Simon’s Story

I was searching for a Warwick Personal Trainer and I came across Phil. I’ve been using Phil for regular personal training in Leamington for over 2 years now and feel fitter and healthier now than I have for 15 years! The sessions are structured and challenging but always achievable and even fun (if you ignore the odd ache afterwards!). This has now become part of my lifestyle and I would encourage anyone looking for a boost to their health and confidence to give him a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Having a fairly sedentary job I could feel myself stiffening up a little, getting up a flight of stairs at work seemed more challenging than it should do.  As my son was growing up I did want to be able to keep up with him.  Other than that I needed to change my lifestyle and lose a few pounds.

simon before    simon    12


I have recently just chucked out loads of my old clothes, a shame but this did make me realise what I have achieved with Phil.  I have bumped into some of my old clients now and again and the 1st thing they mention to me is how healthy and slimmer I am looking.  This really gives me a sense of achievement and makes me happy.

Phil is very good, I was concerned that I would be having to stop enjoying certain comforts.  This was not the case, Phil approach is very much based on creating new habits, so we start with a new healthy habit and then once that becomes 2nd nature we introduce another.  Before you know it then you have changed your lifestyle without realising it, the beauty is you are enjoying it and feel super healthy.

If you had told me I would be doing dips and pull ups a few years ago I would of laughed.  It is never too late and I am very proud of what I have achieved with the guidance of Phil.  I have also committed to do the 2014 Wolf Run, Phil has organised a group to do the run and has promised to guide us all around the obstacle course.

What also impresses me with Phil is that he treats us all as friends.  Phil is very good at bonding his clients together.  We know everyone by name and we enjoy the odd ‘client’ meals out every now and again.  Phil has a great connection with his clients.

With Phil you know it is not just about the training, you know you have a friend and someone who is looking out for your best interests.  Phil really is the cream of the crop of Leamington Personal Trainers. I truly believe it would be hard to find a better service in the area.

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