthma inhalers & have been told by my GP that my readings are almost that of someone who has not been diagnosed asthmatic. I am physically stronger which has left me with a sense of accomplishment & pride. I make positive nutritional choices that fuel & support my body & I no longer use food as some kind of comfort blanket.


I needed to lose excess fat for my health & with the help of Phil Sims, Personal Training and his Healthformation Programme, I have achieved that, and I will continue to keep making new health & fitness goals with Phil’s guidance & assistance so that, combined with my own commitment & dedication, I can lead a long, happy & healthy life.


Signing up to personal training can be a scary thing, especially if you are a gym “newbie” but Phil has made the whole experience a pleasure. I look forward to every training session & now, confidently, train on my own in addition to my sessions with Phil.


I can’t recommend The Healthformation highly enough, if you’re in the Leamington or Warwick area and serious about getting your health, fitness & nutrition on the right track and making some positive changes to your life, then Phil is the Personal Trainer and Coach to help you.

If you would like to achieve the same level of breakthroughs and success just like Sam, EMAIL Phil today to arrange a quick and friendly chat.

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