Wolf Run Story

I entered a team in this years Wolf Run.  This gave me a great chance for people who have thought about doing the run to actually join a group and complete the challenging obstacle course.

A small selection of clients were assembled and we all ran around in a group. Everyone helped each other over some tough obstacles.  The run also gave me a great opportunity to help my client Simon Jackson raise some money for charity.  Simon chose Parkinson’s as this meant a lot to him and together we raised a staggering £1740!!!

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We waded through water and mud, climbed over and under some tricky obstacles.  The monkey bars were certainly my pick of the tasks we faced.  This is not just because it was tough but due to the fact Simon Jackson, who (he will tell me off for this but at 52 he cleared it with no problems).  Other runners around us were constantly failing to make it across without dropping so this shows where Simon has come with his training!!

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Here is what a few of the guys said about the day…

I was invited to run by Phil and his clients for this years Wolf Run.  Having been a bit slack in my training for a few months I needed a challenge to focus towards. I was a bit apprehensive in taking on something I had never done before and only knowing a couple of people within the team. That concern lasted all of zero seconds when I arrived for registration and immediately began chatting to the team and breaking ice with the group as if I had known them for years.

Whilst the obstacles on the course looked challenging, knowing that you were in a team working together, pushing and pulling you through all sorts of situations (and I mean all sorts!). The fun that we had was priceless and the sense of achievement at the end was well worth it.

I would highly recommend anyone to sign up and run with us, you won’t regret it, See you at the start line!  Phil also arranged a great evening for us too which was really good fun. Arvinder Samra

I’ve never been out much socialising in the past. I’ve only ever been out with friends from work. Most of my life I’ve been overweight and never wanted to go out much. In 2012 I had reached an obese 21 stone. I’ve always wanted to do things like this but been too lazy. Wish I made changes years ago, but at least I have now. I was doing ok losing the weight and eating more healthy. I needed something more. Then I saw on Facebook Phil’s Personal Training. One of the best choices I made. I had already done the Wolf Run in April last year when I was still about 18 stone with friends from work. I enter these events to give me something to keep training for. When Phil asked me to join his team I jumped at the chance. I’d already met some of his clients and was looking forward to running with a new team of friends. By the time of April 2014 wolf run I had already done 3 at this venue and was wondering it would just be the same, how I was wrong. I also was determined to get over the large log wall unaided, so I had been working hard on it at the gym. The event was fun helping each other out of the mud obstacles a great team spirit and motivation we made it through and was maybe the best Wolf Run so far. Simon Turner

Having done the wolf Run twice before, with other teams. I thought i knew what to expect? They changed the course again, which was great, made it more challenging, promoting team work from the start. This event is great in that it is accessible for everyone, from regular exerciser to first timer, stay as a team and you will complete it. This is why I always enjoy the event working as a team to get through it, have fun, make new friends, and get a good workout on the way, burning calories.  Working hard and enjoying yourself don’t always go hand in hand for some people. So there you have it the WOLF RUN is great fun, gets you out of your comfort zone.

We went to the evening meal with the team and this was another great chance to catch up with people, talk and have a laugh with friends old and new. Thoroughly enjoyable weekend. Michael Leadbitter

First it was an unknown, out of my comfort zone but I knew with Phil behind me then I that confidence to complete the course. The event is challenging, almost brutal at times and always testing yet very much a lot of fun. We had real camaraderie and team work and in the end a sense of achievement, you’ve done something worthwhile, gained the admiration of colleagues and made new friends (Oh, and in the process got very, very muddy)! Phil also played a very big role in helping me raise £1740 for Charity which I am truly thankful for. Simon Jackson

For me I entered the Wolf Run knowing only Phil.  I respected the fact we all got on as team, no air’s or graces and the emphasis was team work during the event. Great meal after even though I was creme krackered.  I enjoyed the company and the food! Kully Bains

I’ve always wanted to do something like this, having only done 1/2 marathons before.  Having trained with Phil and him putting a group together made it much easier, I turned up expecting a tough but good day.  What I infact got was an amazing experience with some brilliant people. I left the day feeling like I’d worked hard, as part of a good group.

I couldn’t recommend this more, for me its been a highlight of my calender year so far, and now I’m itching to go again with that group of brilliant people. If you are looking for a Leamington personal trainer to help you with the wolf run then Phil Sims is your man.Jamie Sayers

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